1) 3-5 punching bag recommendations

 I recommend the following;

Fitven freestanding punching bag

Fitven Company has a punching bag that is easy to assemble, which can be loaded with water or sand. I find it stable and great for even strong people. However, it is expensive. But I think it is worth it.

Outslayer 100-pound heavy bag

This bag from Outslayer is of high quality and strong for advanced exercisers. It has many 5-star ratings on Amazon with various great feedback. However, understand that you will need to buy extra material for hanging the bag and a bottom loop for connecting the anchor.

Dripex Freestanding heavy bag

This punching bag is a full-size freestanding type made of leather material. The bag serves several uses, including kickboxing and boxing. It also has shock-absorbing springs to reduce noises when punching.

 3) What people should look for when shopping for punching bags.

Filling material

A punching bag’s fill material determines its weight, comfort, and firmness. If you want a heavy bag, I recommend using sand as your fill. Water-filled punching bags are convenient, especially because water is highly available. If you do not want to strain in your workout, buy air-filled bags that carry lighter weight.

Surface area

Punching bags come in two materials, either leather or synthetic. I love leather because it is classic, durable, and comfortable. Conversely, synthetic types, such as, vinyl, are ideal for humid areas. They rarely develop grounds for mold growth.

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