Candor CBD is one of the leading CBD brands. Its creation was guided by three principles – integrity, passion, and purpose. It has remained on the CBD market serving its customers with the best TCH-free products which are made with natural ingredients.

You never regret getting interested in Candor CBD. The company uses simple natural ingredients to manufacture quality and safe CBD products for its consumers. According to the company’s website, all Candor products are produced in Colorado with the cleanest and purest ingredients. The company takes pride in thriving on quality. Before they created Candor, its founders scoured the CBD market and wanted to create safe and pure CBD products that could provide a holistic option for comfort and relief. The founders claim that instead of turning to pills and medicine (which have been proven to have side effects), people should use Candor products which are loaded with all the benefits of CBD. This is indeed good news to people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle by using natural products. All their products thoroughly tested by a third-party lab for potency and purity.

About Candor CBD

Candor is a CBD brand that has its headquarter in Colorado. It is a family company that was founded by married couples Jennifer and Cris Brown. They are the Founders of Candor CBD. They claim that their family was their inspiration and motivation to creating Candor. The family was experiencing a variety of pains and challenges and sought for a holistic remedy. They state on their website that this remedy could be better than standard medicinal measures which have unfavorable side effects.

Cris and Jennifer had prior knowledge of the many benefits and therapeutic properties of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a compound that occurs naturally in hemp and cannabis. On the CBD market, this family found options that were sub-par with regards to quality and effectiveness. Cris claims that he has 10 years of pharma experience as a chemist and that he was passionately driven to help his family, and as a result started formulating Candor CBD oil. The whole family then started using Candor products daily. It was not long before they started to notice the positive effects that they loved right away. The family then started sharing their experience with others, friend telling a friend, and the Candor community blossomed – to the national scale that it is at the moment. The company was guided by integrity, passion, and purpose to create each and every single product for its community. It is their passion to continue helping others with their products. Every member of the Candor community gives a testimony that brings joy to the founders.

Process of Manufacturing

Every manufacturer of CBD product knows the importance of strictly adhering to high standards of production. At Candor CBD, Cris and Jennifer has set the highest production standards that they follow to the latter. As an experienced pharmaceutical chemist, Cris carefully formulates Candor. CBD oil from Candor is produced in Colorado using the cleanest and purest ingredients. Cris and Jennifer partnered with farmers in Colorado. This is a land that has the best and conducive conditions for the growth of hemp. The plant is cultivated on lands free of heavy metals and contaminants. Once they mature, they are harvested and taken to cGMP factory where good manufacturing practices are observed. To maintain the highest quality and integrity, the manufacturers control products at every stage of production. All finished products from Candor are then sent to a qualified third-party lab for analytical testing, and Certificate of Analysis (COA) are posted on their website. This means that you can trust these products and they are safe for your consumption. Every good element of cannabinoids are preserved and THC is eliminated.

What Sets Candor Apart

  • All their products come from the hands of an experienced pharmaceutical chemist, Cris.
  • Proudly use hemp sourced form Colorado, USA.
  • The company uses the purest and cleanest ingredients to deliver exceptional products to their clients.
  • All their procedures, processes, and overall operations take place in a cGMP facility.
  • All their products undergo third-party analytical testing and contain verified concentrations of CBD.

Line of Products

Candor has a wide line of products. You can rest easy knowing that you are provided with the best CBD products on the market. They produce CBD for pets and for daily use. Compared to other brands, their product line up is very limited. Whether for daily use or for pets, they narrow down to one thing – CBD oil. Cris and Jennifer has given their all to make sure that their single product line leads others on the market. Their products are effective at managing pain and are inflammation. We will look at some of the products in detail form this company in this article.

Benefits of Using CBD Oil From Candor

With his pharmaceutical experience, Cris has meticulously engineered tinctures and topicals for people in the Candor community with various pains and health problems. Candor topicals for example, glide smoothly on your skin leaving no residue and delivers the beneficial properties of CBD. Pet tinctures from Candor are also meant to give your dog a better life. Dogs have bone problems especially in the hips and CBD oil can help reduce inflammation and relieve your dog of pain. Each CBD oil is formulated with powerful compounds and are free of wax, solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, alcohol, and parabens.

