Cathie FERRARI - manage her own creations

Cathie FERRARI – manage her own creations

After studying art and graduating from Esmod in 1991, Cathie FERRARI worked for 9 years in the world of fashion: 4 years as a stylist at Façonnable and 6 years as a freelancer for a major ready-to-wear brand in Japan; until the day when he was asked to create table linen designs for a decoration store in St Tropez.

And there it clicks!! Decoration entered her life and never left her.

She left the world of fashion to work on her own to create decorations for children under the name of CATHIE F by creating door plates, height charts and many other objects. Until 2018 she will also collaborate with decoration brands on the internet to create baby collections specific to their image.

Despite everything, his collaboration with this beautiful country that is Japan will not stop, since he will be offered to distribute his own brand CATHIE FERRARI of jewelry and leather goods and it is still distributed in Japan to this day for 15 year.

She has therefore been creating for 30 years, finding new ideas every day to allow her to always be present on the market despite all these years and the economic difficulties that the world has known and still knows.

It was the birth of her 3 children that allowed her to develop her creations, her style and her raw materials. Also the world of childhood at the beginning of his career was affiliated with a teenage and female universe.

The creation of a collection of dreamcatchers in 2014 really turned a page for the brand; now oriented towards mirrors and natural jujus and pushed her to further develop the women’s range and to reduce the collections for children and teenagers.

Living in the middle of all these natural materials, these shades of wool, these different seeds gives Cathie this desire to create again and again every day. It’s a real passion!

In her small workshop in the South of France, pots of paint rub shoulders with raffia, rope, beads, wool, mirrors and a pretty rainbow of colors that allow Cathie, now, to work on her own collections. Because since 2019 she is the sole master on board of her brand. More collaborations with other brands. She now wants to manage only her own creations and have time to fully think about her future coll

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