Bronson Hemp is one of the best CBD brands proudly operating in the USA. The company’s mission is to ensure each and every single customer leads a healthy life by consuming their natural products free of THC. It is clearly said on their website that they are a company that crafts natural, calming, and uplifting CBD products.

The company says that everyone would like to improve their healthy lifestyle but finding the best quality ingredients is a daunting task. The CBD market offers products with countless flavors, creams, prices, liquids, vapes, etc. and choosing one may be very hard. Arriving at the best choice is even made worse by the terms like isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. There are many reasons why Bronson Hemp has to be your one stop shop. To help make the best-informed decision, the company has dedicated its time and efforts to conduct some research. You will easily know which product is optimum for you. The team of specialists at the Bronson Hemp has thoroughly searched the US and they have developed the best highest-quality Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil blended with terpenes for a remarkable CBD experience. Bronson Hemp takes pride in adhering to the CBD’s highest standards of the best and quality ingredients without wasting your money.

About Bronson Hemp

Bronson Hemp is a cannabidiol company that is based in the United States. The company proudly utilizes only hemp grown in the fertile and rich soils of this country. Bronson Hemp was established out of passion to offer its customers the best quality CBD products without loading them with hefty price tags. It is true that CBD has popularly become one of the best health and wellness product. It offers its medicinal and recreational properties without any side effects. This has made the industry’s market to be filled with numerous products and brands – most charging heavy prices even on low-quality products. That is not the case with Bronson Hemp. The company believes that its customers should enjoy the best CBD products without having to separate with much dollars. It wants its customers to make the best-informed choices regarding their healthy lifestyle.

Vitality of hemp industry is steadily growing and Bronson Hemp is dedicated to making sure that the industry strays around for years to come. It has not lasted long since the company was created. However, they have accomplished their goal and achieved most of their objectives, and none of this would have happened without the support from its legion of customers.

Process of Manufacturing Bronson Hemp Oil

Knowing how a particular product is created will not only help you arrive at the most informed choice, but will also help choose a product of the highest-quality that is safe for your consumption. The manufacturing process of CBD is critically important and has a huge impact on the product’s trend on the market and its enjoyability. Hemp has been used for over 5,000 years. Making oil out of it has been the most popular way of benefiting from its many compounds including CBD, terpenes, and amino acids. However, many companies follow shortcuts making their so called “highest-quality” CBD oils have low strength.

Bronson Hemp, however, offers high-quality hemp oil that is 100 percent organically grown and harvested from the fertile soils of Colorado, USA. The hemp plant is cultivated by experienced farmers who don’t use genetically modified organisms, pesticides, or herbicides to nurture them. Mature plant is then harvested and carefully dried. They are then taken to the factory where the leaves undergo secondary processes such as winterization and distillation. In addition, they also undergo Sub-zero extraction process, which ensures that all THC is eliminated while naturally sourced vitamins and minerals are preserved. Quality control is observed in every stage of production.

The hemp oil rich in CBD created during these processes, are infused with high-quality coconut MCT oil in every product to create the desired entourage effect. All products from Bronson Hemp are free of THC, meaning you will enjoy them the entire day without the fear of getting “high.” What is more, all Bronson Hemp’s products are non-GMO and are free of pesticides, heavy metals, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or solvents. All finished products are then sent to a third-party laboratory for testing, meaning that you will buy hemp oil that is completely safe your consumption and the one you can trust.


Five Reasons Why You Will Want To Spend Your Money On Bronson Hemp Oil

Bronson Hemp has positioned itself as one of the leaders in the CBD industry. They strongly believe that they have all the reasons (five proven ones) to make you stop throwing money away on other CBD products. Their five main reasons are:

Quality USA Organic Hemp: All products from Bronson Hemp are one hundred percent organically grown and harvested from Colorado farmlands. Colorado has for long produced the best and quality hemp. This state has the ideal climate for growth and drying of hemp. That being said, Bronson Hemp raw materials are free of mold and toxins.

Simple Ingredient Formula: The company uses simple ingredient formula and their full-spectrum oils are free of thickening agents or flavors. All products are infused with coconut MCT oil naturally flavored with terpenes.

Quick Absorption: When the tincture is consumed sublingually (under the tongue), it is absorbed quickly through the mucus membrane. This enhances bioavailability rate of tinctures compared to other types of hemp products. In terms of therapeutic effects, it will be delivered in areas of the body that needed it faster.

