BOWWE - best no-code web builder

BOWWE – best no-code web builder

Everything You Need to Know About BOWWE

Web design and web development don’t always mesh when it’s finally time to hard-code your website.

And if you design websites for clients, then you’re probably used to working with a developer or (gulp) trudging through the code yourself.

But what if you could eliminate the need to code and jump straight to the fun stuff instead?

Take a look at BOWWE, best no-code web builder.

What is BOWWE?

Some people describe BOWWE as an alternative to Wix, Webflow, Squarespace or WordPress. There is some truth in this, but BOWWE is not just a website builder, as it has much more functionality.

BOWWE is a comprehensive No-Code and Low-Code platform that allows people without any IT skills to create and instantly monetize real IT products – with the quality of real-programmer programmer, but 10x faster.

SIDENOTE: The No-Code and Low-Code tools are distinguished by the fact that you only need minimal or no programming knowledge to use them.

No matter how familiar you are with coding, BOWWE lets you grow your business, design, and development skills with a powerful drag-and-drop builder. As a result, agencies and freelancers, developers, web designers and even small and medium entrepreneurs use platform not just to create websites, but also:

BOWWE Features & Advantages

But what is BOWWE’s advantage over other website creators? Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Stellar code – BOWWE generates clean, high-quality code that’s at the level of a programmer with 2 years of experience. Have you used other tools that generated spaghetti code? Forget about it with BOWWE.
  2. Top-notch SEO – stellar code makes the site perform better in all possible aspects, from speed to SEO. 
  3. Massive branding control with UI Kit – BOWWE has an internally built UI Kit that allows you to unify the branding, including colorway, layout and typography across all subpages with just a few clicks. It’s an incredibly accelerating tool, appreciated by designers and agencies. Also, SMEs use it to customize the templates on which they create sites.
  4. Add custom code – In BOWWE, you can change the operation of any widget by editing its code to suit your needs. If you care about maximum customization, this is the way to go. As a result, the platform is appreciated by developers who use it to speed up their daily work.
  5. +200 Beautiful & Speed-Optimized Templates – Search through ready-to-use templates to find one that’s perfect for your sector, with options ranging from technical industries to arts and entertainment. Not only can you choose from 200+ templates, but BOWWE is constantly creating new ones, so you’re sure to discover a layout that meets your needs. It’s a design platform with something for everyone!
  6. Internal apps and unlimited integrations – BOWWE is also a first-rate growth platform that allows you to quickly develop your or your client’s business. It’s all thanks to the tool’s powerful built-in apps and endless integrations combined with helpful marketing data analytics. Not to mention BOWWE integrates your site with powerful internal apps for great marketing support, so you can focus on pristine content and constant growth. And you’ll stay ahead of the competition with clients’ reviews, blogs, digital vouchers, and more that ensure the platform grows with you.

These features make BOWWE an all-in-one tool, which provides all the necessary solutions to build a successful business that can develop in every possible direction without hiring a group of specialists.

Founder’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Although both Wojtek (Co-Founder) and I have a lot of experience in programming, we got Master’s Degrees in computer science and have always wanted to build a startup like BOWWE, we didn’t decide to do so for many years. Why? 

For many years, we consistently gathered experience, which led us to found BOWWE. Each of us had created our own startups before, with successes but also failures that shaped us. We have already worked on product development for large corporations many years ago, participated in projects worth more than 1,000,000,000 GPD, worked in many countries in Europe and the US, all to understand how to design, create, implement and scale products in the global market. 

During this long process, we experienced many failures and successes, but also gained even more extensive knowledge. Only then, we decided to invest our own money and devote many years of work to building our own solutions. At that time – and it was around 2010 – the idea for BOWWE was born. We wanted to create a web builder that wouldn’t just let you create pages without coding – but would let you create pages with the quality of a programmer, but much faster and without coding. That was the real difficulty.

We had an idea. But there is a very long and hard way from just an idea to successfully implementing and scaling a product in the market. And we had quite high ambitions. We wanted to set up a company that perfectly understood the needs of both agencies and their clients, developers and non-technical people alike. Our dream was to build a tool that would not so much replace developers, but take the burden off the trivial but repetitive and time-consuming tasks they perform every day at work. 

