- Only in America! – Only in America!

Fancy sitting on your porch swigging a Stella while a beautiful young thing mows your lawn in her bikini? No, we’re not talking about porn here: this is a genuine service offered by well-endowed entrepreneurs in North West Arkansas. is a genuine website offering customers the chance to hire a scantily-clad lady to mow your grass on a regular basis. A single mow for an average sized property will cost you $60, with a regular weekly mow setting you back $45. This isn’t a euphemism: customers are encouraged to watch as the grass is cut with plenty of cleavage on display – and if you can’t get enough, also offers a fantasy maids service for your home’s interiors.

Their fantasy maids are dressed to the nines in a French Maid’s uniform, complete with feather dusters and skirts that are far too short. They advertise that they will scrub your dishes, vacuum your carpet, clean your windows, mop your floor, scrub your tub or any other house cleaning you may have while you watch. All you need to do is pay the bill, and enjoy the fantasy vision of your very own hot nanny putting your clothes away, doing the dishes and getting into all of those hard-to-reach places.

If you thought this kind of fun only happened in America – think again. The UK’s own fantasy maid cleaning service operates in Northamptonshire and will offer nude and topless fantasy maid services (with actual cleaning) while you watch. No lawn-mowers in sight, but to be fair, this is England.

You can hire female or male cleaners who will work in the nude if you want them to – although men are slightly cheaper than women, only setting you back a whopping £120 per hour for their nude cleaning services.

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