Blue Forest Farms is one of the best CBD companies, which has gained fame over time with the advantage of its quality products. It uses organically grown hemp plants to manufacture its products, among other useful ingredients. In addition, its primary focus is on ensuring customers are fully attended to and are satisfied with its systems, products and support team addressing their concerns. Besides, after crafting its products, they are tested by an independent third-party lab for quality and safety affirmation. Comparing its prices and other brands, its prices are favourable, although not the best. The company has also supported certain groups, such as people living with long term disabilities, veterans, and others.

Furthermore, it’s transparent on all its operations and posts them on its website. The important information offered includes its manufacturing practices, farming practices and accurate lab reports. To keep learning more about Blue Forest Farms, kindly keep reading our review. We have unveiled information about the company, its manufacturing practices, and range of products.

About the Company

The company has one of the largest farms in Colorado, which it uses to its advantage since they are the best hemp plant producers across the United States. The company was founded in 2016 in has maximized its huge portion of land to carry out all its manufacturing practices. Unlike most companies who fetch their hemp from Colorado and process it in other parts, all its farming practices and processing is done within the 200 acres in Colorado. According to the Company, for any company that is determined to manufacture naturally occurring CBD products, its primary focus has to be on the quality of its hemp. Since all its operations are carried out within its land, they have a chance to monitor and control manufacturing processes closely.

Although it does not mention its team members, it states that it is made of the most experienced personnel with at least 20 years’ experience in botanicals, pharmaceutical, food and health botanical and farming industry. Since making a profit comes after human safety, they donate 10% of their total profits to non-profitable organizations to give back to society. Due to such charitable acts and their quality products, which have indeed addressed various health and wellness concerns, they have created a good reputation.

To support and enhance its customers and new first-time customers buying experience, they offer product descriptions under each product. Since it might be difficult to choose what product is helpful to your concern, they give more information to help customers understand them better. Some of the important information provided includes the ingredients, potency range, THC levels, contaminant test results, correct dosage, how to administer and different flavours.

Additionally, navigating within its website is easy, as well as placing orders for various products. We could easily locate information and access its well-defined product catalogue. Since we were interested in its buying experience, we ordereda few products. Notably, without any technicalities, we added and removed products to our shopping cart without experiencing any suspicious activities while omitting products from the shopping cart. Before making payments, we went through the list to affirm the products we were about to pay for. Upon payment approval, we received an email bearing a tracking number and the list of products we were expecting in a maximum of five days. Indeed, on the third day, we received our products discreetly packed.

Consequently, upon receiving the products, the company recommends you check their conditions;if they have been damaged, request a replacement within 48 hours. To customers who don’t find the products effective, the company offers a full refund, as long as the request is made within 30-days. However, they only accept unopened products in their original packaging. Upon the company receiving the products, they confirm their condition, and if all is well, the refund is approved within 48 hours.

Unlike other companies that only care about profits, its primary concern is its reputation. The company has been manufactured quality products to use take advantage of maintaining a good reputation, which is a plus on their side. To keep track of their product’s performance in the market, they have a review page where customers leave feedback depending on their interaction with them. As we went through the review, most of them were positive ones. Besides, it also has social media platforms that it maximizes as tools for bringing together its customers to interact and raise other significant concerns.

Before getting to the manufacturing process, the question of free shipping has raised competition among various companies to work to their advantage. Blue Forest Farm offer free shipping, but customers are willing to wait for three to seven days before the products are delivered. However, if you need your products to arrive earlier, the next day, or the day after, you will have to incur a shipping fee of $22.00 (on the second day) and $45.00 (for the next day).

Manufacturing Process

Before the company opened its doors for operations, it acquired legal documentsto manufacture hemp-based products. However, before they chose to use their own hemp to manufacture hemp products, they were legal farmers of hemp plants in Colorado, with one of the largest pieces of land, all spread with hemp. The company ensures sustainable organic farming practices are upheld during hemp plant growth support. They not only avoid using chemicals and fertilizers but also test the purity levels of the hemp before any processing commences.

