Here is a list of my favorite low calories meals;

Herbs and citrus roasted chicken

It’s a tasty meal high in lean proteins, vitamins, and other essential nutrients fit for special dinners.

Cauliflower chowder

The perfect creamy soup, low in carbs and high in heart-friendly ingredients.

Crispy buffalo chicken with lettuce wraps

It is easy to prepare, delicious, and topped or wrapped with fresh lettuces, veggies, or quinoa to increase your nutrient intake.


It’s rich in fiber, low calories, and easy to prepare. Fit for lowering hunger feelings and regulating appetite.

Spinach tortellini soup

A delicious soup that can be taken with rice or bread and is very easy to prepare.

Turkey meatloaf

Low carb meat options, which are very delicious, you can top with tomato sauce or other soups.

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