Binoid is one of the CBD brands in the hemp space. It majorly deals in gummies, tinctures, and topicals produced from Oregon-owned farms and sells pet tinctures and CBD capsules from other brands. We reviewed this brand, and here is our full report about it.

About the Company

Binoid was created in 2018 and is headquartered in Los Angeles. It sources its hemp from Oregon but does not state where it observes sustainable or organic farming practices. Nonetheless, we received no complaints from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about this brand. Its website does not detail who created the brand or who makes up its technical team. However, the site clearly states that Binoid is committed to providing its clients with the best, high-quality products while offering them a wonderful customer care experience. As such, it dedicates its time and resources to manufacturing high-quality products, conducting thorough laboratory tests, uploading results online through its website while not compromising exceptional customer care service. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t say that its customer care desk is the best since we reached out to it through the live chat feature but got no response.

Binoid’s website is not well-organized, making the shopping experience a bit chaotic. Besides, its FAQ page is bombarded with information about water-soluble CBD but does not narrow down to the specific products Binoid offers. The ‘Contact Us section lists a phone number, email address, and a live chat feature for reaching out to the customer care desk. However, we don’t know the physical location of Binoid’s headquarters since the website lacks this information. BBA accreditment and FDA warnings indicate a brand’s reputation, and Binoid did well in the two areas. It is BBB-accredited and operates within its framework, where it currently holds an A score with one refund-related complaint. Besides, we could not find any FDA complaints about the brand or its practices, generally showing that its products are safe. However, Binoid does not mention whether its farming and operational procedures are organic or sustainable.

Moreover, Binoid strives to operate within the premises of its mission statement of high-quality product production. As such, it conducts third-party tests for its products to check whether the labels match the actual CBD and THC concentrations. However, not all products posed a variance within the acceptable limit. For instance, while the strawberry cream revealed a 2% CBD variance, the sour edibles (gummies) revealed a 32% CBD variance, calling for improvements. The products we tested for were broad-spectrum CBD extracts and had no detectable THC. The third-party tests also check products for contaminants, and we realized that the brand does not test all products in its inventory for contaminants. Besides, although labels have batch numbers, you cannot locate the same numbers on Binoid’s website, making it impossible to find lab reports for such items.


With so many CBD-manufacturing companies in the CBD arena, a brand’s specific characteristics make it stand out. The following are true for Binoid;

Buying Experience

Generally, we did not like our shopping experience at Binoid. Unlike most CBD brands that provide a good shopping experience, Binoid’s website is less organized. Shopping for products was not easy due to the chaotic nature of the official site. Most CBD brands group their products based on purpose or categories but not Binoid, making the shopping experience unpleasant. The site’s FAQ page shows that dissatisfied clients can register complaints within 72 hours of receiving the orders and wait for a maximum of 30 days for a full refund. However, this only applies to unopened products; opening any item overrides the policy.

Manufacturing Process

Although Binoid is based in Lo Angeles, it uses Oregon-grown hemp for manufacturing its CBD products. We are not sure whether the farming practices at Oregon are sustainable or organic. Once the hemp plants mature, the farmers extract the phytocannabinoid-rich ones, which are then transported to Los Angeles. Like other companies, the next step is extracting CBD from the hemp surface, but it is unknown which method Binoid uses. However, the end-products are broad- and full-spectrum extracts, as well as the water-soluble CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD extracts allow a person to enjoy the full entourage effect of different terpenes and cannabinoids, but without THC. Contrarily, full-spectrum CBD has less than 0.3% THC. The brand deals in different THC versions, including delta- 8 THC-O, THC-V, and THC-P. Additionally, there are water-soluble CBD products by the company, which studies show to have greater bioavailability and absorption, hence preferred by many.