Although they primarily rely on the hemp plant to manufacture their products, other useful elements such as MCT oil, which significantly enhance rapid effectiveness, are considered. The company maximizes the use of CO2 to obtain only useful cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant for manufacturing its products. The use of CO2 within CBD companies has obtained fame due to its effectiveness compared to other extraction methods. Notably, it’s eco-friendly. To avoid contaminating the products and the environment, the company minimizes the use of chemicals during manufacturing.

Consequently, the company has an independent third-party lab responsible for ensuring the products are of premium quality and safe for usage. The role of the lab is to test the products and ensure no harmful substances have penetrated its products that might interfere with their safety during usage. Additionally, since the optimum THC level for CBD products is 0.3%, the lab has to ensure it is achieved across all the products. Lastly, the issue of potency variance has raised a lot of questions among CBD customers. Customers have lost trust over the same since most companies are giving false information. The lab has ensured all Blue Forest Farms products potency variance is detained within the limit of 10%.

Range of Products

The company offers tinctures, capsules, soft gels, gummies and pet products in either full & broad-spectrum form, as well as in isolate formulation using CO2 hemp plant extracts.

Blue Forest Farm Tinctures

Blue Forest Farm Tinctures

The company formulates its tinctures in three formulations; isolate, full and broad-spectrum. To come up with one of the best tinctures within the CBD market, the company uses only useful hemp plant extracts, which are obtained CO2 extraction method. It recommends its customers to use 1ml per day and offers accurately market droppers in each serving to help its customers administer the stated dosage. Besides administering it orally or sublingually, it also permits the dosage to be added to your favourite food or beverage. The company avails its tinctures in a 30 ml bottle in different potency levels. Depending on the CBD levels in each serving, they are sold from $44.99 to $74.99.

Blue Forest Farms CBD Soft Gels

Blue Forest Farms CBD Soft Gels

Soft gels are one of the most convenient ways of administering your daily CBD dosage. They are somehow discreet and can be administered at one go. Currently, the company only offers Raw Whole-plant soft gel, which is non-GMO and vegan. Each serving has 30 soft gels, each containing 25mg of CBD, adding the 30 to 750 mg. In addition, it recommends two soft gels per day and should be administered orally only, using your favourite drink or water.

Blue Forest Farms Gummies

Blue Forest Farms Gummies

The company only offers gummies as its edibles. They have obtained fame since they are discreet and easy to move around with or even travel with. Using CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil, the company offers delicious and discreet gummies in a serving of 30 gummies in each pack. The company recommends a maximum of two CBD gummies per day, each containing 5 mg of CBD. The pack of 30 goes at $42.49, and it’s for oral use only.

Blue Forest Farms Topicals

Blue Forest Farms Topicals

If you engage in tiresome jobs or exercises, you can consider buying topical products from Blue Forest Farms to calm your body after a long day. The company uses various oils such as MCT alongside CO2 hemp plant extracts to manufacture the best topicals. Unlike other products, it manufactures multiple products in its topical line. The products include Balm, face and body scrub, relief lotion and restore face serum. All the products are available in various potencies and are sold from $26.49 to $63.99.

Blue Forest Farms Pet Products

Blue Forest Farms Pet Products

The company also manufactures pet products, which are given similar stress as human products. Currently, they manufacture pet treats using CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil in full spectrum. Additionally, they are manufactured in 100 mg of CBD and sold at $26.99.

What we like about the company

The company offers free shipping on all orders to be delivered within three to seven days. However, if you wish for quick delivery, you will incur a shipping fee on the day after or the second day of ordering. In addition, the company has been certified and manufactures non-GMO and vegan products. Lastly, it has shown generosity by giving back to society by donating 10% of the total profits to non-profitable organizations.

What we don’t like about the company

Although it is one of the most reputable companies, it still has to adjust a few areas to ensure it becomes better and beats its potential competitors. The company lacks an “About Us” page, making it difficult to get more information about it. Additionally, some products are lucking batch numbers, making it difficult for customers to affirm the lab results posted.

Overall Verdict

As we assessed the company, we realized it had invested a lot of commitment and effort in ensuring it offers the best products and customer service. Generally, it would be an understatement if we gave it a fair performance. We highly recommend its products and give it an excellent score due to its commitment to ensuring CBD customers get premium products at fair prices. However, the company ought to address the few shortcomings we have articulated to make itself the best option for most CBD users.

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