The leaky gutsyndrome is a diagnosable digestive condition that attacks the intestines. While health professionals know it as an undiagnosable condition, this blog comes with a wealth of information that can change people’s lives with leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky gut syndrome is a life-threatening condition that attracts the attention of health professionals.The condition is associated with multiple diseases, although medical experts do not recognize it as a diagnosable condition.Also known as increased intestinal permeability, leaky gut syndrome allows bacteria and toxins to penetrate the intestinal walls to the bloodstream. It is symptomized by many health problems that are expensive to manage. However, it can be mitigated ifthe victims make healthy balanced diets part and parcel of them.Below are the causes of leaky gut syndrome.

Excess Alcohol Intake

Excess alcohol intake is associated with a leaky gut syndrome. Alcohol inhibits the body from producing digestive enzymes and juices. This makes it challenging to break down, digest, and absorb nutrients. As a result, the partially digested foods lead to fermentation in the gut, resulting in intestinal holes.

Nutrient deficiency

A balanced diet is essential for every person, right from childhood to adulthood. People who do not comply with the advice of dietitians have found it rough with their health. Foods rich in vitamin D, A, and zinc promote gut health. A deficiency of these essential nutrients can cause the leaky gut syndrome. You can easily get these foods at your local grocery store or drug store if you want supplements. Natural foods are the best alternatives to commercial foods that maycomewith unrewardingnutrients. They are also toxic-free; thus, they may not cause side harm.


Inflammation is associated with many severe diseases that have claimed the lives of many people.Chronic inflammation is proven to be one of the major causes of leaky gut. Inflammation causes include microorganisms, physical agents, chemicals, and tissue death. However, it can be controlled by a balanced diet to avoid leaky gut syndrome.


You cannot avoid stress, especially in thisCovid-19 pandemic.Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension that results in many health complications. For instance, it can cause digestion disorders, such as the leaky gut.Ways to reduce stress include having enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, exercising, and participating in groups activities. This can also help avoid leaky gut syndrome.

Poor Gut Health

Poor gut health is caused by harmful bacteria breaks intestinal walls. However, certain bacteria are beneficial to the gut. A problem arises when harmful bacteria exceed beneficialbacteria and attack the gut.The ratio of harmful and beneficial can be controlled with a healthy diet.

Yeast Overgrowth

Yeast is naturally produced in the gut, and some percentage is added by foods. When yeast grows beyond the healthy amount, it affects the intestinal walls resulting in a leaky gut. It is advisable to identify low yeast foods to prevent this condition.

The gut syndrome is associated with various symptoms that may cause discomfort to the patient. These symptoms include fatigue, headaches, confusion, joint pain, skin problems, constipation, bloating, difficulty concentrating, and nutritional deficiency.Conditions caused by leaky gut syndrome include;


Diabetes is a life-threatening condition symptomized by hunger, tiredness, dry skin, thirst, and weight loss. Leaky gut is linked to type 2 diabetes.Substances leaking through the gut cause autoimmune destruction of insulin, resulting in beta cells in the pancreas.

Celiac Disease

Intestinal permeability can cause celiac disease.This is a severe condition symptomized by gluten sensitivity. Gluten intake may result in intestinal permeability in patients with celiac. To avoid this, reduce gluten intake.

Food Allergies

Are you experiencing allergies? If yes, they may be the cause of your leaky down syndrome. Leaky gut is linked to various food allergies by allowing certain nutrients to cross the intestinal barrier to stimulate the immune response.

How To Treat a Leaky Gut Syndrome

Reduce Intake of Refined Carbs

Refined carb is friendly to harmful bacteria that affect gut barrier function.Refined carb contains excess sugar that destroys the gut. That said, avoid refined carb foods to reduce the intensity of leaky gut syndrome.

Use Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements are beneficial to gut bacteria. However, excess consumption of the supplement can cause side harm. For that reason, start with a low dose and find your way up as you examine your body’s reaction.

Eating Fermented Food

Fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria that promote gut health.  Fermented foods containing probioticsinclude yogurt, kimchi, Sauk rut, kefir, and kombucha.These natural remedies are also toxic-free.

Take High-Fiber Foods

Soluble fiber feeds the beneficial bacteria toimprove gut health.Foods containing fiberinclude whole grain, avocado, popcorn, and apples.

Leaky Gut Diet

The leaky gut diet includes Vegetables, such as broccoli, Brussels, sprouts, cabbage, arugula, carrots, beetroot, Swiss chard, spinach, ginger, mushrooms, and zucchini. Roots and tubers include potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, squash, and turnips.Fermented vegetables include;kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, and miso.


Leaky gut syndromeis a life-threateningcondition that causes chronic diseases. It is also known as increased intestinal permeability that allows bacteria and toxins to penetrate through the intestinal walls to the bloodstream. Leaky gut is caused by excess sugar and alcohol intake, nutrient deficiency, NSAIDs, stress, poor gut health, and yeast overgrowth.To improve gut health, take probiotics, eat fermented foods, limit NSAIDs and refined carb intake.

MS, Lund University, Sweden

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