The Best CBD Oil for 2022

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from cannabis and then diluting it with oil (hemp seed or coconut, for example). 

As early as the 1700s, American medical journals promoted cannabis to treat different health problems, highlighting its numerous benefits. However, it took over a century until the plan became commercially available and accepted as a medicine. 

The cannabis oil was first marketed in England as a potent treatment for convulsions and rheumatism. Soon, it became a go-to cure for various conditions, including nausea, migraine, sleep, fever, coughs, and more. 

Even though scientific studies on the potential health benefits of CBD oil are ongoing, the product has gained popularity in the health and wellness world. 

Top Benefits of CBD Oil

As we said, research on CBD oil’s health benefits is ongoing. However, several studies and anecdotal evidence point out that it can indeed bring in many benefits.  

Pain Relief

CBD oil helps in managing pain. The body contains an endocannabinoid system that regulates certain functions like appetite, pain, sleep, and immune system response. Endocannabinoids, the neurotransmitters the body produces, bind to cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system, helping to relieve symptoms caused by muscle pain, MS pain, arthritis, chronic pain, and spinal cord injuries. Additionally, studies have shown that cannabis can also be beneficial when taken after chemotherapy treatments.  

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

According to some researchers, CBD can help relieve anxiety and depression symptoms. CBD changes the way the brain receptors respond to serotonin, the chemical that is directly linked to mental health. As a result, a small dose of 600 mg CBD oil can help people with social anxiety. Additionally, CBD reduces stress and physiological effects of anxiety, induces sleep improvement, and improves PTSD. 

Anti-Acne Treatment

Mixing CBD oil with a carrier oil like coconut, argan, or olive oil can effectively treat acne-prone skin. The compound acts on the cells that produce sebum, thus balancing oily production and reducing inflammation. However, keep in mind that you should consult your dermatologist before starting to use CBD oil as an anti-acne treatment. 

Best CBD Oil

The Best CBD Oils for 2022

We tried and tested dozens of CBD oil products to discover the best ones. Additionally, we’ve carefully chosen only high-quality CBD oil from reputable brands. Read on to find out the essential aspects of CBD oil products and make an informed decision. 


Founded in 2017, JustCBD quickly established itself as a high-quality and well-respected name in the CBD industry. The company provides an enviable line of products from 100% US-grown industrial hemp and manufactured with CO2 extraction. In addition, JustCBD prides on its transparency and provides lab reports of its products on the website, so you can rest assured all products are monitored for quality assurance. 

CBD Oil Tincture Coconut

Taste — Coconut

Strength —50mg-5,000mg/30ml

Price — from $29.99

Independent lab results — Available on website

Vegan —  No

Just CBD Coconut CBD Oil
JustCBD Coconut CBD Oil

If you enjoy the coconut flavor, you’ll undoubtedly love this tincture. It tastes great when taken sublingually, and it also mixes well with food and drinks. Additionally, this CBD tincture is fast-acting, thanks to coconut, which contains MCTs that absorb more quickly indigestion. As a result, you’ll feel its effects within mere minutes. The Coconut CBD oil helps you relax, keeps the stress levels in check, and keeps you focused. 


Created for the “people who are passionate about self-care,” Naternal delivers high-quality products. The company was established in 2017 and ever since, it strives to deliver products that allow consumers to fully personalize the self-care routine. Naternal products are manufactured by Root Bioscience, Inc., its parent company. The team controls the entire supply chain from seed to shelf which gives a distinct quality and cost advantage over the competition.


Taste — Ginger and honey

Price — $65

Independent Lab Results — Available on the website

Vegan — Yes

MOVE CBD + CBG is a full-spectrum oil formulated with 40 mg CBD and 40mg CBG per 1 mL serving. The oil features a potent formula that helps you keep moving without pain.  It’s naturally flavored with a subtle hint of ginger and honey. Besides giving a pleasant taste, these ingredients promote inflammation relief and muscle relaxation. The packing features a simple dosing guide and the pipette makes it easy to keep the dosage consistent. You can use it sublingually or mix it into their favorite beverages.

