BLOSSOM & SUCH the story behind the unique jewelry brand

BLOSSOM & SUCH, the story behind the unique jewelry brand

– Business Name and what it does

‘Blossom & Such’ is a boutique jewelry atelier based in Israel that specializes in unique designs made of top quality materials and gemstones with an emphasize of recycled metals and ethically sourced, fair-trade gemstones.

Our studio creates mostly nature inspired designs made with gold, platinum and a variety of unique gemstones such as diamonds, Australian opals, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and much more.

We create our jewelry in a boutique studio near the Israeli diamond exchange and ship orders worldwide in a simple and seamless process to make the entire online shopping experience of jewelry as easy and friendly as possible.

In our collection you will be able to find unique wedding rings, engagement rings, statement jewelry, earrings and pendants with a variety of designs.

We also specialize in custom made pieces and work closely with customers to create the right piece just for them.

We take great pride of our gemstones as all of them are high quality, ethically sourced and fair-trade gemstones.
Our diamonds are all conflict-free diamond that are mined by well paid, well treated miners and licensed mines in South Africa.
Eran, which is our trained gemologist buys each diamond in person examining each stone for it’s cut, clarity and color.

Our opals all come from Australia that produces the finest opals in the world… as appose to African opals that are often tempting because of their lower price, the Australian opal is not porous and does not absorb liquids from it’s surrounding.
This means that even if you go swimming with it, use creams, perfumes etc near it the beautiful colors will not change as it does not absorb it.
African opals tend to absorb liquids and their content and after a period, an African opal will lose it’s color or even absorb dirt to lose it’s clarity.
An interesting way to test if your opal is Australian or African is to weigh it on accurate gem scales and leave it in a glass of water for 24 hours.
An Australian opal will stay exactly in the same weight as it was since the stone does not absorb anything.
An African opal would actually gain weight by absorbing some water, this is what makes it prone to losing color and gaining undesirable muck in the material.
We hold a large stock of opals ranging from small white opals from Coober-Pedy Australia and up to magnificent black opals from the famed mines in Lightning Ridge Australia.

Another specialty of ours is using raw diamonds in our jewelry.
Being close the top of the supply chain often allows us to snatch beautiful, rare raw diamonds before they are cut and offer them in their true, natural form to be set in jewelry.
If you have ever seen a high quality raw diamond you will not forget it, the unique crystal as an impressive inner gleam that captures the eye and cannot be ignored.
These diamonds arrive in a variety of color such as white, yellow, brown, green and if you are lucky enough you may be able to find blue or pink.
Each diamond is set in it’s original shape exactly as it emerged from the ground, it is unique and there is no other diamond identical to it.

Unique sapphires are also becoming very popular… in the past people stuck to blue sapphires mostly with some yellow and pink sapphires here and there but one of the biggest trends of recent years is teal sapphire, green sapphires and parti sapphires.
This changes how we work with them… in the past we use to buy parcels of high quality gems in specific cuts and hold them as stock of rather uniform gemstones.
These days we are buying each stone individually as each stone has a unique shade, color combination and parameters that make it very specific and unique.
Most of our teal sapphires arrive from Montana US and we also get some of them from Africa and Sri-Lanka.
We love working with them as now, this quality and durable gemstone is not only blue but so colorful that everything is becoming more variant and interesting.

– Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

The brand was founded by childhood friends Doron Merav and Eran Ezra.

The first is an Architect that had been creating and designing jewelry as well for the past 12 years while Eran comes from the field of industrial engineering.

Doron’s passion to design unique jewelry revealed a demand in the market for unique, tailor-made designs for people around the world that wanted ‘something different’, something unique to express their personality and taste and not something mainstream with the usual ‘diamond solitaire’ you see everywhere.

Eran brought his experience in industrial engineering to improve the making techniques and make them more efficient so to allow the unique designs to be sold for reasonable prices and allow more people to afford them.
Their base principle of using only fair-trade, ethically sourced gemstones and diamond actually brought them closed to the source of the industry and allowed them to buy their gems from the miners to create a win-win situation in which the hard working people that mine the gemstones gets paid better and they are able to offer their jewelry for better prices.

Furthermore, this studio is their passion and they understand the need for excellent customer’s service so in most chances, when you contact ‘Blossom & Such’ you will be talking to Doron or Eran in person getting accurate information from the most professional people that are able to answer any question you

have quickly.

– The challenges the business/market is facing

One of the greatest challenges in this business is overcoming many people’s concern in ordering jewelry online.
In a fast paced world in which any manufacturer in India or China can just download our design photos and offer to sell them as his own (which happens all the time) we sometimes find ourselves trying to explain that the fact that someone else is showing a photo of our design does not mean they can actually make them as pictured.

We get many emails from customers that were tempted to buy our designs from manufacturers in India or China and were greatly disappointed with what they got asking us to make the original design for them.
We mostly rely on happy customers to spread our story and grow our business which has proven to be working well.

There is also a challenge in being able to work globally and ship items in a secure manner worldwide including remote places in the world… we have perfected our process through years of experience and we manage to select the ideal courier per destination so that all parcel arrive quickly, safe and fully insured in a matter of days.
Another challenge we were facing in the past few years as a result of the pandemic was the shortage of gemstones.
Our supply lines were cut as it became harder to travel around the world and mines were closed everywhere and production had nearly stopped.
We were lucky enough to be able to communicate directly with miners and keep a steady supply of gemstones even in this rough period to be able to meet the demand.

– The opportunities the business/market is facing

In the past few years with the pandemic that already feels like it is behind us, we feel that more people have learned to shop online with more confidence.
As we mostly sell online, we feel that customers feel more confident in making larger orders knowing that good people stand behind them with excellent customer service and high standards in terms of quality and environment awareness.
People know they can return an item if it is not what they thought it would be or send it back for sizing if necessary as easily as they would if they bought it in a shop near them.

It is also becoming more and more clear that people are tired of the same generic designs they see everywhere and are looking to get jewelry that are designed differently in smaller workshops rather than large scaled factories.

They know that a ring that was made just for them, in their choice of metals and size by a single person from start to finish with love and attention will look better, last more and will be something that they will cherish forever.

We also see rising interest in non-conventional gemstones such as opals, raw diamonds, moonstones, garnets, unusual sapphires and many more…
As we have a wide range of suppliers, we work with that provide us with top quality gemstones per our specific requests we are able to offer our customers a wide range of gemstones to choose from in our stock.
If a gem is not in our stock it is fairly easy for us to trace it and source it for our customers in high quality and an excellent price.

Diamonds are always a classic gem but today people want more… they want to see more colors, unusual shapes that allow for new designs to be created and express their unique taste in jewelry.

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