The Story Behind Wonsulting

The Story Behind Wonsulting 2

Wonsulting was founded in 2019 with a mission of turning underdogs into winners: helping those who come from non-traditional backgrounds to get them into their dream careers. So far, we’ve helped tens of thousands receive offers from top companies including the Googles, Deloittes, and Goldman Sachs of the world. How do we do this? In several ways. 

First off, we provide one on one career coaching for students with little career experience, folks who are in their early career stages, and folks who have been professionals. We also host workshops, webinars, and live Q & A’s on our social media platforms and at Universities across North America. Lastly, we also wrapped up our new program called the20

Basically, this is a cohort based accelerator program in which we guarantee selected individuals a job within 12 months. Out of the first 20 individuals, 18 were able to get a job. We just launched 3 new cohorts and are looking to get more people into their dream careers.  


Wonsulting started as just an idea at first; when our CEO Jonathan Javier was applying to his dream companies. Jonathan would apply to hundreds of positions merely by just clicking the apply button. What happened? He would get rejection after rejection. He always thought it was because of the school he attended and his underrepresented background. Jonathan graduated from University of California Riverside and is a first generation Filipino American. Feeling like he was being held back, Jonathan relied on social media. By utilizing social media strategies on LinkedIn, Jonathan was able to network, build rapport with professionals in his dream career, and break through into his dream careers.

By Utilizing LinkedIn, he was able to land his roles at Snap, Google, and Cisco without applying, which led to the creation of Wonsulting: a career consulting company whose mission is “to turn underdogs into winners’ ‘. He started this after breaking into corporate with the help of Jerry Lee, who joined forces with him to grow Wonsulting to now almost 2 million followers across social media platforms to make a difference in the job search process. 

Like Jonathan, Jerry struggled navigating the career world as a college student. A Korean immigrant, the career world was a new and scary place for Jerry. He knew little about resumes or interview preparation. Jerry went to Babson University in Boston and didn’t have that  top tiered internship on his resume. He felt as if there was no way he would be able to get into his dream job. However, one thing Jerry did was network. He made every connection he could, was involved with as many organizations at school as possible, and got his name out there. After graduating from Babson, Jerry was hired at Google where he became the youngest analyst to get promoted not once, but twice.  

What motivates them to keep helping others land jobs is remembering where they started.  They remember being a jobseeker struggling to land interviews and offers. They remember feeling lost and having no guidance. They remember feeling like they were not good enough compared to people who went to “better schools” or interned at prestigious companies. Jonathan and Jerry want to make sure that folks don’t have to struggle working their way into their career job like they did and feel like they are fully equipped to take on anything. Through this process there are many smiles and tears, job offers and rejections, and excitement and frustration. However, at the end of the day, folks are entering the world better informed and ten steps ahead. Jonathan and Jerry cherish seeing other people succeed and look forward to seeing more smiles.    


The challenge the business is facing is growing too quickly, which is a good problem to have. In the past year, Wonsulting grew to millions of followers which has led the team to grow from only 2 members to now 20+. Scaling the business and adding folks to the team has proven to have its difficulties and clunky moments. However, we look forward to expanding our product and development teams and reaching millions of more people.  

The challenges the market is facing is that job-seekers are taught one way to receive interviews and offers: By simply applying or just clicking “apply”. However, there are other ways to land roles without applying and to make your resume stand out. This is what we are teaching at Wonsulting. The power of social media allows folks to get a job without even clicking apply. Either it be through sending a connect request with a personalized note on LinkedIn, or finding people in your career path by using LinkedIn’s filtering system, there are so many ways to work around just clicking “apply.  


The opportunities the business and market are facing are there are many roles that are open for job-seekers to apply. The concept of “many people are hiring” is true; you just have to find where those roles are. With Wonsulting, we teach people how to land those roles and positions, whether it’s through networking with professionals or reaching out to hiring managers. 

Another opportunity for this market is again, the emergence of social media as a pathway towards a job. This is where platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok come into play. We were able to partner with TikTok in launching the pilot program “TikTok Resumes.” This is where candidates would send their resume to a company not through Word or a PDF, but through video. Opportunities like this are slowly changing the application process. These social media platforms are reinventing the conventional methods individuals take to enter an industry or get a job. The best thing about social media is that people don’t even have to leave their home to make a connection. This is the future.  


Just start; the hardest part about starting your own business is starting it. Also, be confident! Mistakes will be made along the way. That is inevitable. However, with mistakes comes knowledge and growth. Pushing boundaries is a scary feat and at times you will feel lost and over your head. This is normal. 

Through these times, it is important to surround yourself with people you can rely on, bounce ideas off, and trust.  That is why starting Wonsulting with Jerry was one of the best things that could be done. It’s crucial to have someone that holds you accountable.  Having someone like this working alongside you allows you to grow and scale because you’ll have someone that’ll give you advice and continuous feedback to be better.  

It is also crucial to be organized and allow team members the opportunity to grow. It’s of the utmost importance that all your teams are informed, connected, and working together. Having weekly team and company meetings builds cohesiveness and brings the company together. It’s also key to invest in your team. Either it be having 1 on 1 sessions to present opportunities for growth, providing resources for team members to learn something new, or checking in on them to make sure they are physically and mentally doing well, we want to make sure our team is put in the best position to succeed. 

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