Green River Botanicals  

Green River Botanicals is a well-known organic CBD products manufacturer. This family-owned farm became the first hemp company in North Carolina to receive the organic USDA seal based in Asheville, NC. According to Green River Botanical, this company “with a mission to provide sustainable, ethically-sourced full-spectrum hemp products and work closely with local nonprofits to give back to the community.” Additionally, Green Botanicals’ oils are curated using only organic ingredients. The base is MCT oil and hemp oil extract. In addition, the company uses a CO2 extraction method to formulate this tincture.  

Full Spectrum Natural CBD Oil Tincture

Taste — Natural

Strength — 50mg/ml

Price — starts at $20/4ml dram

Independent lab results — Available on the website

Vegan — Yes

Green River Botanicals CBD Oil
Green River Botanicals Natural 15% CBD oil

The company’s signature product is the full spectrum Natural 15% CBD oil produced from premium-quality hemp. It comes in several versions — unflavored or with peppermint or lemon flavor. Lemon was our personal favorite, thanks to its refreshing taste. In addition, after the reviewing process, all reviewers agreed one needs a few drops up to three times a day to feel the benefits. It comes in several sizes, to start with a 4 ml dram which costs $20. In addition, the 10 ml and 30 ml bottles have price tags of $50 and $110, respectively. 

Cure Injoy 

Cure Injoy has complete control over-cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing process, so they are ensuring the entire product range uses non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp grown locally in Colorado’s hemp farms. In addition, the company’s products are curated in ISO-6000 GMP-certified labs, which speak volumes about their commitment to providing pure and premium-quality products.

Cure Injoy Pure CBD Oil  

Taste — Natural

Strength — 1500 mg/ 3000 mg/6000 mg 

Price — from $79.99

Independent lab results — Available on the website

Vegan — Yes

Cure Injoy CBD Oil
Cure Injoy Pure CBD Oil

Pure CBD oil is produced from CBD isolate and coconut oil. It has a natural, earthy taste which, as all reviewers concluded, is pretty pleasant. The oil comes in different CBD concentrations of 1,500 mg, 3,000 mg, and 6,000 mg. Besides the standard intake methods, we discovered that the oil is great for topical use. The most common effects the reviewers experienced during the test period were stress and anxiety relief. The pricing of Pure CBD oil depends on the strengths you choose. For example, the 1,500 mg oil comes at $79.99, the 3,000 mg costs $99.99, and the 6,000 mg oil is $139.99. That said, considering the CBD concentration, we can agree the prices are fairly affordable.  

Element Apothec

Element Apothec is an innovative and purpose-driven consumer brand focused on CBD-infused wellness and body care products which combine the healing power of nature with the ingenuity of science”. The brand’s journey began a decade ago, when the co-founder who was afflicted with eight auto-immune disorders created custom body care blends that eased the pain, nourished her skin, and helped her feel better. Today, the artisanal formulations include the purest ingredients and set the highest industry standards. 

Calm Cool Collected Tincture

Taste — Ginger and honey

Price — $119.99

Independent Lab Results — Available on the website

Vegan — Yes

Formulated with vegan and non-toxic ingredients, the Calm Cool Collected tincture is made of 1,500 mg broad-spectrum CBD, 150 mg CBD and a powerful blend of botanicals including orange peel oil, monk fruit extract, and vanilla fruit extract. The unique formula aims to help you focus, relax, and uplift your mood. It’s suitable for everyday use.


The Nu-X CBD tinctures are the perfect blend of top-quality, USA-sourced, hemp-derived CBD. Its versatile product range is vegan, fully organic, and curated with a non-GMO MCT base. The company is often praised for its quality products and affordable prices. 

Nu-X Citrus CBD Oil — Flora

Taste — Citrus

Strength — 100mg/ 300mg/ 700mg/1,000mg 

Price — from $7.99

Independent lab results — Available on the website

Vegan — Yes

Nu-X Flora Tincture

Citrus-flavored, Nu-X Flora tincture has a sweet and light, aromatic flavor. Its taste is delightful, refreshing, and perfect for daily use. It resembles a candy, with the orange flavor being predominant. In addition, the lemon undertone is subtly felt. The price of this CBD oil varies depending on its strength. For example, 100 mg is $7.99, 300 mg is $24.99, 700 mg is $32.99. Though the prices are on the higher end, the products are well worth the money. Occasionally, the vendor offers some discounts or offers. For example, when writing this article, there was an active “buy 3 get one free” offer. 


