Butter and bread pudding is common in traditional British desserts. They prepare it by soaking soft buttered bread pieces in a delicious egg custard and cooking them till they are tender and turn golden brown. Cannabidiol, a versatile cannabis compound, has many benefits making individuals incorporate it into recipes. This provides a daily CBD dose while enjoying the edibles. Here is the recipe.

Most individuals like preparing sweet butter and bread pudding. This recipe utilizes leftover bread and various pantry edibles for delicious family-sized nourishment. Butter and bread pudding is common in traditional British desserts. They prepare it by soaking soft buttered bread pieces in a delicious egg custard and cooking them till they are tender and golden brown. Many people in such regions prepare bread-created desserts in ovens during the winter period. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active chemical compound derived from hemp. This versatile cannabinoid compound has considerable benefits. Therefore, adding it to such recipes makes the end product more pleasurable and nutritious. Here is a bread and butter pudding recipe using CBD.

What is Butter and Bread Pudding?

Darley (1993) revealed that cannabidiol butter and bread pudding belongs to traditional British dessert prepared by soaking soft buttered bread pieces in a delicious egg custard. Bake them till they become tender and turn golden brown. Recipes for preparing this countryside dessert began in the eighteenth century. Since then, butter and bread pudding has remained in the British cuisine domain. It provides a sweet method to consume sour bread by incorporating comforting superfluities such as warm spices, vanilla, sultanas, and cream.

What is the Distinction between Butter and Bread Pudding?

While these typical parched desserts share the same ingredients and names, they have many differences. According to Chase & Rivers (1994), bread pudding is a sweetened dish prepared of crusty and stale bread saturated into a milk mixture. It includes sugar and eggs with different mix-ins such as chocolate chips or raisins baked till crisp and tender within the edges. Otherwise, butter and bread pudding includes buttering soft white bread pieces before baking and soaking them. The softer dough in butter and bread pudding generates a greater custardy feeling than a common bread pudding.

Four Guidelines for Preparing Butter and Bread Pudding

Home cooks have mastered this simple confection. The following guidelines help individuals to prepare premium butter and bread pudding.

Try Various Bread

Sliced and sandwich bread remains the oldest alternative to butter and bread pudding. However, you can utilize whatever bread variety is available. Stick to buttery, sweet, and soft bread varieties such as croissants, panettone, or brioche. This will generate a suppler parched pudding than crustier bread types.

Change up the Dairy

Fu et al. (2017) reported that interchanging heavy creams with two halves for a better dish or skim milk yields a lighter pudding. Apply non-dairy creamer or milk like cashew or oat milk for non–the dairy option.

Experiment with Additions

Adapt butter and bread to the pantry and palate stock. Incorporate your preferred dried fruits such as dates, currants, and figs. Stir in chocolate chips or cocoa powder for chocolatey notes. Add fruity extracts such as orange or lemon for some differences in taste. Top pudding slices with stone fruits or fresh berries, chocolate sauce or a caramel drizzle, and a local whipped cream or vanilla ice cream scoop.

Store the Pudding Appropriately

The wet pudding is kept covered in the fridge for five days. However, it contains the finest texture when consumed within five consecutive days. Also, people can freeze butter pudding for a maximum of three months. Let the baked pudding cool maximally before wrapping it within a plastic wrap, followed by a foil layer. After that, transfer it into a corked freezer bag before storing it in the freezer.


  • Six slices of stale bread
  • Two tablespoons of melted CBD butter
  • Half cup raisins (optional)
  • Two cups of milk
  • Three-quarters cup sugar
  • One teaspoonful of ground cinnamon
  • One teaspoonful of vanilla extract

How to Prepare Butter and Bread Pudding

  • Make the egg mixture: preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Whisk your eggs and incorporate butter, heavy cream, milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon powder, and sugar in the bowl. Lastly, whisk co mix everything appropriately.
  • Soak your bread into your mixture: Integrate sultanas and bread into the mixture. Blend to mix everything and store it for about three to five minutes to allow the bread to soak the mixture appropriately.
  • Pour the blend into a baking plate: Transfer the combination to a baking plate or dish. Force maximum sultanas inside to prevent them from becoming brown while cooking. Also, you can keep a few sultanas on the surface.
  • Bake the pudding: Pour salt-free melted butter on your dish and bake for approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes. Confirm whether the top has changed its color to golden.
  • The butter and bread pudding is ready for consumption: After culminating, brush the pudding using butter if necessary and dust secondly, use icing sugar. Your butter and bread pudding is set for consumption. Top your product with preferred caramel sauce or ice cream.


  • People who like nuts should attempt utilizing bread-containing seeds and nuts. For instance, the raisin-nut bread product is excellent.
  • Replacing brown sugar for all or some white sugar provides a more caramel and richer flavor.
  • Nut milk (coconut and almond) works perfectly.
  • Swap craisins with raisings or maintain them together
  • Escalate the potency by incorporating more canna-butter. Some people use a maximum of four tablespoons.


Butter and bread pudding is a perfect creamy dish to consume during the night as desserts. This cannabidiol product is made by adding white bread to a readymade egg blend. Ensure your preferred bread is soft to make sure it does not become excessively mushy during the process. For instance, cannabidiol butter is utilized everywhere, including the garnishing part and egg mixture. To acquire an additional butter spoon, you can brush the pudding with more butter. They swap the entire pudding and bread vibe. Also, an individual can prepare more or less amount depending on their preference. Whenever craving something sweet, choose butter and bread pudding. 


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