Blue Moon is one of the best online CBD brands launched in 2016 to enlighten people on CBD products. It deals in isolate, full-, and broad-spectrum CBD items whose price points are low compared to other premium CBD companies. Blue Moon Hemp boasts a good reputation, satisfactory customer service, comprehensive website, money-back guarantee, free shipping, and taste for its natural edibles. Still, it needs to improve its third-party testing, especially because it does not cover heavy metals, solvents, residues, and other conventional contaminants.

About the Company

The Blue Moon Hemp brand was started in 2016 with a mission to enlighten people about the multiple benefits of CBD-rich hemp oil, besides providing high-quality CBD products. The company demonstrates that it believes that less is often more through its website, hence the relatively low-price points they have for their products. They want as many people as possible to afford the CBD products and use them to manage their health challenges.

Blue Moon Hemp believes in a ‘strong buying power,’ i.e., the clients’ buying potential as the top secret to thriving in any industry, including hemp. Thus, throughout five years of its operation, it has strived to achieve a balance between quality and affordability. Therefore, it offers high-quality yet affordable products to enable the clients to save as much as they can while trading with them. Nonetheless, they do their best to use natural, plant-based ingredients in their formulations, adding them perks against their brands. They use non-GMO hemp and, whenever possible, the organic type. However, the company has not been certified for using organic hemp, and this area needs to be streamlined.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the company sources all the CBD products it trades in from one Kentucky vendor. This is also a plus because sticking to one reputable vendor increases the likelihood of trading in high-quality items. This is true of Blue Moon Hemp, which, because of depending on the single source, is ranked among the best CBD brands in the market. Besides, it tries to control and oversee all processes from seeding to bottling, ensuring that everything meets its set standards.


Every hemp/CBD brand has the specs that define it. For Blue Moon Hemp company, the following characteristics apply;

  • Organic non-GMO hemp (although it’s not yet organic-certified)
  • The hemp is US-sourced
  • The company works with one vendor from Kentucky for product sourcing
  • Third-party testing to examine THC and CBD potencies
  • 30-day money-back-guarantee based on satisfaction/dissatisfaction
  • Discounts for the military veteran community
  • Extract forms feature isolates, full- and broad-spectrum items
  • Overall CBD prices are between $0.04 to $0.3/ mg
  • Consumption forms include tinctures, gummies, salves, pet items, capsules, etc.
  • Extracts obtained from plat fibers using CO2 extraction method
  • Shipping happens across the world from the USA
  • Free shipping for any purchase at or above $99
  • Taste guaranteed for edibles

Manufacturing Process

The Blue Moon Hemp company’s manufacturing process is comprehensive and starts with consulting a vendor in Kentucky who uses proprietary organic-certified phytocannabinoid rich hemp to get quality hemp oil which produces premium products to effectively compete what other premium brands offer. To extract the oil from the plant fibers, the company applies the supercritical CO2 extraction method, followed by the MCT oil formulation of the extracts. MCT oil contains long-chain fatty acids that suit CBD to enhance its bioavailability in the body for maximum benefits.

Following the formulation, the extracts undergo third-party lab testing to examine whether the THC and CBD potencies match what is indicated in the labels. However, the tests do not cover animal wastes, pesticides, residuals, solvents, and heavy metals, and we think Blue Moon Hemp can improve in this regard. Every CBD product has comprehensive information about its storage, and on the company’s website, it is clearly stated that the products need to be kept in cool, dry places. Besides, they should not be subjected to excessive heat and light to maintain their quality.

Blue Moon Hemp enjoys and boasts market reputation and customer experience, which are influenced by many factors. The CO 2 extraction method it employs is deemed the cleanest in the industry as it does not involve extra solvents. The wonderful packaging is another perk since the products reach the target clients untampered with. Lastly, it ensures that all its products comply with the FDA requirements for keeping the THC content of hemp products at less than 0.3%. Besides, it boasts a wide range of products and the next section discusses this.

Range of Products

Blue Moon Hemp brand celebrates an elaborately wide range of products, including gummies, tinctures, salves, pet items, capsules, hemp flowers, oral sprays, and shatter. Below is an overview of each product by the brand.

i.            Blue Moon Hemp Gel Caps

Blue Moon Hemp Gel Caps

One of the products by Blue Moon Hemp is gel caps, and they feature only two ingredients; CBD-rich hemp oil and MCT oil. They are CO2 extracted, and because of their 0% THC content, they are ideal for people with sensitive palates and stomachs. There are two types of capsules based on potency; the 750 and 1500 mg CBD capsules, with each container having 60 gel caps. Each gel has 25 mg CBD, and a typical dosage entails taking two gel caps, one in the morning and another in the evening. Precautionary measures for the gel caps include keeping them away from children, consulting a doctor before taking them, and not using them if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffer from a medical condition and take pharmaceutical medication.

ii.            Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oral Sprays

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oral Sprays

If you are looking forward to trying CBD products for the first time, the Blue Moon Hemp CBD sprays would be the best way to go. They contain 120 mg CBD and are strictly meant for oral and not visual use. You can enjoy at least eight sprays from each bottle, after which you will get energy raise due to the linkgo, caffeine, taurine, licorice, Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, and E formulations of the sprays. Typical dosage entails taking 1 or 2 bumps of spray at most four times a day, each time holding the sprays before swallowing.

