Cbd Evolution Product Report

Cbd Evolution Product Report

As the CBD world keeps evolving, more vendors come into play every day. As the small vendors come into the CBD online business, they try to develop better products and services than the existing companies: most seem to be more evolved and premium. CBD evolution is among the companies that have come up with the best technologies to manufacture their products and laborious testing. However, the best tech and best manufacturing are the main two pillars that help the company to withstand the hit of the competitive CBD market. In addition, CBD Evolution comes from Shaman Botanicals, which had an experience of cannabis for over two decades. This helped the brand stabilize very fast and offer 100% US-made CBD products to support the health of the human body using natural products. The company was founded in 2016 and has focused on unique-developed methods to manufacture its products. In our review, we will offer you a detailed insight into the brand and its products.

About The Company

Evolution CBD was founded by Shaman Botanicals in 2016. Although the company does not offer information on the founders, it gives its physical address as Reno, Nevada, where their headquarters are located. Unlike other brands, Evolution CBD is widely known for offering the first water-soluble CBD products, which is very effective. However, the company takes pride in using the most recent technologies in its manufacturing process.

Consequently, the company’s website contains relevant information about its products and the CBD brand as a whole. Under each product, the company has given details on how to use the product, store, prescription, and amount of THC and CBD. According to their website, the company aims to use the best scientific and technological alongside transparency to offer thefinest CBD products in the market. Relevant information such as the third-party test results has been captured on its page for customers to verify.

Evolution CBD also offers multiple ways of conducting them. For customers who have concerns about the product they have ordered or will to order, they can easily reach their customer care desk using physical address, phone number or email: Reno, Nevada, 855-700-7505, and a form to fill to contact their email respectively. Besides, their FAQ is comprehensive and provides ample information on the CBD manufacturing process, how they ship their products, how to take their products, and any other relevant information that they thought could help their customers.

The company offers a full return policy for customers who are not satisfied with their products within 45 days of purchase. The company has hired an independent third-party lab to conduct tests on all its products to minimize such issues. The results are thereafter posted online for verification purposes. To confirm their accuracy, went ahead to ensure the published results and ones that the product contains. In our findings, we found a variance of 19%, which is over the accepted 10% variance. The Replenishing Face Cream we ordered and used to ascertain the labelled amount of CBD had 71.6mg, higher than the stated 55.6 mg of CBD. However, we were pretty impressed by the tests we carried on THC and other contaminants. We could not detect any contaminant or THC in the product. Apart from that, the company offers a comprehensive catalogue for customers unique options. Under it, there is THC-free options, usual aspects, (verified) full-spectrum goodness among various amazing products offered.

The fascinating thing about the brand is that it offers a compassionate, comprehensive care program. The company is committed to helping those in need, veterans and low-income earners. Also, Evolution CBD offers Ultra-concentrated CBD oil as a natural way of relieving occasional stress, supporting calmness feeling, mild discomfort, among others. For those who would wish to receive this comprehensive care, all they need is to complete an application, upload relevant information, wait for evaluation, and get approval for discounts if they qualify.

Manufacturing Process

For the company to ensure it comes up with quality products, it has to provide its hemp is grown organically, to attain this, the company has worked closely with farmers supporting them with innovative organic farming methods. Evolution CBD farms are based in Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, and Montana. It also insists on the row product to be pesticide and chemical-free. However, unlike most of the companies, Evolution CBD practicesa unique extraction method; wiped film distillation/molecular distillation. During extraction, no extreme chemicals or even savere heat is used to maintain essential terpenes and cannabinoids. According to Evolution CBD, this method is effective, fast, and environmentally friendly.

After extracting essential ingredients, it uses proprietary nanotechnology that shrinks CBD molecules to develop products that are water-soluble. According to the company’s research, water-soluble products enhance faster and easier absorption of cannabidiol unlike oil-based products. Nevertheless, we couldn’t confirm whether their manufacturing facility has been certified by USDA.

After the product has been manufactured, the company takes them for third party testing. Evolution CBD has hired an independent lab to ensure all its products are safe for direct consumption by customers. Some tests carried by the lab include the levels of CBD and THC and the presence of any contaminant that might be harmful to the human body. In addition, the lab is also responsible for ensuring the levels of THC and CBD in the products are equal to the ones posted on their website, which they have failed or disclosed wrong information in some cases.

