How does fiber help to prevent/reduce bloating and how does it affect gut health?

Fiber can prevent or reduce bloating by tackling the internal triggers like diarrhea, irregular bowel movement, and constipation. Increasing your dietary fiber intake influences how food moves and the duration it takes in the gut tract. Slow food movement can cause constipation, while a faster pace leads to diarrhea, resulting to bloating. Fiber prevents these condition by; the soluble fiber slows food movement by creating a gummy gel in the gut which bulks and solidifies the stool while the insoluble fiber retains water to soften the poop for smooth and easy passage in the digestive tract.

Consuming diets or foods high in fiber can promote growth of healthy gut bacteria, frequent bowel movement, lower constipation, aid in cleansing the colon and small intestines encouraging a healthier digestive tract.

What are the best fibrous foods women who struggle with chronic bloating can eat every day?

I highly recommend the foods below for dealing with chronic bloating;


Kefir is loaded with fiber, proteins, low in carbs, and lactose free hence a healthy probiotic for increasing good gut bacteria and lowering bloating. Top your kefir with fruits desserts made of fresh berries, peaches or grapes for a better gut health.


A healthy and fibrous fruit with dense nutrients that can encourage normal bowel movement, increase satiety, and reduce gas or bloating issues. You can prepare avocado smoothies, or eat them during meals and as snacks to reap the bloating effects.

White beans

White beans are rich in fiber and potassium which help with stomach gas or bloating. Add white beans in your soups, or veggies and as dressers for protein dense spreads.

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