iii.             Blue Moon Hemp CBD Pet Items

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Pet Items

Blue Moon Hemp also deals in pet items, offering 5 mg treats and 250mg – 1,000 mg tinctures. They are CO2 extracted and MCT oil-formulated to help your dog relieve stress and anxiety, have better coats, and relax his hips and joints. You can give them to the pet as a treat, pet food, or orally, after which maximum absorption happens. The pet items have 8.33 mg/ml to 33.33 mg/ml and cost between $19 and $59.

iv.            Blue Moon Hemp Flower

Blue Moon Hemp Flower

You could source your hemp flower buds from Blue Moon Hemp for quality, organic, non-GMO hemp flower buds. All the flowers are broad-spectrum, contain less than 0.3% THC, and feature extra terpenes and phytocannabinoids. The flowers are the most expensive of the company’s items, costing about $4/mg. Since they are consumed directly from the farm, there is no extraction method used.

v.            Blue Moon Hemp Shatters

Blue Moon Hemp Shatters

Blue Moon Hemp shatters are isolate products made by purifying and shattering CBD and putting it in the shatter category for sale. They are 99.6% CBD isolates, 0% THC content detected, and feature several terpenes from different cannabis varieties to bring about energizing and relaxing effects.

vi.             Blue Moon Hemp CBD Salves

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Salves

The Blue Moon Hemp CBD salves won the 2019 ‘Best CBD Salves’ award and are the best in the market. It is CO2 extracted and can be enjoyed in eucalyptus, limonene, or citrus smells. The salves can be topically applied to relieve skin rashes and hypersensitivity and help manage muscle pains. You can choose the 500 mg or 1,000mg CBD salves.

vii.            Blue Moon Hemp CBD Gummies

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Gummies

You can enjoy the Blue Moon Hemp CBD gummies that come with great juicy tastes and many different colors and shapes. They are naturally flavored and colored and only feature botanicals and nutraceuticals for maximum CBD benefits. They are CO2 extracted, broad-spectrum, gluten-free, non-GMO, and can be enjoyed orally by taking one or two gummies according to the label’s instructions.

What We Like About the Company

Our review with the Blue Moon company unveiled many things that we appreciated, including;

  • Third-party testing of the products for accurate CBD and THC information as labeled on the packages. Besides, for every lab test conducted, the company provides the downloadable results in the ‘Lab Results’ section.
  • The company uses organic hemp whenever possible, although it is not organic-certified.
  • Many products are to be enjoyed, including salves, hemp flowers, shatters, capsules, gummies, tinctures, pet items, etc.
  • It uses non-GMO hemp, which we highly appreciated following the many controversies around GMO products.
  • Lower price points than their competitors, making their products quite affordable.
  • All the products contain less than 0.3% THC and stick to FDA set standards for legal hemp.
  • There is comprehensive storage information for every product to uphold quality.
  • Blue Moon Hemp uses tamper-resistant materials in packaging products to ensure that the orders reach clients untampered with.
  • Free shipping arrangements for purchases above $99, which happens across the world, regardless of the location.
  • The company provides discounts for the military veteran community.
  • Its website is easy-to-navigate and relatively elaborate. Surfing through it, a client can easily switch tabs and access different products marketed by the company.
  • Blue Moon Hemp’s product range is fairly wide and includes isolate, full, and broad-spectrum products.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, through which dissatisfied clients can return bought products and file full-refund claims.

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Despite the factors stated above, we did not like the following about Blue Moon Hemp products;

  • The company’s hemp has not been certified for using being organic as stated.
  • Third-party testing is insufficient and does not cover conventional contaminants, including residuals, heavy metals, animal residues, solvents, etc.
  • The website is not elaborate; thus, a bit of streamlining is needed to put everything in perspective.

Customer Experience and reputation

Throughout its five years of operation, Blue Moon has generally boasted good customer experience and reputation. Apart from keeping the website easily navigable and being true with their lab results, the 30-day money-back guarantee has helped clients build faith in the company. Manufacturing products based on original-quality, non-GMO hemp is another perk for customers, hence the good reputation. Lastly, despite offering cheap price points, Blue Moon has stood 100% firm for its products and has demonstrated the readiness to explain any discrepancy.


Blue Moon Hemp company scored well when it comes to transparency. Clients can easily access the third-party test results for the tests run on the products through its official websites. However, there’s a need for improvement since it focuses on THC and CBD potency without testing for conventional contaminants like solvents, residuals, heavy metals, and animal waste. Because the company deals in full and broad-spectrum, as well as isolate products, it strives to keep clients well-informed about the differences among these three forms of extracts. Still, the company needs to improve by stating the efficacy of its products because we noticed that this information was missing, and people could take the products without being able to tell their effectiveness.

Our Verdict

After testing Blue Moon Hemp products and thoroughly reviewing the company, we can confidently say it is a good CBD brand. Although it is only five years old and fairly new in the market, its third-party testing transparency, a wide variety of products, customer satisfaction commitment, and the easily navigable website make it perform well in the market. It regularly conducts third-party CBD and THC potency tests and posts the results on the ‘Lab Results’ section. However, it does not test the products for conventional contaminants, including solvents, heavy metals, animal wastes, pesticides, etc., and this area needs streamlining. It offers clients isolate, full-, and broad-spectrum CBD products, proving them in wide ranges. Lastly, the 30-day money-back guarantee, free shipping for $99+ purchases, and military veteran discounts give the company an upper hand in the market.

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