Bremen Consolidate, a company that hires freelancers and works remotely across the country-Fiyin Ebemidayo

Bremen Consolidate, a company that hires freelancers and works remotely across the country-Fiyin Ebemidayo

Two years and counting, my journey so far

Business name: Bremen Consolidate.

Founder: Fiyin Ebemidayo Adewale

About the Founder: Fiyin Ebemidayo (BREMEN) is a freelance writer, coach, and the owner of Bremen Consolidate, a company that hires freelancers and works remotely across the country. Fiyin has been writing for over six years and is a Top-rated Plus freelancer on Upwork. 

A pharmacist in training, he is a certified writer. He has thousands of articles published across various niches, such as Health, Animal, Travel and Tourism, Food, Medical, Finance, and SEO-oriented write-ups. He is also a vast and eloquent speaker and has been a writing coach, instructor, and facilitator for over two years; he has trained over 300 individuals to become proficient writers at Writing Without Walls Academy (W3A)Two years and counting, my journey so far..

He has been opportune to host numerous online talk shows, workshops, and discussions on writing and freelancing in Nigeria. He is a leading figure in advocating for improvement and better quality of writers representing Africa across the globe, Nigerians especially. He is currently an administrator of an online community of over 400 enthusiastic freelancer writers in Nigeria. 

Some places Fiyin Ebemidayo has worked include:
✅ Tutor at Writing Without Walls Academy (W3A)
✅ Lobby Fitness in the USA
✅ Quora in Ukraine
✅ Migraine Buddy in Singapore
✅ Madison Reserve in the USA
✅ Nebula Genomics in California
✅ Eden Derma in UAE
✅ LYFE Medical Wellness in Phuket
✅ Authentic Medicine in the USA
✅ Chiropractic Neurology in Sarasota
✅ Quality Home Air Care
✅Dokeos in Belgium
✅Mobile Medicine in New Jersey
✅ Kilo Grupe in Lithuania

Fiyin Ebemidayo is a young Nigerian who started the company as an undergraduate. The company is a writing agency that engages fully in freelance writing. So, in 2020, shortly before the pandemic, he opened an account on Upwork; before that time, he had been writing offline for over three years. But Upwork, as a freelance platform, provided an avenue to get in contact with clients from across the world.

After a while, the need to build a team arose, and he selected a group of worthy intellectual men, and little by little, they all got trained and improved to meet the world standard required of a reputable and competent writer. The team started as a group of 5 enthusiast writers, and all were writers before joining Bremen consolidate. They just were not writing professionally. 

The pandemic year provided loads of remote work and opportunities to learn, unlearn and relearn while working for various brands. Then the first website was built,, a blog site loaded with over 200 articles varying from health, travel, fitness, education, and Nigeria as a whole. 

Since 2020 Bremen consolidate has hired over 50 writers on short- and long-term contracts. While we write and publish our articles, we also work for various companies and individuals interested in quality and competent work. 

As time progressed, Bremen Consolidate organized various boot camps, pieces of training, and classes for prospective individuals who might be interested in writing. In 2022, we officially launched our academy, Bremen Consolidate Writing Academy ( A writing academy that caters to the needs of individuals interested in the field. It runs for a 6-months duration of 2 semesters. Registration is ongoing till October 2022, when classes start; it is an online academy.

Challenges the business is facing:

Just like any other career field, freelance writing comes with its challenges. Many of such include:

  1. Stigmatization against Blacks:

On global freelancing platforms, freelancers from all over the world are vying for jobs. However, there is a generally known stigmatization of Africans in awarding jobs. Many clients would want to offer lower rates to Africans due to a misconception of their ability at times. However, this notion isn’t as rampant as it used to be.

  1. Shortage of Job Givers

On most platforms, there is an imbalance of job givers to freelancers. This causes a high influx of applications for the few jobs out there. However, subcontracting and networking are great ways for many starters to get jobs.

  1. Skills Marketing

Being a good writer in the modern freelance writing game is not enough. As a freelance writer, you also run a business, and you need to be able to market your skills to job givers. You need to be able to prove that you’re competent enough to manage your jobs. This is a skill many writers lack, and it limits them in the global market space.

Opportunities The Business is Facing:

The freelance writing market is also laden with many opportunities now more than ever. Examples of these opportunities include:

  1. All-time High Opportunities for Freelance Writers

The opportunities for freelance writers are at an all-time high right now. The corporate world is now tilting toward remote jobs nowadays. Many companies are open to outsourcing their content writing jobs to freelancers thousands of miles from their location. This creates so many job opportunities for freelance writers. There is no better time to get into the field than now.

  1. Good Writers Never Lack Jobs

Despite the seeming shortage of job givers, excellent writers never lack jobs. This is why having a good writing foundation is important. You need to learn from the best to become a competent writer. At Bremen Consolidate Academy, we have an academy where we train newbies to become competent writers in the freelancing space.

  1. Affords Flexibility

One thing we all desire is the freedom to do anything we want. One of the biggest opportunities you gain from being a freelance writer is the freedom to work wherever and whenever you want. As a freelance writer, you’re your own boss and get increased flexibility in your work schedule.

Advice to Others about Business

At Bremen Consolidate, our tips for any writer will be:

  1. Networking is the Spirit of Business

No one will know what you do if you don’t tell them about it. This is why networking is vital to the freelance writing business. Connect with the pros in the business. Buy courses to improve yourself and always pitch your services to companies you’re interested in working with. Join writing groups and stay active to help improve yourself.

  1. Constantly Evolve 

Like Craig Charles said, “It’s either you evolve or die.” Like any other field or work, there are constant changes in the writing space. You must make sure you stay in the loop about the current happening or become redundant. Redundancy reduces the demand for your skills which roughly translates to the death of your writing career.

  1. Be Reliable

Having clients that always come back for your services is one way to stay profitable. Your clients trusting your abilities to deliver top-notch work on time will keep them coming back. Hence, it is important to constantly create quality content on every job and deliver it on time. Whenever you can’t make the agreed time, let your clients know prior to the time. Good communication skills coupled with constant top-quality work earn you repeat clients. 

  1. Learn to Have a Base Rate

As a freelancer, you should treat writing as a business. This means you should have your least acceptable price. Many clients would want the best work at the lowest rates possible. You should make them understand why the rate you’re charging is the best fit for your skills. This is another vital part of being able to market yourself.

And that is all we have for you in this piece. We wish you good luck in the writing space!

MS, University of Tartu
Sleep specialist

Using the acquired academic and professional experience, I advise patients with various complaints about mental health - depressed mood, nervousness, lack of energy and interest, sleep disorders, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and anxieties, difficulty concentrating, and stress. In my free time, I love to paint and go on long walks on the beach. One of my latest obsessions is sudoku – a wonderful activity to calm an unease mind.

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