If you are looking to grow thicker eyebrows, the following oils can help;

Castor oil

Castor oil is known for growing thicker hair and eyebrows. Studies demonstrate that it is used to treat hair loss through its chemical compound called ricinoleic acid. It also contains fatty acids and proteins that strengthen hair strands and improve growth plus quality. When applying it, please use a patch test to confirm allergies. Again, ensure to dilute it before use because high concentrations can irritate your skin.

Olive oil

If you want tremendous results in growing brows, I recommend using olive oil. It is filled with vitamin A and E that boost hair growth. It also has antimicrobial agents, antioxidants, and proteins, which strengthen the hair follicle and increase growth, leaving you with thicker brows.

Other tips include;

Avoid excessive brows treatment

Over treating your brows by tweezing, threading, or waxing can harm the follicles and damage growth. I recommend allowing enough time for eyebrows growth to acquire their original shape before shaping them.

Moisturize your eyebrows

Moisturizing the eyebrows implies wetting the skin below that hair with a moisturizer. Leaving the skin dry can cause irritation or itchiness, leading to scratching, which may cut the hair. It is best to apply your moisturizer using small circular motions for perfect absorption into the skin.

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