Although CBD Essence does not guarantee its consumers that their products will cure, treat, or heal some conditions (the Food and Drug Administration advises against this), it boasts some of the highest quality CBD products. The founder, Dan Ballou, realized that many brands use cheap raw materials to mass-produce CBD products, which turn out to be ineffective. He engrossed himself in research, eventually creating the company. We were impressed by the company’s 60-day money-back guarantee, an average price point that’s well within the market, rigorous third-party tests, and the use of 100% natural organic hemp for manufacturing its products. However, we realized that returns have to be approved before getting refunds, and the process takes long. Besides, it does not provide advertising disclosure, and it’s only its email that’s available 24/4. Are you looking forward to managing your chronic pain with a CBD product? Try CBD Essence’s products. But before then, read our full review for the company.

About the Company

The person behind the creation of CBD Essence is called Dan Ballou. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, the brand has been operating since 2014. He suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Active Disorder (ADHD), which affected him for long. He used several pharmaceutical prescriptions but found success with none. It was only after using CBD products that he experienced positive changes, which made him have a special interest in CBD items. Consequently, he began researching the cannabinoid, but soon realized that most CBD-producing brands were using low-quality raw materials to mass-mass produce highly ineffective CBD products. He engrossed further in CBD studies, eventually birthing CBD Essence.

During his study period, Dan realized many things about CBD, including that producing CBD extracts 24 hours before shipping them increases their effectiveness. Consequently, the company boasts that by the time its products are shipped, they are at most 24 hours old. The brand also believes that using 100% organic single-origin strain CBD oil-rich hemp increases the chances of producing high-quality premium products, and it ensures that it sticks to the stated conditions when breeding and growing its hemp. Unlike most brands that offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, CBD Essence offers a 60-day money guarantee, during which dissatisfied clients get unconditional refunds and exchanges for their orders.

Moreover, most reputable companies conduct rigorous third-party testing to assure consumers of the quality of their products. Like such major brands, CBD Essence equally conducts rigorous third-party, and its results are available online on an easily accessible page. In fact, every product has a certificate of analysis (CoA) by its side, detailing its quality and potency lab reports. We also enjoyed our shopping experience on the easily navigable page because it was rather intuitive. We rated its customer service 4.7/5 because it was satisfactory. There are many ways to reach its desk, including through a phone call, sending an email, or using the live chat feature.


Every brand has special characteristics that set it apart. Likewise, the following specs define CBD Essence;

  • Extracts are in full- and complete-spectrum formulations
  • The products cost $14 to $232, accommodating different clients with varied financial conditions
  • Military veteran support through discounts once the veteran’s identity has been verified
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee that allows dissatisfied clients to file claims and get refunds and exchanges upon approval
  • The clean and safe CO 2 supercritical extraction for stripping off CBD from hemp fibers
  • 25% off all orders
  • Rigorous third-party testing to examine product quality and potency
  • US-based hemp used by the company
  • Buying and paying later in installments allowed through the Sezzle option
  • The facility’s hemp is 100% organic
  • Extract consumption methods include vapes, capsules, candy, topicals, and pet item
  • Manufactures its products in small batches 24 hours before shipping

Manufacturing Process

We could not establish where CBD Essence sources its hemp, but we understand that the brand claims to employ 100% organic farming practices for its hemp growing. The hemp is 100% natural and is available in single-origin strain, a step the company claims to be employing to ensure its final products are of the highest quality. According to CBD Essence’s official website, the brand takes pride in improving people’s life by providing them with high-quality CBD products. Consequently, it claims to manufacture every product in its inventory at most 24 hours before shipping to keep them pristine and in the highest quality possible.

The hemp is harvested and forwarded to the manufacturing facility, where the supercritical CO2 extraction method strips off CBD from the hemp fibers. This is the safest and cleanest method in the CBD arena because it uses a low thermodynamic threshold and pressure to extract CBD from the hemp surface. Such optimal conditions keep the extract chemical-free, explaining why most products genuinely produced that way are contaminant-free.

After extraction, CBD Essence subjects its extracts to a control and safety confirmation stage. They are packaged and taken to modern lab facilities for third-party testing, which examines the products’ CBD and THC potencies against what is indicated on the labels. The brand continuously uploads the test results on its website, and its consumers can easily access them from the official page. Moreover, the brand claims to hold the highest safety standards to ensure that its consumers have nothing but the best to use as alternative therapies for their medical conditions. We were impressed by its third-party testing philosophy and the clean and safe extraction method.

