Cannabidiol, common as CBD, has overflowing benefits to human health. Research says it alleviates pain resulting from numerous health conditions.

If you’re suffering from any kind of pain, whether mild or chronic, try out CBD today to see changes.

Do you have any knowledge onanatomy? Well, there’s a region in the body running from the lower back towards the legs, it’s where we find the sciatic nerve. If you wrongly handle this part or rub it too hard, the pain experienced might never give peace. Sciatic pain has various causes, as we shall brush through later. Individuals suffering from this condition have limited treatment options, including painkillers, which might be harmful. But, there’s an alternative; CBD. Let’s read on to understand more.

Defining sciatica

Sciatica can be described as terrible pain running through the sciatic nerve. Its possible causes are herniated discs, passive lifestyle, obesity, diabetes, and senior age. This illness could affect the parts around this nerve’s location, such as the hips, legs, or back causing excruciating pain. It usually attacks one body side. The condition can potentially cause issues in regular motion and daily activities since it weakens the legs and feet. While sciatica can be a long-term illness, it may temporarily take between four and six weeks.

The most common sciatica cause is a slipped disc in the spine. It can come following an injury, whereby soft tissue lying between the spine and other bones gets displaced, resulting in a slipped disc. Consequently, the spine rubs against the sciatic nerve, hence getting sciatica. The displacement can rarely be redone, thus making it harder to treat the slipped bones and discs. Well, one may opt for yoga or muscle relaxers, but these can’t take the pain away. Let’s see how this reliever, CBD works.

CBD use in relieving sciatica pain

Generally, sciatica can lead to both nociceptive and neuropathic pain, as stated by research. Fortunately, CBD is confirmed to ease these kinds of pain. To understand the two, nociceptive pain comes from the body’s reaction to bad stimuli, including inflammatory response. On the other hand, Neuropathic pain results from either neural tissue compression, irritation, or inflammation.

CBD plays a major role in the Endocannabinoid system, ECS, which binds with receptors (CB1 & CB2). As a result, signals are sent to balance body activities. During this process is when CBD works by fighting inflammation and pain. That’s why it can help treat sciatica and related symptoms. Additionally, researchers have proven that CBD can be anti-inflammatory and analgesic. A specific study suggests that CBD can possibly alleviate neuropathic pain, which is the main symptom in sciatica.

No research has so far not proven how CBD can treat sciatica directly in humans. However, there’s anecdotal prove plus several supportive data showing its possibility in easing this condition. We can be sure that CBD won’t purely treat sciatica since no research shows it can recover the compressed nerves. But, it can kill inflammation and reduce pain, which are the most serious symptoms in sciatica.

What does research say?

Doctors Mark Rosenfeld and Perry Fine published a documented study demonstrating the ECS roles as a pain modulator in their research. They concluded that all individuals who consumed cannabis through smoking or not have a network containing cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoids functioning as one unit in mitigating nociceptive pain pathways.

In unusual instances, such as the displaced discs pressing against the nerve, the ECS can’t normally regulate body emotions because it’s overwhelmed. At this time, an individual experiences bouts of unbearable pain. Fortunately, it’s also the moment one cannabidiol consumption can be helpful. Physiologically, CBD seems to be the body’s natural pain manager. This is due to its connection with the ECS and cannabinoid receptors.

Being a cannabinoid, CBD triggers the production of additional pain modulators to initiate a reaction to harmful provocations. It could be in response to an inflamed tissue countering a sciatic nerve or widening disc. Simple to say, CBD acts as the body’s pain reliever during unusual circumstances. It can be illustrated in this way; doctors administer antibiotics for body reinforcement to destroy harmful bacteria. For CBD, it does a similar thing. It’s a physiological bait process requiring pain management.

While research could be giving hopeful information about CBD option in alleviating sciatic symptoms, please don’t forget that the FDA hasn’t authorized its use. That’s why your medic may not prescribe it. Otherwise, high-quality CBD products are on the market. They could be having medical cannabis licenses or not, but they contain hemp that’s legalized.

Conventional treatment choices for sciatica

We’ve got various solutions opted for alleviating symptoms relating to sciatica condition. Most of them are majorly assortment of its causative agents. You’ll find some people relying on exercise and stretches to relieve the lower back pain. Others go for strengthening workouts and yoga. Those without such options become dependent on strong painkillers, some even prescribed over the counter. One can apply hot or cold packs for pain coming from inflamed tissue connecting with the sciatic nerve. It’s best to alternate the two therapies, which have been confirmed effective.

Physical therapy is another alternative that’s efficient for treating sciatica. It works through cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT. Through this session, one is trained on how to differently react to pain perceptions. Interestingly, the impact could be beneficial or not. Moreover, you could be advised to go for surgery. It’s the most severe treatment choice. For instance, various procedures could be recommended, enlarging the vertebrae to decrease pressure exerted on the sciatic nerve. This is called the lumbar laminectomies procedure, as named by scientists. It has worked for some individuals before. Similarly, all the slipped discs could be removed, but as the last decision.

The bottom line

There are multiple conventional treatment options used by individuals suffering from sciatica. They include over-the-counter drugs, aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. Medical practitioners also advise on the use of physical therapy, ice, and hot packs. Other drugs, such as Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) mainly decrease nociceptive inflammation and pain, but the other symptom remains. That means one will continue suffering from neuropathic pain. But, CBD can relieve it since it’s been proven to reduce depression and convulsion symptoms, besides being anti-inflammatory.

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