EasyPeopleSearch: web-based people search website

EasyPeopleSearch:  web-based people search website


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Greetings, everyone. I’m Lyle Florez, the Founder of EasyPeopleSearch, a web-based people search website. These days, finding people’s records has become easier than ever. It is sufficient to give minimal details as input and seek a whole bunch of data about that person. In many organizations, the managers and hiring personas look for the complete details of the candidates before hiring them, mainly to look for their criminal records. This is established by our website in a rather easy way. 

My childhood was one of the toughest times I have ever gone through, and it was the same until I started doing a business on my own. Starting with, my school life was pretty average, and I used to be that ‘one among the many’ girl in the class. I was very shy and nerdy back then. I guess I still am. Anyhow, days passed by, and during the early days of my middle school, my mother became a divorcée and was struggling a lot to carry the family on her back. I remember that she used to work two or three jobs to pay for my school and the rent and run the family without any problems. 

Once, she was very sick, yet she managed to go to work. I asked her to take leave for a day or two and leave for the jobs afterward. That was when I realized that she got no days off like I did (in my school). She sacrificed her happiness for mine, and I wanted to pay her back in good numbers. Back then, I was not aware of what to pick up as my career because to start anything; we would need tons of money. Unlike my classmates, I completed high school and did not do a degree. Instead, I contacted one of my friends whose mother is a successful entrepreneur and a well-known feminist who helps other women start a business successfully. We gathered around with her at least once a month, and I started to note her activities keenly. That was when I realized that I am interested in starting a business and making it my passion. After discussing some business tactics for days, I lent some money from her and started this very own website. During the initial days, I struggled to attract the users to my service as it was really hard to let people know about my products and the company. But, due to persistent efforts in advertising, I managed to earn a steady income. Then, I decided that getting a degree would add to my resume. So, I started doing it, and I graduated from New York University in 2014 with an MBA. Speaking about graduation, it was one of the happiest moments of my life because I got to pursue something that I thought I could never do. 

The pandemic has created one of the darkest moments in the pages of history, and it is the most uncertain moment for any business. As I said, my business is not an exception to the damages caused by the advent of the pandemic. I used to think that the spreading of a virus could never impact my business which operates mainly on the internet. But, things turned out very soon, and I had a major downfall in my business. Due to the unstable conditions that the Americans are forced to go through, like the surge in the gas prices and inflation that the nation has never witnessed before. As a result of all these, ‘the great Resignation’ started to occur, which is an absolute nightmare for all the organizations. The employees started leaving either in search of a better job in the same network or switching their field of work entirely as they hoped for an abrupt increase in their wages due to the pandemic and the inflation, which did not coincide with the minds of the employers. Also, the pandemic has caused some employees to be severely burnt-out, and as a result, the inevitable started to happen. The lack of employees in an organization not only increases the expenses made in the process of hiring but also makes the firm move in a backward direction, which is not desirable to achieve progress.

Our web-based people search website would require uploading the details of people constantly and looking for any flaws with the search options. So, we would need the workers at their fastest pace to ensure that the work is being carried out without any flaws. The occurrence of such a disastrous event is, indeed, a dangerous threat to the functioning of our firm. 

Even though I tried everything like hiring temporary employees to help the employees by lowering the pressure on them and providing compulsory vacation to them to ensure that no one is being cornered and putting them into overtime, nothing seemed to work out well. So, considering the welfare of the workforce, who are the main pillars of an organization, I had recently decided to reduce the work portion considerably and make the employees realize the meaning behind their work so that they would not leave the company at ease. The results are pretty obvious and are more than I expected from these actions. I am hoping that my workplace will come back to normal very soon. 

Speaking about the opportunities that we have been facing recently, we owe some of our success to the pandemic too. Because many organizations are looking to hire new employees as soon as they can. But, you know, hiring someone just because they are qualified does not guarantee the workplace’s safety. So, the hiring managers are constantly looking for some details and the criminal records of the applicants before starting over the process of selection, which may include aptitude testing, interview, and stuff like that. So, it is one way through which we have gained some new users for our website as a result of the pandemic.

Also, the increase in the number of users that our website has attracted is not just because of this but also because of networking among the companies. For instance, when company A searched for the details of the candidates on our website and found satisfying results, it would pass on good remarks to company B, and the same phenomenon occurs in a chained manner. So, we try to keep the reviews of the users as high as possible as it is one of the most delicate factors that influence the success of the organization. When the website attracts more users via this development method, we can usually concentrate less on advertising the brand and more on developing the products. 

As the founder of one of the most successful web-based businesses in the country, I find it my duty to guide the developing businesses onto the path of glory, and the pleasure is always mine to inspire someone. Even many of my peers and friends ask for business advice from me, and nothing makes me happier than times like these when I get to share my experience and knowledge to guide others. My advice would consist of 3 sections, and following these three properly would easily help any leader carry over their business into a success. They are nothing but the keys to development, progression, and sustainment. In my opinion, all these three exist hand-in-hand. Any business that does not focus on either of these three parts would not have a success rate as good as the others that follow it. 

To develop the business and take it from what it’s called a start-up to a moderately successful state, a business leader should keep their focus centered on the ways to attract more investors and consumers to their service. Also, this is where they have to be more careful about the funding than ever. Because many, amazed by the profits made initially, but most of their money into some extravagant tasks that often fail. So, carry out the tasks your team considers the most important ones. Do not try to make all the decisions on your own just because you are the most powerful authority of the company. Always mingle with your team and organize meetings before making any decisions. 

Leading the business into progressions would be automatically possible when one appropriately does the tasks related to developing the business plan. What one has to do here additionally is to focus on how they can attract higher profits than the ones that yield mid profits. But, it is a crucial decision as it depends on some of the risk factors.

Sustaining the success of a company is where many business leaders fail. Many of the companies that I know have had a sinusoidal success, which is not desirable for the durability of the company’s existence. This is where some factors like great leadership, sound decision-making skills, top talent, and operational efficiency come into action. I guess that’s it. I wish success to all of the business leaders reading this interview. Don’t be afraid of taking chances because business is all about it. It is how you manage to predict the outcomes of the actions and how you direct the company that defines your leadership. 

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