As studies appreciate more about what CBD can do, more people embrace CBD oil, the oil-based form of CBD added to meals or taken orally & sublingually. Here is all you need to know about how to spot the best CBD oil for anxiety and a list of the top 5 CBD oil brands that will not disappoint you.

CBD oil is one way to explore CBD benefits. It features CBD in a carrier oil, say MCT or hemp seed, and you can explore its benefits by adding its drops to meals or putting them below or on the tongue. Early studies show that CBD oil can help you manage anxiety and mental issues, so some users take CBD oil for such. Still, there is insufficient evidence to prove that CBD oil can treat anxiety. With many CBD industries in the hemp space, finding the best CBD oil for anxiety is not easy, but this article makes your work easy by shedding light on the properties of quality CBD oil and also shares the top 5 CBD oils you must try this year. Here are the five best CBD oils for anxiety.

Just CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Although JustCBD has been in the hemp space for 7 years only, it is one of the best CBD brands. The company has committed to using quality hemp sourced from the USA with strict regulations and farming standards, assuring you of the quality of the final products. Its full-spectrum CBD oils and tinctures are among the best you must take for anxiety, and you must not leave them behind. The CBD oils have many strengths, ranging from 50 ml to 5000 ml, covering CBD users with varying experiences. Besides, the oils are based on MCT coconut oil, so you can rest assured of fast bioavailability and quick CBD results. You can take the oils orally or sublingually or put their drops in meals and drinks to mask their bitter taste. The brand’s CBD oils are all tested by 3rd parties, and the results are posted online on the website for easy viewing. You can order CBD oils from the JustCBD website or visit one of its physical stores to get something for your anxiety.

Rasasvada 900 mg CBD Drops

Rasasvada is a US-based CBD company that uses US hemp from Kentucky farms to make its CBD products. Its CBD oils are high quality and tested by 3rd parties, and the results are posted online for easy viewing. The brand’s name stems from a Sanskrit that means ‘bliss of hope,’ and the brand is all about promoting healing through cannabis and nature. Its hemp is certified by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, and you can rest assured of its quality. Many CBD fans appreciate the brand’s quality CBD oils since they are formulated by a pharmacist, revealing that they feature the best pharmaceutical standards possible. The clean CO2 extraction method to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces ensures the final products have no contaminants, making clients feel safer using the brand’s CBD products. Moreover, the company reveals that its CBD oil works with the endocannabinoid system and promotes mitochondrial function. You can buy Rasasvada CBD oil online by visiting the company’s official website.

Kyoto Botanicals Lemon Ginger Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Kyoto Botanicals is a CBD brand whose name originates from Kyoto, the city that has been Japan’s capital for more than 1,000 years. Based on the brand’s website, Kyoto is a city where nature is revered, which aligns with the company’s mantra to promote healing through nature while doing so most cleanly and sustainably possible. For instance, the brand reveals that it participates in environmental stewardship, as seen through its packaging made of 80% waste, 30% resulting from hemp fiber. The brand’s CBD oil can help you manage anxiety. According to the Kyoto Botanicals website, the Breath€ CBD oil with lemon and ginger is specially formulated to help you relax and boost your mind and body health. The oils are based on MCT coconut oil and have ginger root oil and lemon peel oil besides CBD to add to the benefits you reap from CBD. The brand reveals that its mantra is to use whole-plant extracts to promote healing and good health in the most sustainable way. You can rest assured of enjoying CBD benefits using the Kyoto Botanicals oils without any allergic reactions since the oils are 100% vegan, all-natural, and gluten-free.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Pure Balance Full-Spectrum CBD Oils

Are you looking for CBD oils that will help you manage anxiety? The Pure Hemp Botanicals 3,000 mg Pure full-spectrum CBD oil must be on your list since it will not disappoint you. Rather, you can rest assured of enjoying CBD benefits from the oil with the highest quality, getting true value for your hard-earned cash. The 3,000 mg CBD oil is potent and extra strength, as the brand calls it, and is best for CBD users with previous CBD experience and who are used to the CBD regime. The brand’s mantra is Compassion in Action, which aims to spread compassion and awareness to people and the planet. Thus, it offers some of the best CBD oils you would like to take for anxiety. They are cruelty-free, vegan, all-natural, and 100% organic. You can get free CBD tea by buying the oils worth $75. Besides, CBD fans appreciate Pire Hemp Botanicals CBD oils for offering relationships, guidance, and compassion in every step of their action.

