Considering the five senses that we all know, you can heighten your bedroom vibes and take your relationship to another level. For example;

Add the taste

While most people mainly relate taste to something edible, it is not always about that. You can improve taste in the bedroom by bringing in flavored lubricants to glow that sexual moment. It helps increase the sensation and gliding, leaving the involved partners in extreme pleasure. You may also use diet to invoke the real meaning of taste; I mean aphrodisiacs- apricots, avocados, and almonds. But please do not forget a glass of pure water to maintain your hydration levels. Keep it an arm length away from your bed.

Enhance the smell

Intimacy goes well with our senses, and a nice scent can make a significant difference in romance. For instance, think of natural aromas like fresh flowers or scented candles. You can also get natural essential oils, including lavender and sandalwood. They are wonderful for promoting the erotic energy. Simply getting into a bedroom full of enticing smells can turn your partner on. Also, a perfect perfume or roll on will not be a bad thought.

Attract the eyes; look sexy

What we see can affect our emotions in different ways. A harmonious bedroom can be gauged by its arrangement, furniture, and room proportion. If a room is small, please avoid oversized furniture or items. Lighting and color also matter a lot. For example, the bedroom is mostly linked to blue. I always advise my clients to go for blue pigments with deep-purple shades if it is the bedroom. Use vases with natural flowers and portraits having nighttime background or water scenes. As a rule of thumb; never forget to unclutter and clean the room.

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