Big Dildos: For When Size Does Matter

Big Dildos: For When Size Does Matter

Research shows that the average woman prefers an average sized penis around 5.5 inches long. Science shows that only the bottom third of the vagina has sensitivity to penetration. So what’s all the fuss about big dildos?

Big dildos are all about size. They impress you with their sheer determination to be the biggest, baddest and most powerful dildos on the market. The average big dildos are around 8 inches long, but easily go up in size to accommodate even the deepest desires with 11 inches, 14 inches and even an insatiable 18 inches for the very brave or for experimental lovers.

For those men and women who choose huge dildos, it’s not just about penetration. It’s a feeling of being filled, of feeling full, and enjoying the tightness that goes with taking in as much as you can. You can enhance the experience by lightly pushing down on your pelvis with your hand (or your partner’s hand) to increase the pressure, and for those who crave even more, the delights of double penetration know no boundaries, and thanks to big dildos you can experience this without inviting a third person into your bed.

Big dildos are made out of a variety of different materials, from the flexible silicon or jelly dildos and vibrators, to the sleek and smooth glass dildos which create a stunning display piece when not in use. You even get realistic flesh-like plastic which is great on a design that features raised veins and anatomical detailing!

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