Have you battled weight loss for a while? Maybe it is time to look for the best programs that can help you achieve your goal.

Losing weight is a struggle many adults are dealing with. Some have been successful in it but unfortunately regained the lost weight after some time. On the other hand, others have given up along the way, getting demotivated and no longer pursuing the body of their dream. Whether you want to keep fit or stay healthy, dieting and exercising are some methods you can apply for weight loss. A great program can go along way in helping you achieve that desire effectively. Therefore, keep on reading to find out the weight loss programs that are safe, and have some added benefits.

Mediterranean Diet

This weight loss program contains a diet full of vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, whole grains, healthy fats, and proteins. These are the foods that are encouraged. On the other hand, if you are following the Mediterranean Diet and want to employ the Greek and Spanish eating patterns, you should do away with your refined products and foods containing added sugars since the program restricts their use.

When you follow this diet, you have a higher chance of losing weight. Remember, this is highly achievable if you incorporate other activities like exercise. To get the most out of this diet that can help you lose weight to achieve the body of your dream, you can look at their cookbook to dive deep into some delicious recipes which you can try.

Jenny Craig

Suppose you hate the hassle of preparing healthy foods, considering the calorie counts, the content o fat, and so on. In that case, you might appreciate following a done-for-you program. Well, this is why Jenny Craig is here. However, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets to purchase this program because it is expensive. You can opt for either of the plans, paying monthly for the lowest plan, which offers you two meals daily. On the other hand, a complete package of the plan is more expensive and contains the meal plan, meals, and snacks for all the days and coaching.

On the brighter side, though, you will enjoy seeing the portion sizes you ought to take for weight loss. Also, it is very convenient since you will have the food shipped directly to your door.However, you might go for a plan which doesn’t give you the wonderful benefits that help you lose weight and sustain it.

Besides, if you wanted a weight loss program that educates you and provides you with how to maintain weight even after you stop using the program, Jenny Craig may not be the best candidate. If you have the money to pay for the premium and lack any medical condition, you can give it a try.

Mayo Clinic Diet

This is an eating plan designed by Mayo Clinic experts with a basis on research. It majors in helping users cultivate healthy eating habits, exercise, and journal as they work in their weight loss journey. One thing that stands out among the requirements is that you must perform these active ties daily.

Moreover, this diet also encourages highly nutritious ingredients and limits you from consuming added sugars and other foods containing high amounts of fat.

Therefore, it is evident that Mayo Clinic Diet is rich in fibers and contains less saturated fats, making it great for supporting weight loss.


Do you love done-for-you weight loss programs? If so, you will be interested in Nutrisystem. You don’t have to stress about what food you are supposed to eat. It has the necessary meals already made prior, and they will even deliver them right to your doorstep. How amazing and convenient! Therefore, this means that you will have to eat the meals from their plan, making it an easy-to-follow system.

However, as much as you will enjoy using the ready-made foods from Nutrisystem, there is no provision on what to do to maintain the weight once you are done with their program. There could be a risk of regaining it all back. This, therefore, makes it only appropriate for short-term goals but not applicable for sustainable weight loss.


Noom is new in this weight loss game but is taking everything with a storm. The program comes in the form of an app and has allocated different colors to various foods. This is done to show how nutritious a particular food is compared to others.

If you are thinking of purchasing this program, you can go for the monthly, two months, or four months option. However, remember that when you opt for a long-term choice, you get a reward. Signing up for a long period of 4 months indicates that you are committed and would surely want to lose some weight, so why not get some prize?

Plus, you can enjoy using it during the trial period, 14 days, which are free. Therefore, if you want to enroll in a sustainable diet program that allows you to be accountable for your progress, you can try Noom.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting comes in various forms and styles. However, a majority involve restricting yourself from eating food for around 14-24 hours. According to research, men and women respond differently to fasting from this program. It benefits especially women in their menopause.

It increases weight loss and helps users burn fat. However, this doesn’t mean you avoid watching what you eat. Ensure you take a balanced diet, so you remain healthy and enjoy other benefits of intermittent fasting. Also, the good thing with this kind of weight loss program is that it can fit into your routine once you incorporate it.


Many people have tried losing weight in so many ways. It is a struggle that some win but is unable to maintain, thereby relapsing. Others start well at first but end up surrendering. The good news is, some have won and achieved their ultimate goal. You can be among those who succeed in this journey. If you want to shed some weight, keep fit, and stay healthier, a good program can help you. Remember, you can incorporate what you learn with physical exercise and watch what you eat even when you are done with the plan. All the best as you strive to lose that weight.

For the past years, Tatyana has worked as a sex blogger and a relationship advisor. She has been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue. Vice, Tatler, Vanity Fair, and many others. Since 2016, Tatyana has focused on sexology, attended various training courses, participated in international conferences and congresses. “I wish people would address sexual issues in a timely manner! Forget shyness, prejudice and feel free to see a sex doctor for help or advice!” Tanya enjoys pursuing her flare for creativity through modelling, graffiti art, astronomy, and technology.

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