CBD oil has an untold history of increasing energy levels that many who have used it before may bear witness. Can it be a substitute for the energy boost morning cup of coffee? If others use it for this purpose, does it work? Read this article to find out the answer to these and more.

Can CBD Oil Give More Energy?

There are different factors influencing energy levels that should be considered before using CBD oil to increase energy levels. These include individual diet, stress, lack of sleep, or having a chronic condition. Also, its potential in enhancing energy can be attributed to its impact on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD can enhance protein synthesis within the area of the brain responsible for the feeling of insomnia, longer focus periods, giving out more energy. Additionally, it regulates the endocannabinoid system, which controls the body’s sleep-wake cycle. When this happens, create energy that lasts longer. However, the available evidence supporting CBD’s ability to improve energy and focus is limited.

The available research shows how CBD can potentially improve issues that are closely related to energy levels and the ability to focus. In one research review, it was noted that CBD could help improve wakefulness in some people. These researchers agree that more research is necessary. Early experiments carried out in a study conducted in 2014 have hopes for those who want to use CBD oil for energy increase. According to researchers, CBD oil has pharmacological properties that help to induce weakness. More research is needed to arrive at a conclusion. In the above research, it is evident that CBD can help with wakefulness or focus. It does not go contrary to the sedative effects it possesses because it has different effects. The result on an individual may depend on the dosage, i.e, a higher dosage brings a sedative effect while a lower dosage acts as a stimulant.

Other than the dosage, the following factors are also considered. They are;

  • The type of CBD selected
  • The frequency of CBD oil consumption
  • Body reaction to the CBD oil
  • Other prevailing conditions, e.g., health conditions or other drugs you are taking.

Therefore, CBD oil can improve energy levels. Unlike coffee, it will not leave the user with a jittery feeling because it lacks the effects of caffeine.

How Does CBD Oil Affect Energy?

The dosage of CBD oil consumption interferes with its effect on an individual. Taking a low dose gives out stimulating properties like staying alert and focusing more. This may be explained by the interaction of CBD with the cannabinoid receptors, which are a part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. According to research, when the ECS is stimulated, different body functions like metabolism are enhanced. One of the cannabinoid receptors( cannabinoid receptor type 1), regulates proteins in the brain and controls memory processes.

Taking CBD oil for an energy boost doesn’t yield instant results as may be the case with an energy drink or coffee. Rather, it affects the body by creating and enhancing a natural and sustained energy boost. The energy obtained from CBD oil will last for longer and is even healthier.

How to Best Take CBD Oil for Increased Energy

CBD oil increases the energy levels if the oil is incorporated into the regimen for best results. To be safe, have enough information on the CBD oil and get the quality one that has third-party testing from a reputable company. This is important because the FDA doesn’t regulate CBD oil’s safety levels. Therefore,  its effects on energy levels may be experienced fast. Have the drops below the tongue and let them get absorbed. Additionally, for better results, use CBD oil every day, be consistent and maintain timing. Take CBD oil in low doses even when looking for extra energy.

How to Begin Using CBD Oil for Energy Boost

To start the journey of using CBD oil to enhance energy levels, follow these steps;

Have the right dosage

Stick to a low CBD oil dosage.

Incorporate CBD oil into the morning routine

Add it to a morning coffee, a glass of water, or even a smoothie.

Be consistent and stay habitual

For best results with CBD oil, make it a habit to take it every morning before going to work and stick to that routine, or choose another one. Moreover, take it each day for optimal effect on the energy.

Ease of access

Place the CBD oil in an easily accessible place, where you can get it when you need it for energy. It could be in a car, purse or office desk.


CBD oil as a natural remedy has been researched and studied, and the results are quite promising. However, researchers admit that more research and studies are still necessary to gather more evidence.  Meanwhile, when swapping coffee with the natural CBD oil, start with a lower dose so it acts as a stimulant and helps to stay awake and alert, rather than a higher dose that can get one sedated.

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