Prime Sunshine 2,400 High Strength CBD Oil

Prime Sunshine CBD oils are some of the best in the hemp space every user would like to take for anxiety. The 2,400 mg full-spectrum CBD oils are potent and great for CBD fans who have been taking the cannabinoid for the longest time. According to the Prime Sunshine website, the company’s ethos is ‘Here for People. All People. All Time,’ which it operates in harmony with. The brand was started by Ellen Teacher, an early cannabis pioneer and the only female CBD entrepreneur in North Carolina. It started small when Ellen wanted to help women and has since expanded to benefit the community and the globe. The oils are manufactured with US hemp through minimal processing, ensuring they have the potent hemp compounds you need for CBD benefits. The brand is after mind, body, and community health, making them oils best for anxiety and mental health improvement. Are you new to the CBD regime and would like to enjoy less potent oils? You can have the Prime Sunshine CBD oils in 500, 750, and 1500 mg CBD concentrations, which are less potent in the expected results.

Appreciating CBD

The above are the top 5 CBD brands you don’t want to leave out while shopping for CBD oil for anxiety. However, if you are new to the CBD world, you appreciate knowing the basics of CBD, including what it is. According to Mascal et al. (2019) and Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound called cannabinoid in cannabis plants, although most brands extract it from hemp. There are many cannabinoids in nature, and CBD is one of the most popular. What makes CBD one of the most widely sought cannabinoids?

What Makes CBD Popular

CBD is almost in everything, from the health foods in the stores to the beauty products you use for your daily skin routine; it makes one of the key ingredients. Why are many CBD fans attracted to CBD? Kicman & Toczek (2020) reported that CBD is non-psychoactive, revealing that it does not make you high, and this is one reason people like the cannabinoid. Besides, Watt & Karl (2017) noted that CBD is therapeutic, and since many want to tap into this therapy, they go after CBD. Moreover, CBD is widely available; whether you like shopping online or visiting stores that sell health food stores and gas stations, you will easily find CBD. The CBD future looks bright, and as more research reveals the CBD potential, we look forward to more users embracing the cannabinoid.

What Is CBD Oil?

This article looks at the best CBD oil for anxiety. What, though, is CBD oil? It is one of the key CBD delivery methods and describes the cannabinoid in an oil base. The oil base can be any oil, including MCT coconut or hemp seed oils, the best oils you want to try. CBD oils are readily available like other CBD delivery methods, and you can find them online and in the stores. People take CBD oils for pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep challenges, but more research is needed to prove that the cannabinoid can help with any of these. Should you take CBD oils for anxiety? That’s a personal choice. Yet, you care to know what studies reveal about CBD, anxiety, and mental issues.

CBD Oil and Anxiety

Before spending your hard-earned cash on CBD oil for anxiety, you must know if the cannabinoid can help with anxiety. So far, there is insufficient evidence proving that CBD oil will treat or cure anxiety. However, existing research sees potential in CBD and believes it can help you manage anxiety or its symptoms. For instance, Shannon et al. (2019) reported that the cannabinoid could help you manage stress and anxiety, even helping you sleep better. Of course, such studies are promising, but until more research reveals the actual CBD potential, we don’t recommend CBD to treat or cure anything. Meanwhile, you can see your doctor if you have been on CBD and feel that the cannabinoid is not yielding results.

