Ria’s Beauty Collection — Handmade Skincare for All Skin Types

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Marie Davis

Hi! I’m Marie Davis, Founder/CEO of Ria’s Beauty Collection, LLC residing in Salisbury, NC.

Ria’s Beauty Collection specializes in healthy, skincare, and hair care products for those experiencing skin and hair issues. Ria’s Whipped Shea Butter is the brand’s star product — it’s an innovative two-in-one moisturizer for the skin and hair.  All products are handmade, unrefined, natural, and made with top-quality ingredients for all skin types.

Battling skin issues can be depressing and stressful involving self-esteem issues, lack of confidence, feeling unattractive, and relying on makeup for satisfaction.  I’ve always experienced skin problems due to my sensitive skin.  During my teenage years, I dealt with acne.  Later in adulthood, I started experiencing eczema during the winter months caused my skin to look unsightly.   After eczema occurred and medications didn’t work, I decided to go the natural route for healing.

I began searching for products at various locations.   After numerous unsuccessful attempts in locating products that benefited my skin, I decided to formulate my products at the advice of my youngest daughter.  It’s the best advice ever.   While experiencing difficulties in my search, I also realized that others had to be experiencing the same thing too.

​In 2013, I started creating my products.  It involved lots of learning, researching, and preparation.  I began developing handmade, natural, scented/unscented skincare and hair care products for myself.  I started using my products daily, and it worked.  It’s great to be able to create a natural product that works without using chemicals.  When I first made the products, my intentions were not to sell the products.  It was supposed to be for myself and my family.  Soon I began selling a few products at work.   Others stated that I should start my own business, but I didn’t have the confidence.  I would often compare myself to others, and age (55) also factored into my decision.  I delayed the thought of starting a business for two years.

In 2015, I finally gained the confidence to start Ria’s Beauty Collection, because of my three daughters and others supporting and believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.   The team consists of my three daughters and a friend (Laquita, Clerical; Arlene, Marketing; Avnah, Computer Specialist; and Kenneth, Mail/Packaging).  Interns utilized occasionally.

One day my middle daughter (Arlene) happened to be shopping at the Natural Food Market in Atlanta, Georgia.  While there, she approached the Wellness Manager with Ria’s Beauty Collection sample products.  The manager stated that she loved the products and that they would be a good fit.   The manager scheduled a meeting for the following week.   After they met, I received a surprise phone call from my daughter stating that the Wellness Manager would like to proceed with the products being in their store.  The Wellness Manager said that we only had a week to get all the required documents together.   

She stated that if we couldn’t get the paperwork ready within a week, she would have to substitute someone else in our place.  It was the only shelf space that was left.  I was unprepared for this.  My daughter could see it all over my face.  She said, “mom” all you would have to do is make the product, and she would do the rest.  I decided to take it upon myself to get the paperwork done.  Everything got done as requested.  The manager was surprised, and we were able to proceed as planned.  She stated that most people don’t provide their information within a week. It was a thrilling and unbelievable moment.

Being in retail involves a lot.  It includes planning, funding, adaptability, work ethics, production, inventory, contracts, traveling, restocking, bulk orders, demos, public interaction, customers, and more.  You must be able to adapt to change.  If not, you probably will not have a business for long.

We believe in getting the customer from their current self to their desire self.  So, I provide the solution, results, a look, a feeling, and quality that solve the problem for what they need and want.  My products are not just about me.  It’s about the customers because they play a role too.  They are the ones that keep Ria’s Beauty Collection successful by their constant interest, interaction, and satisfaction.  Without our customers, there is no business.

In the latter part of 2020, Ria’s Beauty Collection transitioned from retail to online due to COVID.  These are challenging times for everyone.   The uncertainty of not knowing whether you will be in business or whether you will have any employees.   It was very unexpected for Ria’s Beauty Collection.  The retailer store hours and days had changed drastically, lack of customers, lack of employees, COVID spreading,  and more.  It was best to transition to avoid any loss.  Thus far, this has been the best decision.  It eliminates traveling, restocking, bulk orders, and more.  Shortly afterward, Ria’s Beauty Collection partnered with Walmart through a referral by my oldest daughter (Avnah). What a big Wow!  It is truly a blessing within itself.   When one door closes, another opens. 

Owning a business at times can be like a roller coaster and overwhelming.  People more so talk about the positive than the negative when it comes to business.   But in business, we must be prepared for the unexpected.  It can also involve long hours, wanting to give up,  stress, depression, comparing with others, dealing with endless changes, the ability to work with others or work alone, lack of funds, and more.  It is not perfect.  Work with what you have.  Everyone is on a different level in business.  The key is to focus and don’t compare yourself to others.  This only causes distraction. Ria’s Beauty Collection believes in giving back by donating, collaborating, sponsoring, gifting, vending, and more. 

Believe in Yourself!  Plan!  Start!  Be Patient!  Never Give Up!