The CBD market has in recent years expanded and has risen to popularity. Only a few brands like Carmen’s Medicinals have managed to register their products with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is a company whose specialty is manufacturing THC-free products for its customers with the purest and cleanest ingredients.

Carmen’s Medicinals is one of the companies that produce best and quality CBD products for its clients at affordable prices. Carmen’s Medicinals product line-up include CBD hemp oil and CBD products such as CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, CBD salves, and CBD gummies. All their manufactured products are licensed and registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). From the beginning, the company the has operated in compliance with FDA 21 CFR11, and in current good manufacturing practice (cGMP). With cGMP, it means that it is a company you can trust when it comes to producing cleans, pure, and highest-quality products. This is a review of Carmen’s Medicinals, and we are going to discuss everything about this company from how it was formed to dissecting each product from them.

About Carmen’s Medicinals

Carmen’s Medicinals prides itself into thinking differently on ways of promoting health and wellness. It is a healthcare company that was created to help people with various health problems gain freedom and good life once again by using their natural products. Since its inception, the company has dedicated its time and effort to making quality products registered by the FDA. In the USA, many products made with CBD and hemp oil are not registered with the FDA. A company has to meet several standards set by the FDA for its products to be registered. It thus means, Carmen’s Medicinals worked hard to produce the highest quality CBD and hemp oil products, qualifying them to be registered by the FDA. What is more, Carmen’s Medicinalsoperates in compliance with the Quality Standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

In addition to registering with the FDA and operating in compliance with standards set by USP, Carmen’s Medicinals gives its customers more reasons to trust them. From a delicious CBD gummy to a fast-acting CBD oil tincture, Carmen’s Medicinals has you covered. We all know that the best CBD products must be formulated with finest ingredients, and Carmen’s CBD invests a great deal of effort into making sure that all their products contain purest and clean botanicals, and the best most effective hemp-derived CBD. The company as carefully crafted their products for a variety of ailments that we face in daily life. All of the products from Carmen’s Medicicnals are of highest quality and have been subjected to thorough testing by a trusted third-party lab to confirm their quality, absence of detrimental toxins, potency, and purity. If you are looking for a perfect way to treat yourself with some pure and most effective CBD products registered with the FDA, then you need to look for Carmen’s Medicinals.

Carmen’s Medicinals Reviews

The most absolute way of gaining insight into a particular CBD brand or product is by going through customer reviews. It is a critical source of valuable information. You are likely to get so inclined when first informed of a certain CBD product or brand you were totally unaware of. You may be swayed to making a wrong decision. Needless to say, the importance of conducting your own research on a CBD brand or product is extremely important. A bit of capitalism may accompany the popularity of CBD – a natural plant compound that has become very popular in the field of health and wellness. However, not all brands of CBD are made equal, and if you don’t want to waste your money you need to familiarize yourself with a product before you buy it. Taking a brief look at customer review for Carmen’s Medicinals, will reveal a sign of safety and great trust. You will notice that people really love this company and their FDA registered products. Of the many things that people from all walks of life appreciate about Carmen’s Medicinals the quality and purity that these products hold. A few negative comments are there, yes and nobody is penalized for such reviews. However, majority of the customers reviewing these products are absolutely praising them and the company.

Process of Manufacturing

We have stated earlier that Carmen’s Medicinals is licensed and registered by the FDA. How did it gain the trust of FDA and USP? Well, Carmen’s Medicinals does not take shortcuts in crafting its products, but values every single step of production. The company handles its seeds to final products with utmost care. Hemp is grown and taken care of by trusted and qualified farmers. They don’t use genetically modified organisms, herbicides, or pesticides to care for these plants. They carefully and responsibly harvest mature hemp, which are taken to a cGMP facility to undergo winterization and distillation.

All important compounds in hemp including cannabidiols, flavonoids, polyphenols, essential oils, CBG, CBC, amino acids, and other phytocannabinoids are extracted from hemp except THC, which is completely eliminated. Powerful and cleanest botanicals are added to selected CBD and hemp oil products depending on the intended use. They are then tested for absence of heavy metals and other contaminants. Finished products are then sent to a qualified third-party lab for final approval. Certificate of Analysis(COA) is provided for every batch, which the company posts alongside the product. On every product label, there is a QR code bearing COA. Such a scrutinous process of production has to absolutely win the trust of FDA.

Carmen’s Product Line-Up

Line of products at Carmen’s Medicinals include CDD products and hemp oil products for daily use. The company specializes in making CBD tinctures, CBD caps, CBD salves, and CBD gummies.