Ultra-Clean Extraction Practices: Bronson Hemp uses Sub-Zero extraction process – a state-of-the-art process which ensure that is free of solvents. The process loads the product with terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. A product containing all these compounds has the best entourage effect as they will be working together for a stronger influence. This is not the case with broad-spectrum or isolate blends.

Third-Party Lab Tested: All products from Bronson Hemp are third-party tested straight from Colorado farms to ensure purity, potency, and quality. They are proven to contain less than 0.3% THC, and free of heavy metals and pesticides.

Line of Products

Compared to other CBD brands, Bronson Hemp has a fairly limited product line. The company specifically deals with CBD oils. Dealing with only a single line of product, Bronson Hemp has carefully and responsibly crafted their hemp oils to stand taller on the CBD market. They are made of with different flavor for a better CBD experience.

Range of Products

For the purpose of this review, we had to order some products from Bronson Hemp and try them for you. The company has only three hemp oil products, which are only made different with flavorings. They are available in strengths ranging from 500 mg to 1500 mg. We were impressed with the results and we highly recommend you try one of these tinctures. Luckily, we have tried the tinctures for and we hope that you can trust, if at all you doubt the company. We tried:

Bronson Hemp Pineapple 30 ml Tincture

Bronson Hemp Pineapple 30 ml Tincture

Who want to waste all that time reading a protracted procedure of how to use a salve or vape juice when all you can do is press a liquid under your tongue? Tinctures are the most convenient way of ingesting CBD. Just screw off the top dropper and apply the desired dosage of the liquid. Press it for 30 seconds to 1 minute under your tongue and wait for it to absorb before swallowing the liquid. Each bottle has an easy-to-use dropper. This product has a subtle pineapple flavor with a calming effect. It is infused with dole whip terpenes. We used one drop per day in our breakfast and entourage effect was amazing. However, you can go up to 2 drops per day and apply it directly under your tongue or favorite drink.

Bronson Hemp Strawberry 30 ml Tincture

Bronson Hemp Strawberry 30 ml Tincture

This is the second tincture we tried. Who doesn’t like strawberries after all? Unlike the first product we tried, this tincture has an uplifting effect. It is infused with strawberry milk terpenes that will rejuvenate your mind and body. The Strawberry Milk terpene blend is harmoniously blended with notes of fruit to enhance the entourage effect. It is available in a 500 mg, 30 ml bottle and sold at $29.99. Just apply 1 to 2 drops per day directly under the tongue. You can also use the liquid in your favorite food or drink. It is recommended you start low and gradually increase the dose until you achieve the desired effect.

Bronson Hemp Natural 30 ml Tincture

Bronson Hemp Natural 30 ml Tincture

Sourced from 100% organic hemp in Colorado, this Natural Tincture from Bronson Hemp has a subtle planty flavor. By taking your first swallow, you will realize that it is all naturaly unflavored by terpenes. It contains non-intoxicating hemp formula which is less than 0.3% THC. It comes in a 30 ml bottle with 500 mg of CBD and sold at $29.99. the full-spectrum hemp extract is suspended in coconut MCT oil for enhanced entourage effect. You will definitely love it.

What We Like About The Company

We love a company that values the interest of customers. Bronson Hemp has proven to be a listen, caring partner. They don’t load their customers with crazy prices that we see in the market. Their products are fairly cheap. This does not make it the cheapest company. In fact, they make the best hemp oil.

What We Don’t Like About Bronson Hemp

The company’s website is too brief. Even on their “About Us” section they have not provided satisfying history. In fact, we had to look for more information about them from other sources. We are in a century that communication is one of the pillars that holds a company high. Bronson Hemp has not provided a definitive support contact or email address. They have also provided cheap description on their products. the company also forces people to subscribe to their website to be able to place an order.

Our Overall Verdict

If you are looking for a stronger hemp oil, then you have to look no further. The Bronson Hemp makes one of the best – if not just the BEST – hemp oil on the market. We have tried their products for you and conclude that they are as strong as they claim. They are also easy to use and they are fast-acting. What is more, all their products are third-party lab tested and are sold at fairly cheap prices. Get a natural, calming, and uplifting hemp experience from Bronson Hemp.

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