Following a keto diet does not mean you focus on what you’re eating only. It also means you pay attention to what you’re drinking. Keto drinks help you to stay hydrated without getting off the keto diet program.

Maintaining a well-hydrated body is necessary if you want your keto diet to give impressive results. While water is the greatest and most effective drink to satisfy your thirst while on a keto diet, it’s not the only option. Sometimes it can be super boring, and you’ll have cravings for a drink that has some flavor.You can still have refreshing drinks and enjoy your ketogenic meal plan without consuming the ‘don’ts’ of this diet. So, what are the best keto drinks that can replace water?

Can you make water more flavorful while on a keto diet?

Anyone following a keto diet would want to add some extra flavor to their drinks because sticking on water only can be too boring. If you still enjoy drinking only water but would wish to make it more flavorful, we have some options for you;

Take infused water

Fruit-infused waters are easy to find in connivance and grocery stores. If you prefer a homemade type, it’s still easy to make. For a refreshing drink,ensure your fruit-infused water has the following; watermelon, raspberries, blueberries. You can also try blackberry, pineapple, and cherry to help you fall in love with your water.

Opt for flavored water

Some flavored water can still serve as a keto-friendly option. From our research, the fittestwater keto-friendly drink are propel and Fruit2O. Fruit2O is found in different flavors such as orange, cherry, peach, raspberry, lemon, and grape. It contains zero sugar content, zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and is made with pure fruit essence. It’ll help you stay hydrated while keeping you healthy. As for propel, it contains different refreshing tastes of watermelon, mandarin orange, kiwi strawberry, strawberry lemonade, black cherry, and peach. Moreso, it’s loaded with electrolytes and vitamins and no grams of sugar.

What to focus on when choosing a Keto-friendly water-replacing drink?

  • It should have 0 grams of carbs
  • It should have zero calories
  • It should have natural ingredients
  • It should be friendly to your body and a convenient option for you

What are the best keto drinks alternatives other than water?


Bulletproof or black coffer are common drinks. Look for any sweetener that has zero effect on your keto diet goals and make your own coffee at home. You can add some heavy cream to make your drink more refreshing. If you can’t makeit at homedue to your busy schedule, you can grab itanywhere available even if it’s Starbucksor any other coffee shop.

Hard alcohol

Usually, the brain utilizes carbs for fuel. When there areinsufficient carbs in your bloodto help your brain, the body will turn to fat as a backup to fuel its functions. That’s the mechanism that takes place while on ketosis. While on ketosis, some alcohol options can help you maintain the right amount of ketones in your blood. Here are the safest alcohols to consume on a keto diet.

  • Red wine(3g net carbs, 125 calories)
  • Vodka martini(0g net carbs, 130 calories)
  • Gin (0g net carbs, 73 calories)
  • Vodka/soda(0 g net carbs, 64 calories)
  • Tequila (0 g net carbs, 69 calories)
  • Sparkling wine or champagne(2 g net carbs, 90 calories)
  • White wine(3g net carbs, 120 calories)
  • Whiskey (0 g net carbs, 70 calories)
  • Rum (0 net carbs, 64 calories)

According to experts, the recommended mixers to use while on keto include;

  • Unsweetened ice tea
  • Club soda/ seltzer
  • Crystal drink mix
  • Sugar-free tonic water

Sports drinks

Sports drinks are good substitutes for water. However, not all of them are keto-friendly. Some have a high content of sugar which will work against your health goals. Low and zero-calorie sports drinks include Powerade zero, Vitamin water zero, and Gatorade zero.

Keto smoothies

This option is best for individuals who want to get creative with their ingredients at home. You’ll need to create time if you need this option to work because it needs some preparation. But the work on it is worth it. Fruits are delicate when it comes to a keto diet. Options like berries are safe, but others like bananas and apples may not be keto-friendly. Ensure your smoothie is a combination of fruits with low calories and low amount of sugar. To make it more powerful as you maintain the right ketone levels, add high fat coconut milk, coconut oil, or heavy cream.

How to make your smoothie helpful;

  • Low carb fruits like berries
  • High nutrient vegetableslike spinach
  • Add butter to help you kick quickly into ketosis
  • Use a good blender to make your smoothie pleasantly smooth

Coconut milk or unsweetened almond

Milk is usually off-limit when trying to increase ketones levels in your body. Fortunately,various milk options are useful to those following a keto diet. Whichever your choice will be, ensure you opt for unsweetened options. Such as unsweetened almond, coconut, or soya milk.

Black and green tea

It’s safe to take green tea or black tea because they are accommodated in the keto diet. Teas are great drinks that have no net carbs. Black tea contains high content of caffeine and has a robust taste. Green tea has a mild, and somewhat pleasant flavor and is fully loaded with micronutrients and minerals.

Electrolyte replenishing beverages

Electrolytes are useful to keto followers. During ketosis, especially in the first stages, you’ll lose a lot of water. Having enough electrolytes will help you maintain normal body activities, right blood pressure levels, and a healthy heart. The main electrolytes you’ll need include calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. While you can get them from most foods you consume, you may need to find other sources to ensure your body gets enough electrolytes. Look for Hi-Lyte, Nuun tablets, and Powerade Zero to get you into ketosis.


Regardless of your lifestyle, you’ll always find the right drink that’ll meet the requirements of the Keto diet. However, whatever drink you choose, ensure it contains zero net carbs, few to zero calories, and no sugar. Hard alcohol is a good water substitute while on a keto diet. However, it’s still harmful when consumed inappropriately. Ensure you drink it moderately. So please friend, make use of the options we’ve highlighted. We genuinely hope you’ve found an exciting option to rehydrate yourself without being limited to water only.

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