Range of products

Evolution CBD tries to provide a broader range of products to meet the needs of its customers. For any company to perform well in the competitive CBD market, it has to offerhigh-quality products and a more comprehensive line of products. Some of the products Evolution CBD manufactures include;

Evolution CBD Topicals

Although we couldn’t test all topical products manufactured by CBD, the company has a variety. In addition, the products are popular and have been given a 4.5 rating. They include;

  • Replenished face cream (600mg)
  • Hydrated Body lotion (120mg)
  • Bath Bombs (30mg)
  • Under-Eye Serum (300mg)

Topical Cream (250mg/500mg)

However, according to users, the topicals scents are pretty divisive and the ingredients used are limited. Among the line of topicals, the most popular product on the CBD market is the 30mg bath bomb. However, as we were trying to figure out the compositions of the products under the Evolution bath bomb website, there was little information. It goes at $14.99 and exists in the following flavours; tea/tea tree, Oatmeal, and lavender/Linac.

Evolution Cbd Gummies

Most people who have used gummies from Evolution CBD advocate for and claims to be effective. Additionally, the gammy is made of the following ingredients; gelatin, beeswax, and glucose syrup. Notably, the existence of gelatin in the gummies means they are not vegan-friendly. Consequently, the gummies come in a count of 30, and each contains 10mg of CBD. Each tub of gummies goes at $60, although they are not the best gummies in the CBD market since they contain artificial ingredients that almost all CBD companies try to avoid.

Evolution CBD oils

To try and suit all customers demands, the brand provides ten CBD oil products. For convenience purposes, each oil comes with a dropper bottle making it easy to use. However, most people do not find the products effective since the range of strength is limited, making users feel intimidated. Some of the products include;

  • 3-in-1 CBD oil
  • Terpene-rich hemp oil
  • Water-soluble, full-spectrum CBD
  • Water-soluble, THC-free

Most people have been wondering how Evolution CBD manages to infuse CBD into the water: it is achieved by using nanotechnology, which reduces the particle sizes for cannabinoids to blend seamlessly with water. Besides, the company recommends a dosage of 1/2ml, equivalent to ½ dropper per day. Consumers have been given ability to choose between zero THC (broad-spectrum) and 0.3% THC (full-spectrum): available in strengths of 50mg and 300mg. Lastly, despite the company using complex technology, its products are fare although the strength is also low: $14.99 for 150mg option.

What We Like About The Company

The fascinating thing about the company is its ability to provide a broader line in every product manufactured. Although we companies limit its line of products, each product manufactured has been expounded on carefully to meet demands of several users. Most consumers are now able to find their preferences under Evolution CBD. If the company continues to expound both lines of products and even manufacture pet products in various forms, then its market will significantly expand. Lastly, all the products manufactured by the company undergoes third-party tests, and QR codes have been provided for confirmation. Although not all products have the required amount of THC, CBD, and there is a likelihood of their gummies to contain contaminants. However, we were impressed by its ability to embrace new technologies to manufacture its products.

What We Don’t Like About Evolution CBD

Although the company clarifies using nanotechnology in manufacturing all its products, it has not attained quality standards. Just use an example of its oil products; notably, most consumers have to take an overdose to make them effective since they have low amounts of CBD. In addition, the company gummies have been manufactured with artificial ingredients, which tarnishes not only its products brand but also the entire CBD brand. CBD aims to develop a more natural solution for good health purposes, which the company violates. However, the company should reconsider this factor and offer standard prices to attain more customers.


Evolution CBD is one of the best companies in using modern technologies to come up with the best products in the market. It challenges other companies that have to reconsider easy and fast manufacturing processes to satisfy most clients. Also, the company has tried to work on transparency issues by taking its products through third-party tests and providing QR codes for confirmation. However, the company has a lot to do in terms of providing its customers with quality. Their oils have to be given a higher amount of CBD to fulfil effectiveness, and its gummies ingredients are reconsidered and canprovide consumers natural gummies without any contaminant. If the company addresses the two major issues affecting its customers, it stands a better chance to climb to a better position in the competitive CBD market.

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