Smart scales are useful tools everyone would want to have to track various aspects of body composition and maintain them for healthy living and fitness.

Smart scales are electronic devices that measure your body weight, and other body composition factors like fat percentage, bone mass, and musclemass help a personknow about his health. They replaced the traditional bathroom scales andwill help you attain your physical fitness goals easily.Moreover, you can track and store data in your smartphone or any other smart device after connecting them to your smart scale. Additionally, smart scales help you set your goals and share the statistics with your friends.

How do they work?

When you step on the scale, a faint electric current is sent to your body tissues through your legs to the pelvic and then back to the scale via the other leg. Since body tissues have varying resistance to electricity, the scalecalculates the difference between the current sent and the one received, establishing the percentage of the average resistance of the tissues. Consequently, various aspects of body composition can be determined.

Benefits of a smart scale 

A smart scale is indeed smart and has many advantages, including;

  1. It isconvenient to have 

The smart scale will enable you to use it in your comfort zone, and it will not be necessary for you to visit HMO to know about your body. This ensures convenience as you do everything from where you are.

  1. Enables you to be consistent 

The smart scales are always close to us, enablingone to monitor his weight daily. Moreover, it is computerized, making it easier to make predictions and accomplish your physical objectives. Afterward, one can choose to retain the new measures once the goals are attained.

  1. Has more distinct features

When you compare the smart scale to analog and stabilizer scales, you will realize that more features have been added. Additionally, you get educated on your fat to muscle ratio and different estimations to help you understand your general wellbeing.

  1. Some automatically recognize the user

There are smart scales that are designed to memorize data, with some storing data for up to 8 months. Besides, others can recognize the toe-prints and recognize the user, while others will recognize you because of your weight when you stand on them.

  • They can personalize fitness programs

Have you ever wondered how you can have a personal trainer anytime you want? An advanced smart scale connects you to one since it is designed in a way that you can access your trainer. Moreover, you can also track your meals, sleep, and general lifestyle to help you keep fit.

  • It makes it easier for you to differentiate pregnancy and after pregnancy weights.

It is never easy for one to see her weight changes because of the varying body hormones, especially during pregnancy. How can you avoid this? Smart scales like QardioBase have a pregnancy mode andhide the weight readings on the scale but record them on your app if you don’t want to see them.With this, it is possible to track weight changes.However, it can disable some of the body composition features, making it unsuitable for use.

 What is the best smart scale?

The most suitable smart should help you track your health, be easy to use, and help you achieve your goals effortlessly. When looking for the best scale, focus on one suitable for the metrics you want to track and your medical history. Besides, they should also have an accurate medical scale that is easier to interpret, like BOPPOD Scale. In addition,it should also you to sync your measurements with Google, Fit-Bit, or apple health.

Safety precautions

Smart scales use the BIA method (Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis Method) to determine the body’s composition. When using it, your feet are supposed to touch four-electrode parts on the scale. As you do this, keep the electric current low.Children below four years are not supposed to use them. However, they should use the baby scales designed for them. Moreover, pregnant women are not allowed to use themfor tracking body composition.

List of the best smart scales 

Below are examples of the trusted, smart scales you can use.

  • Withings body+

Withings Body+ is the best of all since it gives you all the services stated above and syncs your data automatically to any health app of your choice via Bluetooth.Moreover, cannot take any data unless you are in the right posture,making it more accurate. You can also get all your information and the progress without straining.


  • It has a battery life of up to 18 months
  • It helps you track your food intake
  • It is accurate
  • It can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth


  • It cannot accommodate more than eight users.
  • You have to stand upright for it to take the measurements
  • Garmin Index

Unlike Withings Body+, Gramin Index smart scale uses Wi-Fi only, has a fashionable design, and can accommodate 16 users. Moreover, youcan improve its services by integrating it with a running watch or Garmin’s fitness tracker, whichwill help you improve your timing and plan accordingly.


  • It has a battery life of 9 months
  • It can be integrated with other Garmin products
  • Can adjust automatically according to one’s daily plan


  • It is expensive
  • Uses Wi-Fi only
  • Reno ES-CS20M

Reno ES-CS20M is among the cheapest smart scales in the market. It tracks and compares the body metrics like age, weight, and height with their ideal values. Besides, it can sync better with health apps and share data with them.


  • You can set your ideal goals.
  • It has an unlimited number of users and can recognize them
  • Measures thirteen body metrics
  • Syncs data with all the fitness apps


  • Uses Bluetooth only
  • You have to open or leave the fitness app running for it to sync the body metrics


As discussed above, the smart scale has numerous advantages. It is easier to use and automatically syncs your biometrics for you,helping you save time. You will also get motivated to reach your fitness goals. Moreover, they areaccurate when taking your readings. However, the smart scale depends on several factors, including the body composition you want to track.


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