Why would one want to add crystals to their meditation practice?

Adding crystals in your meditation sessions improves your consciousness and deepens your focus to better how you connect with your inner self. Focusing on the crystal stones as you meditate can boost your energy levels and lower stress. Crystals make you feel supercharged and maximize your intentions.

How do crystals work/provide benefit?

Crystals have a molecular composition that provides a healing placebo effect by releasing positive energy to the body while absorbing the toxic energy. The vibrations facilitate inner healing, elevate mind and cognitive status.

How do you use a crystal during meditation?

Set the meditation intention and choose a crystal that matches the goals. Charge the crystal either with the sunlight, moonlight, or stacking it in selenite to clear the negative energies. Get into meditating position and place the crystal in your hands or at point where it resonates the most chakra.

What kind of crystals are most popular for use with meditation?

Clear quartz, selenite, amethyst and rose quartz are the widely used crystals for meditation due to their effectiveness in awakening your crow chakra, reducing stress, enhancing peace in brain, spiritual awareness and healing. Shift all your focus to the crystal and create images in the brain of you receiving the energies and take note of how you feel.

What’s the process of choosing a crystal?

First determine your physical or mental problem that you would like to tackle, then learn what each stone can offer and pick a crystal that you are attracted to, let your gut lead you when choosing.

Is using more than one crystal beneficial?

Crystals can be used together to increase the benefits each stone can induce provided they align with the projected meditation intentions.                                      

What’s the relationship between chakras and crystals?

Crystals stimulate your chakra which opens up your mental and spiritual awareness to promote energy flow and distribution in the body. The stones unblock your chakra which enhances how the brain, and other parts function to maximize the benefits.  

What should someone look for to select a good quality/authentic crystal?

Check whether the crystal is a natural stone and determine the sensations you feel when you look at it. choose crystals you are drawn to.

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