Butt Plugs For Men: Our Top Picks!

Butt Plugs For Men: Our Top Picks!

Enhance anal pleasure fun with a wide range of butt plugs offered in the sex stores. Anal plugs are used by sexy men to explore their kinky fetishes and stimulate the p-spot.

Love plugs for men are not sex-oriented; they can be used by any gay, straight, bisexual, or cisgender person. Every man has a prostate gland in the anus which, when stimulated, leads to explosive orgasms. The anal plugs are designed to stimulate the walnut-shaped gland, which has very sensitive nerve endings. Anal love plugs are the perfect sex toy for any man to fully explore the sensitive rear end. Worry less about the rumors about the butt stuff and masculinity as butt plugs are safe to use and standard to care for your pleasure without injury. Anal plugs are available for any level user. Graders are provided with butt plug trainer kits that deliver great first experiences. You can advance to more complex anal toys as you get used to anal play.

Anal love plugs are a great addition to any man’s pleasure toys. The pleasure depends on the toy; the right brand and model are recommended for better pleasure and intense stimulation. Love plugs come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials. Due to diverse butt plugs in the market, purchasing one becomes difficult, more so for beginners. Anal experts advise on acquiring the right sex toy by considering all major interests discussed below and knowing the details of the sex or having a buyer’s guide.

The sex industry offers a wide range of products to feed any man’s anal desire. Butt plugs are of many types and designs which differ in function and price. They can be used for solo pleasures or with a partner; if the partner has a vagina, the plug can be inserted in the anus for greater sex experiences.

Our Top Picks Of Butt Plugs For Men

Many unique sex toys for men are offered in the market today, thanks to technological advancement. Achieve your wildest orgasms and intense anal stimulations with these top butt plugs that sex experts recommend for safe anal play.

Butt Plug Trainer Kits

Anal trainer kits are perfect for beginners to anal stimulations. They are user-friendly as they are simple, small in size, and easy to use. Our top pick in this category is the colt anal dilator kit. This kit is one of the best and has the best value. It has three different-sized love plugs which allow you to adjust from small to the advanced level. The toy is narrowly sized at the tips and well sized for easier penetration. Its made of poly-safe PVC material, which is easy to clean. Start anal play with this starter kit which is fit for up to intermediary levels and gives you various choices to explore your butt fully.

Glass Anal Plugs

These sex toys are made from glass which is stiffer and stronger. The tempered glass texture delivers more stimulating anal sensations. They are durable, watermelon, and easy to clean and maintain. Glass butt plugs come at a higher cost due to their higher quality nature. They are available in all sizes, from small to large.

Inflatable And Insatiable Butt Plugs

This type of sex toy is different as its focus is on the width stretching rather than the length. The toy is 3.75 in. by 1.5 before inflation. It can grow to a size 3 times its original when fully inflated. It delivers a variety of pleasure challenges to kinky men as it can expand and contract when inserted. This delivers unique sensations and phenomenal experiences. Adjust the size of the toy during play only with this Lovehoney set. They are made of pure latex materials, which are good for stretching and contraction.

Prostate Massager

The prostate is the most sensitive part of a man. Stimulating this part takes you to new heightened orgasms experiences. The prostate massager is shaped and designed to perfectly hit the spot. It has a remote control which makes it easy to use without hands. The massager has 8 different levels and 12 intensity levels. Enjoy the different intensities of pleasure with this advanced toy.

Classic Butt Plug

This is a standard anal toy with the traditional design from Doc Johnson. The price is relatively cheap and has simple features. Do you want to fill and stretch your butt? Buy this anal plug as its tapered shape makes it easy to stretch and fill the ass. One feels full when inserted as it has a bigger size which is perfect for stimulation and adjusting for those considering larger options.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

These are butt plugs for men who have a vibrating motor that delivers varying sensations. The vibration, speed, and strength of the vibrations differ among different brands. The Loki and vector vibrating plug are the best vibrating butt plugs for men. They are made of silky silicone material, making them best for shower fun as they are waterproof. These anal plugs deliver unique vibration partners from simple vibes to intense and pulsating stimulations.

Butt Tingler

This anal toy is a great addition to your sex toy collection. It is made of silicone,  is relatively cheap, and has vibrating effects, which deliver the tingling effect.

Ignite Cock Plug

Do you desire a cock feeling in the butt? The cock plug is the perfect toy to feed your fantasy. It has a cock shape and silicone material to give a realistic cock feeling when inserted. The shape resembles a penis, and the head offers more arousing sensations. They come in different sizes to fit everyone. Intensify your anal play as you explore the butt with this realistic experience.

Factors To Consider When Buying Butt Plugs For Men

The Material

Different materials are used to make love plugs, for example, metal, glass, plastic, and polymer. Silicone is considered the standard and best as it is flexible, durable, and cares for the skin. The material choice depends on a person’s preference, but easy to clean and durable products are advised.


Like other sex toys, but plugs are available in different sizes and shapes. A perfect fit plug that matches the shaft size is best for maximum pleasure. Different sizes deliver different stimulations and levels of intensity. Consider buying a toy that rubs the p-spot perfectly for ultimate fun.

Lubricants For The Butt Plug

The anus needs a good lubricant for smooth insertion as it’s not self-lubricated. Water-based and silicone-based lubes are the commonly used lubricants for anal play. Choose a lune that matches the butt plug for enhanced pleasures and safe plunging.

Safety Of the Butt Plug

Buy an anal plug that is safe for use, whether during solo sessions or with a partner. Some butt plugs are not fit for anal play. Love plugs with a flat base are highly recommended as the base acts as a stopping part.  Avoid the use of anal plugs without abas as they can enter the anus and cause unwanted risks.


Butt plugs are the perfect toy for any man that wishes to spice up bedroom things by stimulating the prostate glands. Explore your butt fully with the right toy to achieve wild and intense orgasms. Choose from the above top picks from our blog to help you feed your kinky desires at affordable prices.

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