Behind the Brand:

Written by: Sophie Bowman

The Brand was born during quarantine in 2020 when the founder, Sophie Bowman, discovered the majority of brands, celebrities, and business owners have no strategy to convert their social media followers to customers. We handle conversion for clients when they sign up to a monthly subscription. Our prices start at over $3000 per month, so we will be launching a book in early 2022 to ensure no one is priced out of our knowledge. 

The Why

Sophie is a Forbes and Entrepreneur published marketing expert contributor, best-selling author, and multi-award-winning entrepreneur who started her first business online a decade ago so that she could travel the world and work from anywhere without pants. 

Having worked in social media and digital marketing for over a decade, I assumed most people share the same insight as me when it comes to conversion. Quarantine showed me just how wrong I was. Even globally known powerhouse brands had no conversion strategy in place which left me with this; why are you posting on social media then? Likes and comments are cool and all, but if you are not converting your followers to customers, you are wasting your time. If Instagram or another main platform was banned tomorrow like TikTok almost was in 2020, what then? All that time, money, and contacts would be lost. 

Social media followers should be considered hot leads, because they are. Your followers took the time to search for your account, or found your account via a shared interest, meaning they are interested in your brand (or you) and what you’re selling. 

It doesn’t matter if you have less than 1000 followers; you can still convert them to customers and retarget them in multiple ways. 

The Challenges

Business has been booming since I launched such a user friendly service that even the biggest social media-phobe can understand and implement themselves to start cashing in. I think the real challenge was in differentiating ourselves from all of the social media marketing scammers. Thankfully, the fact I’m a contributing marketing expert writer to Forbes and Entrepreneur, have won multiple marketing awards, and am regularly quoted by other leading publications such as Business Insider speaks for itself. I want to change the marketing world, and give every business owner, aspiring influencer, and brand access to the knowledge that can increase their sales within 30 days at minimal cost.

The former major challenge for struggling small business owners that were affected by the pandemic was having to decide whether they could afford to invest a marketing budget, or could afford not to. Thankfully, my book ‘How to Convert your Social Media Followers to Customers’ will give all of the insider knowledge for less than $25. You’re welcome. Buh-Bye, marketing cowboys! Hello, results. 

The Opportunities services and products will be upgraded to keep up with the fast-paced social media marketing realm. I have been lucky enough to work with some major brands, celebrities, and influencers to be able to offer this proven process to convert followers to customers and increase sales. My purpose has long-been helping small business owners, and now I can truly help them to thrive and increase their sales. 

Case Study

In 2019, I orchestrated a collaboration between an eCommerce billionaire and high-fashion powerhouse, BALMAIN. Part of the process involved a giveaway, directing people to the billionaire’s website where we captured their date, and I retargeted users via email marketing and SMS campaigns. The results? The sales of the billionaire’s beauty brand skyrocketed, increasing by 38% within 3 weeks of launch. You can’t argue with that!

I recently appeared on The Simonetta Lein Show alongside Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. Upon hearing more about the results from my BALMAIN case study, he said ‘WOW. 38% is impressive. This is a business everyone needs to know about.’ Can’t argue with that, either…

Business Tips

Most people start their own business to enjoy financial freedom, and the ability to travel or set their own schedule. If you’re just starting out, be prepared to work more hours than you’ve ever worked for at least the next few months; your business’ life depends on it. The good news? If all goes to plan, you won’t have to slave for much longer. Here are a few tips I learned the hard way over the years so that you don’t have to. 

  1. If your business sells services, create products to sell so that you have another income stream.
  2. eCommerce is essential; if you learned anything from 2020, it should be that businesses cannot survive on one method of income, OR without an eCommerce presence. 
  3. Convert your social media followers to customers. 
  4. Don’t try to do everything yourself. You’ll overwhelm yourself, burn out, and feel like you’re constantly chasing your own tail. Delegate or outsource as many tasks as you can. 
  5. Join business owner communities on Facebook (Metaverse) and physical networking groups. The groups are a great place to share tips, network, ask for advice, get involved with your community, and everything in between. 
  6. Add virtual chat to your website. Consumers expect rapid responses. Taking 2+ days to respond is no longer an option. All queries should be answered within a 24-hour window. 
  7. Challenge the status quo. Set your business or personal mission apart from the competition. If everyone in your industry does things in a certain way, go the other way.
  8. Start converting your social media followers to customers today. 

Sophie Bowman, Founder & CEO, 

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