As stated before, Binoid strives to operate within the boundaries of its mission statement; to offer the best high-quality products while providing a wonderful customer experience. As such, it conducts up to five quality tests for the raw ingredients and final products in-house before forwarding the latter to third parties for further tests. This last-stage testing (third-party) is for quality control and checks whether the labels and the actual CBD & THC concentrations tie in and if the final products are free of contaminants. Still, we realized that the bran does not test all its products for contaminants, especially those whose contaminant reports we could not find.

Although it’s uncertain whether Binoid exercises organic farming practices while cultivating its hemp, it is certainly Kosher-certified. It has Oregon’s Food-Grade certification, meaning it tries to observe safety standards in its industrial processes. Besides, it is cGMP-certified, further showing that its facilities observe high safety standards. Still, getting USDA’s certification for organic practices will help it win an even larger customer base and see new business heights in the CBD arena.

Range of Products

Binoid offers its clients a fairly wide assortment of products with broad-spectrum CBD, THC-V, delta-8 THC-O, and THC-P. Here are details about what you can expect to find at the brand’s website;

Binoid CBD Tinctures

Binoid CBD Tinctures

Binoid sells 30 ml CBD oils that deliver 500 mg broad- or full-spectrum CBD. They dissolve in water, meaning they feature no oils or essential oils in their manufacturing processes. Available flavors include ginger, lemon, peppermint, and night formulas, and there are oils from other renowned CBD brands.

Binoid CBD Topicals

Binoid CBD Topicals

This line of products offers healing cream in Extra and High potencies with 250 mg and 500 mg total CBD concentrations. The actual ingredients are broad-spectrum CBD and many other natural ingredients, including peppermint, menthol, and jojoba oil. You can also opt for topical products produced by other renowned brands but sold by Binoid.

Binoid CBD Gummies

Binoid CBD Gummies

Each bottle of Binoid gummies contains 30 pieces, each delivering 10 mg CBD. They are in broad-spectrum CBD, allowing users to enjoy full entourage effects without THC. They come in 3 flavors, mixed berry, mango, or sour strawberry. Moreover, they cost $29.99, revealing a $0.1 per mg CBD average price range.

Binoid CBD Pet Tinctures

Binoid CBD Pet Tinctures

Apart from dealing in tinctures for human beings, Binoid deals in tinctures for pets. However, these belong to other renowned brands, and Binoid sells them to get a commission. Currently, it is not manufacturing its own CBD pet products, but we hope it does so soon.

Binoid CBD Capsules

Binoid CBD Capsules

Like pet items, Binoid deals in capsules manufactured by other renowned brands in the CBD arena. As such, it is not manufacturing its own CBD capsules. We hope that in the near future, we will have CBD capsules by Binoid.

Binoid Other Products

Topicals, tinctures, gummies, pet tinctures, and capsules are not the only products Binoid deals in. You can find other hemp-based products that feature delta- 8 THC-O, THC-V, and THC-P cannabinoids.

What We Like About the Company

While reviewing Binoid, we identified several aspects that we found especially likable. These were like the company’s stronghold, and they include;

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although we identified many things we liked about Binoid, we found issues with a few areas that call for further straightening. Addressing these issues will help the brand take a better direction henceforth. We did not like the following about Binoid;

Our Verdict

Our review for the Binoid CBD industry involved navigating through its official website, contacting its customer care desk, ordering CBD products, and comparing the THC & CBD concentrations between the labels and the products, and cross-examining the products for contaminants. The experience at the website was not so pleasing since we had a hard time shopping, following the chaotic nature of the website. The website provided a phone number, live chat feature, and emailing address for reaching the customer care desk, which was unsuccessful when we texted it via the live chat feature. We received our orders but realized that the batch numbers on their labels were different from those online, making it difficult to find lab reports. Binoid does thorough third-party tests, but the accuracy is undesirable, with some products posing as much as 32% CB variance while others lack contaminant test results. Of course, Binoid’s inventory is fairly large, offering about 5 types of products, including edibles, topicals, and pet items in broad and full-spectrum CBD extracts, as well as water-soluble CBD. Straightening these kinks will help the brand excel in the CBD space.

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