Spotting the Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

Are you set to shop for the best CBD oil for anxiety? You must know that there are many CBD brands in the hemp space, most of which sell CBD oil. Thus, finding the best CBD oil can be challenging when each brand claims to offer the best item. Still, we found that focusing on the following increases your chances of landing quality CBD oils for stress;

  1. Reputation; before paying for CBD oil from a certain brand, ensure you have done enough background checks by reading about the company on its website, Reddit, and CBD forums.
  2. 3rd party testing; the only way to prove the quality of CBD oil is to look up its 3rd party test results. Thus, a brand that does not test its CBD oils using 3rd parties or fails to provide 3rd party test results is a major red flag and should not be part of your options.
  3. Source of CBD; while CBD can come from different cannabis plants, the 2018 Farm Bill considers hemp with less than 0.3% THC to be federally legal, so make sure you buy your CBD oils for anxiety from a brand that sources CBD from hemp.
  4. Source of hemp; ensure the source of CBD is hemp from one of the US hemp growing zones. The US ensures high hemp growing practices, assuring CBD fans of the quality of CBD oils.
  5. Purpose; whenever possible, narrow down your choice for CBD oil for anxiety and look for options specific to managing anxiety.
  6. THC content; ensure that the CBD oil you want to buy has less than 0.3% THC, in line with the 2018 Farm Bill requirements for legal cannabinoids.
  7. Contaminant purity; look up the 3rd party test results and ensure the CBD oils you want to buy are contaminant-free.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Tinctures

If you are going to the market to buy CBD oils for anxiety, you must know how CBD oils and tinctures compare. The two are often used interchangeably when the truth is that they are different despite having different parent compounds. CBD oils, such as hemp seed or MCT coconut oils, feature carrier oils as the base. Meanwhile, CBD tinctures are based on high-proof alcohol. They are liquid-based but do not have oil carriers. CBD tinctures and oils are administered the same way, and you get the same benefits. You can put CBD oil drops on or below the tongue, and other users prefer to add them to meals, and you can do all these to CBD tinctures too.

Other CBD Products

Besides CBD oils and tinctures, there are other CBD products you would like to explore. Admittedly, CBD oils and tinctures allow you to feel CBD effects fast and effectively, but they are bitter, so there are other options to turn to. Olio Lusso deals with topicals like crema, and you can also have CBD topicals. From CBD creams to massage oils, the cannabinoid features many topicals for you to try. Besides, if you like to ingest CBD but find oils bitter, you can have CBD edibles and capsules that mask the bitter taste. Besides, other users opt for CBD vapes as the quickest way to enjoy CBD benefits, although they may irritate the lungs. Ultimately, you will have to choose your ideal CBD delivery method. You must know that regardless of your chosen method, you must deal with pros and cons.

Types of CBD in CBD Oil

Are you buying CND oil for anxiety? You must know the types of CBD featured in oils. There are three types or formulations of CBD you can opt for, none of which is better than the other. Like CBD delivery methods, each formulation has pros and cons you must know before choosing it. Here are the three CBD types or formulations and how they compare;

  1. Full-spectrum CBD; is the most widely sought type of CBD. It has CBD with THC, flavonoids, and other cannabis compounds, adding to the overall benefit of CBD. Still, it is not the best for people who take drug tests since it has THC.
  2. Isolate CBD; is one CBD extreme and the exact opposite of full-spectrum CBD. It is the purest CBD form, having the cannabinoid without THC, making it ideal for those who don’t want to get high from CBD or fail drug tests.
  3. Broad-spectrum CBD; is more like full-spectrum CBD since it has many hemp compounds. Yet, it does not have THC, making it ideal for CBD users who want to enjoy the benefits of extra hemp compounds but want no THC in their system.

Does CBD Oil Show Up in Drug Tests?

One thing every CBD user would like to know about CBD oil is how it relates to drug tests. What are drug tests, and how do they work? They are tests that use urine, hair, saliva, and blood as specimens and test for THC presence. Since they look for THC in your system, you can rest assured of passing the tests as long as you take THC-free CBD products. Although broad-spectrum CBD oil should have no THC, it may have it sometimes. Meanwhile, the chances of isolated CBD oils having THC are minimal, especially if you invest in quality. Besides, how much CBD you take matters. The more CBD you take, the faster the THC accumulation if the product has THC, and it will likely make you fail drug tests.


CBD oils are one way to enjoy CBD benefits. They are dilute forms of CBD with an oil base and can feature MCT coconut or hemp seed oils as the base carriers. Early studies show that CBD oils may help with anxiety, although there is insufficient evidence to gauge how effective CBD can be for anxiety. This article helps you appreciate CBD oil, looks at its relation with anxiety, sheds light on how to spot the best among the masses, and highlights the top 5 best CBD oils for anxiety.


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