Range of Products

To make this review more informant and interesting, we decided to order some products and try them for you. Candor responded well to our order and delivered our products within 2 days. Upon receiving them, we tested all of them and we were excited with the results. We ordered the following products:

  • Candor Recovery Cream CBD Topical
  • Candor Pet Original CBD Oil
  • Candor Peppermint CBD Oil
  • Candor Citrus CBD Oil

Candor Recovery Cream CBD Topical

Candor Recovery Cream CBD Topical

When we received all the products, we sorted them out in priority of use. We decided to give our skin the treat it deserves first. Remember it is the largest organ in our body and barrier to disease-causing microorganisms. This product is advertised as a recovery cream. In fact, that’s its label. We wanted to put that to test. Our dry skin was given a new start, a new health – perfect moisturization. Honestly, we have never felt this easy. This 100% pure phytocannabinoid-rich soothing topical cream will offer the relief you had only imagined of to your skin. It is designed for external use only. Spot areas of you skin that need some love and apply it there liberally. Gently massage it into your skin for maximum absorption. Avoid applying it on broken skin or sensitive areas. It comes in a 60 ml container with 500 mg of CBD.

Candor Pet Original CBD Oil

Candor Pet Original CBD Oil

We took the test to our little furry friend. We didn’t just buy this tincture for the purpose of testing it on our dog. We wanted to show it some love – more love than we normally show it. Our dog loved it, and we loved seeing it requesting for more. It must just be the finest thing you can get your K-9 companion. It is designed to be given directly into the mouth or added to food. Remember to shake it well before use. To help maintain its potency, store it in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Each bottle contains 30 ml of this liquid with CBD strength of 500 mg. Serving sizes are determined by the weight of your dog. According to Candor’s website, a dog under 25 lbs is given 0.5 ml (8.33), that weighing 25 to 27 lbs is given 1 ml (8.33 to 16.66 mg), and that over 75 lbs receives 1 to 2 ml (16.66 to 33.32 mg).

Candor Peppermint CBD Oil

Candor Peppermint CBD Oil

This was the third treat from Candor we given ourselves. It a treat indeed. Tinctures allows you to ingest CBD in desired quantities. Just like it is the norm, we applied two drops under our tongue and it made us understand why most people love taking CBD tinctures. To wrap up in one statement, they are fast-acting. Candor requires you to shake their Peppermint CBD Oil well before use. Obtain the correct serving size with the drop topper and apply it the tongue and allow it to settle for 60 seconds before swallowing. Candor Peppermint CBD Oil should be taken one to two times a day as needed. A bottle with 60 servings is sold at $64 and that with 120 servings is sold at $115. Key ingredients include CBD, organic coconut MCT oil, and peppermint oil.

Candor Citrus CBD Oil

Candor Citrus CBD Oil

This is the last product we tested for you. We wanted to feel how Candor has infused citrus in their CBD oil. A note of citrus in this product will make forget that you should be holding it under your tongue for one minute before swallowing. All you will want to do is swallowing it right away. Proudly produced in Colorado, Candor Citrus CBD Oil contains limonene terpene for a lemon-like flavor. You are required to take 0.5 ml per serving. A 30 ml bottle comes with 60 servings and is sold at $64.

What We Like About The Company

Candor CBD was created out of three things – passion, integrity, and purpose. From the beginning, the company has proven to stand with these principles. Many companies start with customer satisfaction as their main goal, but over time it becomes one of the goals. That’s not the case with Candor. We are certain that this company will continue operating driven with passion to provide holistic remedy to people with various pains and ailments. The company is also very transparent, providing Certificate of Analysis alongside every product on their site. Another thing we love about Candor, is their strategy to provide satisfying responses to common questions on CBD. Lastly, the company sells their products at a cheaper price.

What We Don’t Loke About Candor

Despite doing all the good, Candor has a few things we don’t like. Candor charges their customers shipping fees. They have a return policy that requires customers to write a detailed letter when claiming their money back. Candor also don’t provide discounts for their products.

Our Overall Verdict

Candor, founded by Jennifer and Cris Brown, produces the finest CBD products using the cleanest and purest ingredients. Their CBD Oils are made for pain and aches and are sold at affordable prices. If you are so inclined, you can try some for yourself or for your pet.

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