The higher cannabinoid potency achieved through the unique solubility process, as well as condition-specific results achieved through an added proprietary blend of botanical extracts, is what truly sets Cannafyl’s CBD oils apart. In addition, the company shares its unique manufacturing process. They say, “the manufacturing process starts in Phoenix, Arizona with the receipt and third-party testing of all raw ingredients. Then, formulation occurs in our GMP-compliant facility. Finally, packaging and shipping are also completed in the company’s fulfillment center”.

Balance Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Peppermint

Taste — Peppermint

Strength — 500mg/1,000mg/1,500mg

Price — from $35.97

Independent lab results — Available on website

Vegan —  Yes 

Cannafyl CBD Oils
Cannafyl CBD oils

Cannafyl Balance is curated using premium-quality hemp, which is CO2 extracted. Flavored with peppermint essential oil, the oil is tasty and refreshing. After two-week testing, we were able to feel a difference. First of all, the most obvious result from using Balance was improved mood and a calm feeling. Also, one of the reviewers reported her anxiety is more controlled when using the oil. 


PureKana uses organic hemp grown and harvested in Kentucky. Best-known for its solvent-free CO2 extraction, the company, promises top-quality yet affordable wellness products. In addition, PureKana distinguishes itself from its competitors by “how the company infuses CBD with both all-natural and delicious ingredients, whether it’s berry flavors or a sleep aid like Melatonin. The final result is a product combining the best of multiple worlds, such as gummies, tinctures, and sleep-aids”. 

Mint CBD Oil

Taste — Mint

Strength — 300mg/600mg/1,000mg

Price — from $54

Independent lab results — Available on website

Vegan —  Yes

PureKana CBD Oil
PureKana Mint CBD Oil

Mint CBD is an organic, non-GMO full-spectrum CBD oil. Mint-flavored, the oil has a pleasant, refreshing taste. It’s perfect if you’re after a more refreshing taste. Moreover, we were pleased to learn that the added flavor is entirely natural. Pure Kana uses a peppermint extract from the M. Piperita plant. The oil is available in 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg, and we found it’s excellent for managing stress daily. It promotes a sense of relaxation, and it can also aid your recovery after a workout. If you want THC-free oil, this might not be the ideal choice for you as it contains trace amounts (under 0.3%)

Elite CBD

Elite CBD is a newly founded CBD brand based in London. The experts decided to turn their 10-year experience working in the industry into the finest-quality CBD products. The products are 100% organic, non-GMO, and THC-free. 

Pure CBD Oil — 3,000mg

Taste — Natural

Strength — 3,000mg

Price — £104.99

Independent lab results — Available on website

Vegan —  Yes

Elite CBD Oil
Elite CBD 3,000mg CBD Oil

The 3,000mg CBD oil tincture is among the most potent listed here. It has a natural taste which is excellent if you want to mix it in your morning coffee or other drinks. The CBD oil is highly effective. During our testing period, we’ve come to know that just 100mg can do wonders for managing stress, anxiety and improving sleep. 


Cannacares has various delivery methods in its product range and continually aims to bring unique products to the market. The CBD tinctures are manufactured in the UK and are formulated using CBD Isolate purchased from a reputable supplier who has submitted their Novel Food Dossier. All tinctures come in a 30 ml bottle and have 3,000 mg of CBD. According to the company, “this is a lot of CBD, and we believe that 10% CBD oil is needed to have a material effect, especially in those suffering from chronic pain”. In addition, all Cannacanares products are vegan. 

Wake CBD Tincture Oil

Taste — Tangerine

Strength — 3,000mg/30ml 

Price — £35.00 (approximately $48)

Independent test results — Available on website

Vegan — Yes

Cannacare CBD Oil
Cannacares Wake CBD Oil

The Wake CBD oil is a unique product that combines CBD with Coenzyme Q10. This powerful combination might have a range of health benefits, including skin protection, cancer prevention, and diabetes management. In addition, the tincture’s taste is delightful. Flavored with tangerine, it gives a citrusy and fresh feeling that helps you kick start the day. In addition, the CBD oil has long-lasting effects —  nearly all reviewers reported the results last up to six hours. 

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