Customer & Buying Experiences

We enjoyed our experience with CBD Essence official website. It was easily navigable, and there were several ways of reaching the customer care desk, although only emails were functional on a 24/7 basis. CBD products in the brand’s inventory are grouped by category, including CBD vape, candy, tinctures, capsules, pet, and topical. The experience was rather intuitive and depended on one’s preferences and instincts. After selecting and adding items to the cart, you are asked to check out, key in billing and credit card information, or log in using your account if you are a returning client. There is a promo code on the site one uses to apply for available discounts. Shipping happens by USPS services and typically takes five days from the day one ordered the products. Should the deliveries go beyond five days, a number is provided for reaching out to the customer care desk.

Range of Products

CBD Essence has a fairly expansive product line and offers the following items in its inventory;

i.CBD Essence Capsules

These liposome formulae full-spectrum CBD capsules come in two CBD concentrations; 35 mg and 100 mg for regular and extra strength, respectively. They have 100% all-natural ingredients and are meant for oral use. For best results, they should be taken on an empty stomach, and one should wait for 1 hour before eating.

ii.CBE Essence Tinctures

You can now enjoy CBD capsules from CBD Essence that come in complete-spectrum formulations for optimal benefits. They feature one to eight-ounce bottles and have entourage effects. Each bottle has up to 30 doses and features 300 mg, 600 mg, 900 mg, 1000 mg, 1200 mg, or 2400 mg total CBD. They have MCT oil bases for easy bioavailability.

iii.CBD Essence Edibles

One easy way to get CBD directly into the bloodstream is by taking CBD Essence’s taffy chewy candies. They come in four flavors: Mint, Orange Mint, Orange, and Chocolate. They are available in full-spectrum formulations and have MCT oil bases for easy absorption.

iv.CBD Essence Pet Products

Does your pet get confused and distracted easily? Improve his condition using CBD Essence pet drops. This is a beautiful and effective way to supplement your buddy’s diet while drastically improving his condition. The tinctures are taken orally or added to pet foods and beverages.

v.CBD Essence Vape

This line offers vape starter kits and vape juices. They all feature two concentrations, 420 mg, and 840 mg total CBD. Moreover, they have natural vegetable oils and no artificial additives or colors. The vape juices are sweet-flavored for optimal pleasure.

vi.CBD Essence Topicals

Are your muscles aching? CBD Essence got you covered through its topical product line. The all-purpose cream and muscle rub now help boost your paining muscles and joints. They are available in 2 oz containers and strictly for topical application. The two are all easily absorbable.

What We Like About the Company

Our review identified with many things about CBD Essence and found them especially likable. For instance;

  • Using 100% organic hemp means that the products are free of or low on pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and contaminants
  • Manufacturing CBD products 24 hours before shipping the guarantees consumer the quality of their ordered item
  • Several discounts including the 25% for all orders
  • Through the Sezzle payment option, the brand allows one to buy now and pay later in installments
  • The official website is easily navigable and provides comprehensive details about the founder and the members making up the team of experts
  • Using one single-origin strain of hemp ensures the quality of the final products
  • The 60-day money-back guarantee gives dissatisfied clients a long time to file claims for refunds or exchanges
  • The brand offers multiple ways of reaching its customer care department, including a phone number to call, an email to send a message, and a chat feature with which one can engage a customer service representative on a live chat
  • Conducting rigorous third-party tests verifies product quality and assures clients of the safety of what they are consuming
  • Supporting the military veteran community through discounts is a way of saying thank you for the veterans’ services
  • Third-party lab test results are easily available through the CoA

What We Do Not Like About the Company

CBD Essence has its weak lines like a coin with two sides, a head, and a tail. Although they might be trivial, paying attention to and ironing the kinks widens the brand customer base. Here are some things we did not appreciate about the brand;

  • It is neither cGMP-certified nor working within the cGMP operational frameworks
  • It is not USDA-certified for organic farming practices, despite claiming to apply organic methods in its hemp growing
  • It does not reveal its advertiser’s disclosure
  • Although customer care is reachable through several ways, it’s only the email that’s 24/7 available
  • Although it has a 2-month money-back guarantee, the returned CBD products take long to be approved, delaying the entire process

Our Overall Verdict

We loved our review for CBD Essence. The Florida-based company launched in 2014 offers its clients several discounts at any time, gives 60 days for returning sub-standard goods, uses 100% organic hemp, conducts rigorous third-party tests, avails test results on an easily accessible page, and provides multiple ways to reach its customer care desk. However, it does not offer to provide advertiser disclosure, has a stringent return approval policy, and has email as the only means to reach it on a 24/7 basis. Therefore, it’s a good company, and ironing the few kinks will help it attain new business heights.

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