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LowCode Agency – get a fantastic software that is simple to use and manage

LowCode Agency is a leading app development company that uses no/low-code technologies to create apps faster and for a fraction of the cost of “conventional” apps.

Our flagship offering starts at 3.5k USD for a custom software/app/solution built with no/low code tools in 3-4 weeks. On average, pricing is around 5-6k.

Our clients get fantastic software that is simple to use, manage, and make adjustments to in the future. It’s designed just for them and their requirements. We regularly create apps 80 percent cheaper and 70 percent faster than with traditional development methods since we use no/low code tools to build them.

But, who do we help? Our clients are mainly entrepreneurs who want to start a business and need a first MVP built for them, and expanding SMBs who need to automate and streamline internal operations.

Since we started the company we have built over 240 apps. 

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

I’m Jesus Vargas the owner and founder of LowCode Agency. I’ve started (and failed) several businesses. I ran a company called Legal Cloud Solutions for many years. We were solely focused on the legal industry, assisting lawyers with the systemization of their operations using proprietary software. Given how laborious all of their procedures are, we believed there was a significant opportunity in the industry. We discovered that lawyers are traditionalists who don’t want to change!

In addition, I worked with a technical partner who is a developer. Despite having a thorough understanding of the processes, the ability to construct flows, and the ability to read code, I am not a developer and could not build the actual product. 

While diving on the internet on a lazy day, I came upon a product called Glide apps. “Create an app from a Google Sheet” was the headline, and it aroused my interest. That’s something I’m sure I could do! I created an account and began playing around with it. I designed an app for a solar panel business I own in 3 hours that allowed me to track proposals and clients (like a little CRM).

I was instantly smitten. I spent countless hours and sleepless nights learning how to use this technology to create apps. Finally, I didn’t require the assistance of a technical partner to develop all of the apps I had in mind!

I had lunch with a friend who owns many Airbnb units the same week I came across Glide. He needed a way to spend less time answering calls and texts from his visitors. “Would you be ready to spend $1,000 on a personalized app with all of your house’s information, rules, tours, and extra services for your guests?” His response was a resounding yes. My first client had arrived. It’s time to start developing!

And nowadays, LowCode Agency has expanded to a 6 figure business and an eight-person team around the world. We are a leading no/low code agency, having built more than 240 apps so far.

The challenges the business/market is facing

Low/no code development is a challenging world by itself, despite its many advantages we are constantly educating the market. 

While the no/low code trend is rapidly growing, there’s still a huge opportunity in the market in terms of education. It’s easier than ever, as an entrepreneur or a SMB owner, to get the digital tools to compete with anyone. 

It’s critical to comprehend market needs and act accordingly. We were not using some no-code tools that are becoming increasingly popular. We’ve missed opportunities in terms of closing new deals but I can assure you that we’ve learned our lesson and expanded our workforce to better serve a larger audience.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

People don’t want to go back to offices, and as we’ve seen in recent trends, many people created businesses during the lockdown. These new enterprises rely heavily on technology, and we’ve been lucky enough to be able to assist several of them. We’ve helped scores of entrepreneurs start monetizing their side hustles or new full-time businesses by building apps in less than a month.

Something that has aided our growth is the jobs market. People are not willing to spend day in and day out doing repetitive tasks. And there are a lot of software tools that can help businesses automate a lot of task. SMBs are increasingly adopting the no/low code trend, which requires them to be more creative and open to new ideas.

We’ve had the good fortune of assisting a large number of people, and we’re getting a lot of leads via referrals. Clients are delighted not just by our quality and quickness, but also by our process and recommendations, and word of mouth has helped us expand significantly.

Ultimately, I’d like to bring up the terms “no code” and “low code” as trends. We’re riding a wave that’s growing in size by the day, which helps us expand our entire reach and presence. People interested in developing an app are increasingly reaching out to us as one of the leading no/low code agencies. It also helps that these no/low code app builders are becoming increasingly robust, allowing us to create more complicated solutions than previously possible.

Advice to others about business

When I said go big at the beginning of these lines, I don’t mean with a big capital, a big office, or a big team but with a big attitude and discipline, because you need to put your 200% on your idea. Competition is fierce and global. So, these are the best pieces of advice (based on my experience) that I could share with all the entrepreneurs out there: 

  1. Find your niche. Clients will seek you out if you are the greatest at what you do. Finding your expertise is critical since you will become one of the most knowledgeable people in that sector, giving you a significant advantage over a generalist.
  2. Delegate and automate when possible. Document everything you do during the day and assign it to someone else, or use Zapier to automate the process. Every week, strive to automate one task. Allow yourself time to think and experiment with new ideas.
  3. Listen to your customers. If your business isn’t growing as quickly as you’d want, you may need to pivot your offer. Customers already trust you if you have any. Spend some time with them, learn about their company, and find out what their biggest problems are. You may not need to pivot 180 degrees, but only a little to achieve product-market fit.
  4. Create a lot of content around you or your brand. You should put a lot of effort into developing content about yourself, your product, and your business. As I said before, good specialized material is hard to come by. At LowCode as well as our social media, we created a blog, a podcast, and my YouTube channel (Jesus Vargas). On all these platforms you can find updated and interesting content about the no-code and low-code world. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and now have a better knowledge of what low-code and no-code is, and if you’re interested, now you’re better prepared to explore the world of no-code development now that you know a little bit about me, one humble mind behind it. 

In case you need a little guidance to bring your idea come to life, at LowCode Agency, we can help you automate your business or construct an MVP using the greatest no-code and low-code tools. 

We’ve already created 240 apps, so we know what it takes to make a visually stunning and useful app. Your company should be able to benefit from fresh ideas, and it’s all feasible with our support!

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