And this, after years of hard work, we finally succeeded. Today, BOWWE speeds up developers’ work up to 10x times, allowing them to focus on the work that really matters. By the way, this benefits agencies, freelancers, developers and SMEs, who still collaborate on BOWWE with developers, but are able to do far more tasks on their own. That’s the magic of No-Code.

Today, working with partners from, among others: Silicon Valley, we are creating the smart solutions of the future. We build a variety of digital products that have one thing in common – readiness for immediate deployment and scaling in any target market. In addition, we provide customers with access to our technology, which is already ready for deployment. This incredibly speeds up project implementation; we save months of work, sometimes even years. For the client, this means incredible savings in time and money. This is a great option especially for start-ups that depend on stable cashflow.

The challenges the business and market are facing

As for challenges, let’s start at the beginning – we are a self-funded startup and this had a huge impact on our development. We had limited opportunities. We didn’t have multimillion-dollar marketing budgets to gain massive online visibility. We had to fight for each customer and manage our money much more wisely.

And it was hard for us because we operate in a hyper-competitive market and our competitors from the beginning were companies worth billions. This makes me even more pleased by the increasing feedback from our customers, who today repeatedly compare us to the biggest players in the industry, like Wix ($4.8 billion) or Webflow ($4 billion), claiming that BOWWE provides a better tool!

Today, I can admit it straight: we operate in an extremely competitive industry, one of the toughest in the world. Gathering organic traffic from a search engine is hard – yet SEO is one of the fastest growing channels of traction in BOWWE. And it’s likely to get tougher as the economic crisis approaches and marketing costs are expected to rise year after year.

It’s also certainly a challenge that we’re not as recognizable as the aforementioned competitors, which means that – despite offering a better tool – we have to invest more time in talking to potential clients, understanding their needs and advising them. Our results are good in this regard, but we certainly intend to become more visible in the media in the near future.

Our target audience is also very broad, which is an opportunity on the one hand and a challenge on the other. I’ll talk about the benefits of this later, while as for the difficulties – it’s not always easy to match the value proposition to customers when they have such different needs and expect different benefits. Recently we are getting a lot of agencies join us to create in BOWWE for their clients. And this is great, because it allows us to reach even more businesses with our tool, helping them to grow on the Internet.

The opportunities the business and market are facing

Certainly our opportunity is that the target market is huge.

BOWWE can be used by developers, designers, SEO/SEM specialists, agencies, freelancers, bloggers, affiliates, content creators and SMEs. Each of these groups will find features and benefits in BOWWE that will make their daily work easier and allow them to grow effectively online. Our job is to reach these people and show them how they can use BOWWE effectively. This is our opportunity

Another big opportunity is…geography. We want to be a global company. BOWWE is a tool that anyone with internet access can use. The problems we solve are the common problems of entrepreneurs and professionals from all continents and most countries of the world. It doesn’t matter whether a country is more or less developed – BOWWE works on intuitive principles, offers free hosting, free subdomain and a huge reduction in the cost of daily work. It is not a tool created exclusively for wealthy agencies from the US and Western Europe. It can be used by companies and professionals from all over the world and everyone, on an equal base, to create high-end products in it. We want to equalize the opportunities – this has always been part of our DNA.

Another opportunity is the tremendous growth of our market in the coming years. According to Gartner’s latest estimate, the global Low-code development technologies industry will be worth $13.8 billion in 2023, up 22.6 percent from 2021. We already have proprietary No-Code/Low-Code technology. We don’t have to build it from scratch, and so we are years ahead of our competitors. I hope this will be our time.

Advice to others about business

To anyone looking to build a start-up, my advice is: think carefully about whether your idea for a solution is going to be a vitamin or a painkiller. It should definitely be the painkiller, because it will hugely increase your chance of success. Product market fit is an absolute must, and nowadays people are given so much information that they are unable to process it. So how do you effectively reach them? You have to solve their real problems. You have to make their lives better. You have to be a painkiller.


Karol Andruszków


Karol is a serial entrepreneur, and founder of 3 startups, as part of which he has advised several hundred companies. He was also responsible for projects of the largest financial institutions in Europe, worth over EUR 50 million.

He gained experience in Silicon Valley and while running companies in many countries, including Poland, Portugal, the US, and Great Britain. For over ten years, he has been helping startups, financial institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their functioning through digitization.

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