CBD Tinctures – Not everybody would want to smoke cannabis, especially the newcomers, and oil-based cannabis is what they prefer. Tinctures from Carmen’s offers customers a user-friendly approach to consumption of medicinal and recreational cannabis.

CBD Capsules – Carmen’s Medicinals carefully infused their capsules with hemp. You can conscious-free enjoy them all day long without the fear of psychoactive repercussions. These FDA proven tablets are made to deliver medicinal properties of CBD in the body for longer hours.

CBD Salves – Made with love for your skin, CBD salves from Carmen’s will help rejuvenate your skin, relieve pain, and help you lead the best wellness lifestyle.

CBD Gummies – Begin and chew your day into its end by these perfectly delicious gummies from Carmen’s. They contain the right dosage of CBD and will help keep your breath fresh with their flavor profiles.

Range of Products

To make this review more interesting and informing, we decided to order some products from Carmen’s Medicinals and tested them – just for you. We smoothly placed our orders and we were impressed to have them delivered by the second day. Needlessly, we tested all the products and we loved the results. We tested:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Tincture 1500 mg
  • Full Spectrum CBD Capsules 25 mg
  • Full Spectrum CBD Salve 1000 mg

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture 1500 mg

This is the first product we tried. We had been longing for a tincture with more strength and when we saw that it had 1500 mg of CBD, we dropped it into our cart. It is fast-acting and has a naturally flavored. We just loved it. Full Spectrum CBD Tincture from Carmen’s is safe and easy to use. This pharmaceutically-graded tincture contains CBD with long-lasting medicinal effects. Place 1 ml of the liquid under your tongue for 3 seconds before swallowing to enjoy the refreshing and nourishing blend of natural taste. It is loaded with flavonoids, terpenes, and more than 80 phytocannabinoids. This product does not contain peanuts, milk, fish, shell, wheat, eggs, or soy, but contains coconut. CBD tinctures from Carmen’s comes in three strengths – 1500 mg, 2000 mg, and 2500 mg, with no additives or flavors.

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules 25 mg

We love CBD caps as they are easy to consume. Who after all, would like to follow a protracted procedure of using a topical when all you can do is throw a soft gel into your mouth and let CBD sink into your bloodstream? It does not contain any allergen like milk, eggs, soy, fish, or peanut, so we had no fear developing an allergic reaction. Full Spectrum CBD Capsules from Carmen’s Medicinals are intended for adults who should take one liquid capsule at a time, one to two times a day. It contains naturally occurring cannabidiol obtained from whole-plant hemp extracts, and loaded with flavonoids, terpenes, and over 80 phytocannabinoids. These capsules have been thoroughly tested by chemists at Carmen’s labs and third-party proved. In addition to being gluten-free, these caps are completely vegan. A bottle containing 30 capsules is sold at $34.95.

Full Spectrum CBD Salve 1000 mg

At last, we got something that perfectly rescued our skin. The pick-me-up need our skin had. A soothing mix of terpenes, flavonoids, full-spectrum CBD, essential oil, and other powerful phytocannabinoids relieved the aches and pains we had. It is smooth to the touch and retains its moisture. Results? Unlike other salves, Carmen’s salves have high bioavailability rate and provides safe and rapid relief to problem areas. For fast and best results, apply it to problem areas such as elbows, back, neck, ankles, hands, joints, shoulders, knees, and back, and gently massage into the skin. To increase its absorption, you may follow it with warm compresses. It can be applied to affected areas 3 to 4 times a day depending on need.

What We Like About Carmen’s Medicinals

They sell their products at affordable prices for healthcare needs. They use safe methods of oil extraction – Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction and Supercritical CO2. All their products are tested by a third-party lab to guarantee premium quality and safety. The company proudly uses 100 percent organic hemp grown in the USA. The company puts forth the interest of customers by providing fast-acting dietary supplements.

What We Don’t Like About The Company

The company product line-up is kind of limited. They should widen it to maintain their popularity in the CBD market. The company doe not have a written history about them. Instead, they force people to watch a video that talks about them including their manufacturing facility. The company’s site loads slowly.

Our Overall Verdict

Carmen’s Medicinals has positioned itself as one of the top producers of quality CBD products. Licensed with the FDA, this company produces cleanest and purest high-quality CBD products and hemp oil products. By spending a few dollars, your health will drastically be restored with these products.

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