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Michael Tesseras and I, JJ Murray, founded Black Label Supply late 2020, when we grasped  how much the demand for luxury watches was serious a challenge to fulfil. Now, we source  luxury goods and arrange special events for the super-rich all over the world; everything  from Rolex’s to Submarines, you name it we can get it. 

We first crossed paths several years ago both in a leading global elite concierge working  with ultra-high net worth clients, myself working directly for the world’s elite as a Luxury  Lifestyle Manager, and Michael a high-end ticket supplier for the most exclusive events on  the planet. Michael and I became good friends while working together, bouncing off each  other in the office, whatever needed to be done to get our client where they wanted to be,  we’d make it happen. It’s here that we started to build up our partnership and, the  momentum, that lead to the successful business we are continuing to grow today.  

[JJ Murray left, Michael Tesseras right] [JJ Murray]

 We spotted the opportunity to form something special after observing the huge demand for  luxury watches, with it being such a niche market and us already having very strong contacts  in that industry, we decided to start a ‘white glove service’ for sourcing watches; giving  ultra-high net worth clients competitive prices, confidence that the product is 100%  authentic and hand delivering the watches anywhere they need in the world. We recognised our clients greatly appreciate the personal touch, plus it allows us to build a relationship  with them, get to know what they like and go the extra mile, like ensuring the watch fits  them perfectly so it can be worn straight away. There’s nothing worse than finding the  perfect watch and not being able to wear it until some links are taken out. 

The pandemic was a difficult time for everyone, and working at an elite concierge, we went  from arranging bespoke travel experiences, luxury restaurant reservations, tickets for elite  events and finding the latest Hermes to wear to afternoon tea to looking for creative ideas  

to keep people entertained at home. Despite best efforts the business eventually made  mass redundancies across the group – I was one of the unlucky, I thought at the time however in hindsight, it gave me the push I needed for Michael and I to take a huge gamble.  A gamble that paid off. One weekend I came up with the name, there were a few terrible iterations at first, logo and website then we hit the ground running delivering two Patek  Philippe watches to a famous football player in the first month! We were very fortunate to  be previously connected to such an established global brand, our previous employer, in fact 

very quickly, took us on as a preferred supplier for sourcing luxury watches, then handbags  and helicopter charters too! From that partnership it snowballed, and now we work with  over 20 other elite concierges globally and a huge number of private clients, with more  wanting to utilise our services every month. 

The acceleration and success of the watch services gravitated to all luxury supply. We  unsurprisingly were asked to help with more items like handbags, rare sneakers, gaming  consoles, basically any item that is very difficult to get hold of and so we began to build an  army of suppliers to source every item our clients might need. Our marketing of ‘we can  source anything’ began and the weirder and more wonderful requests started to flood into  our inboxes. We have sourced a submarine for an underwater cocktail party, a Gulfstream  jet worth fifty million pounds, meet & greets with celebrities, along with rare-signed  memorabilia to name but a few. The list really is endless. 

We were featured in a news article recently that focused on the underwater cocktail party,  because let’s face it, who has a cocktail party on a submarine? Please see this link in the  news to highlight: 27190727 

Finally, the time came where events started to return following the isolation of the  pandemic, so after a year away from it we decided to utilise Michaels extensive contacts in  the event industry, as it goes hand in hand with our target audience. Since launching this  part of Black Label Supply, we have sent clients to some of the most prestige sporting events and music festivals. Where possible we will offer our clients the full package, including backstage passes and hospitality where applicable. We’ve also been able to add some  remarkable experiences to these packages to make for an amazing and unforgettable event.  For example, walking down the red carpet for the movies premiere, selfies with the cast  along with access to the after-parties. 

The biggest challenge we face day to day is that we don’t charge for our services upfront, so  on occasion we may put in a lot of work to negotiate an opportunity, type up contracts and  it falls through at the final stage. The industry is very face-paced so if our client isn’t ready to  make a decision when the ticket or item is available, the next day it could be gone or double  the price! These things do happen with high ticket items, we know that, and we do our best  

to make sure our clients know that too. We want our clients to get the best deal, whether  it’s for investment, a special gift or something for them to personally enjoy. We often make  very little on each order because we feel the world’s elite will always come back to suppliers  they trust and who provide a solid service. Repeat business is very important to us and  ensuring the client gets the upmost experience when using Black Label Supply is our number  one priority.  

We are very lucky the market we are in is a strong one. Luxury watches increase in value on  average 7% each year and are considered one of the sturdiest investments right now, our  clients tend to be less affected by things like the recession and we have positioned ourselves  to cover a vast number of services. Events have peaks throughout the year, as do luxury  goods, and us working with clients all over the world means 24/7 365 someone needs our  assistance, which is such a great feeling. 

We have had no outside investment, just two friends building a company from scratch both  with the same goal… to succeed! It hasn’t always been sweet, there’s been many challenges  along the way, but we are so passionate in making Black Label Supply a success that we  always overcome them and make it stronger. Something we’re truly proud of.  

Our advice to others in business is don’t take rejection as failure, everything that doesn’t go  quite the way you hoped is an opportunity to create something better! Keep pushing! If we  took the first answer when someone says to us that watch has a 5-year waiting list or that  event is sold out, we wouldn’t have a business at all! If you really want something, you will  find a way to make it successful – and if you find a worthy business partner to be on the  rollercoaster of a ride with, don’t let them go! We’re not best friends every-day, sometimes  we don’t see eye-to-eye, but we thrash it out between us with the success of Black Label  Supply at the heart of it all and that’s not failed us yet. If you go into business with a friend,  try to remember that you were friends first and business partners second. 

There are exciting times ahead for us, each month our turnover is increasing, we’ve seen  more exposure in the media with articles in the news, had an appearance on the radio and  discussions for an upcoming television documentary. To give you a taste of what’s to come,  one of our goals over the next year is to purchase some private boxes at the biggest events,  these will be solely to host our clients making them super exclusive, along with celebrity  appearances to have our clients rubbing shoulders with the stars. In fact, we have already  started work on the Vegas Grand Prix which will be one of the biggest events ever in the  sport! We will have exclusive after party access, along with VIP hospitality tickets, and  preferential rates on top accommodation. We continue to conjure up new and exciting  ideas for our clients, imagine a shooting practice with Steph Curry or DJ lessons with Tiesto.  We want to make what you think is impossible, possible! ‘We can source anything!’ 

Thank you for taking the time to read our journey and please do let us know if you need  anything, we would be delighted to assist you.  

Jonathan Murray 


Black Label Supply 


MS, Durham University

The work of a family doctor includes a wide range of clinical diversity, which requires extensive knowledge and erudition from a specialist. However, I believe that the most important thing for a family doctor is to be human because the cooperation and understanding between the doctor and the patient are crucial in ensuring successful health care. On my days off, I love being in nature. Since childhood, I have been passionate about playing chess and tennis. Whenever I have time off, I enjoy traveling around the world.

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