CBD For Life is one of the fastest-thriving CBD wellness brands in the cannabis space. Personal afflictions might be used for one’s benefit from time to time, and that’s how CBD For Life was birthed. Its co-founder had scoliosis and had serious pains but experienced phenomenal improvement after experimenting with CBD Relief Rub. If you have heard about or used Original Relief Rub, then you have used CBD For Life’s first product. The company boasts high-quality premium products manufactured using CBD from 100% natural, certified-organic hemp grown in Colorado farms. With five years of operation, the company has established itself well in the CBD space and deals in a variety of products classified as wellness (tinctures, topicals, birth bombs, and edibles) or skincare (for body, hair, and face). We checked whether the brand has FDA complaints or BBB credits, but none was true, meaning that it is playing well along. Here is our in-depth review of CBD For Life for 2022.

About the Company

CBD For Life has a history that dates back to five years, during which it had committed to manufacturing the best CBD-infused wellness and self-care items. The company first threw its debut when the Original Relief Rub, a CBD-infused cream, was produced by its two co-founders, Beth and her sister Julie. Years leading to this, Beth suffered from scoliosis, which made her have serious chronic back pains. However, she somewhat believed that the answer was in CBD products, and she proved her instincts right after using the rub she and her sister created.

According to CBD For Life’s official website, its mission is to help people become, feel, and look better, courtesy of the CBD-infused wellness and self-care products. When the brand opened, it would source its hemp from Colorado farms and still does so. Such hemp is 100% natural, certified organic, and non-GMO, making them more reputable, especially because genetically modified products have gathered a lot of negative energy and controversies. CBD For Life believes that nature is beautiful and has committed to using plant-based actives and nourishing oils to optimize the health benefits of hemp and CBD.

Moreover, CBD For Life wants to revitalize, recover, and activate your body and skin once again. As such, its official webpage is filled with testimonials of positive people who have activated their skin and body conditions. The products are available in isolateand full-spectrum formulations, and CBD enthusiasts can choose their preferred item. The brand also acknowledges that the back is everything to the body and produces some of the best products to help relieve back pain. Visiting its page, you’ll definitely see the warm welcome note that reads, ‘experience dynamic life change with out high-quality premium CBD products.’


The following specs are true of CBD For Life

  • Extracts available in isolateand full-spectrum formulations
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee offers refunds on the grounds of dissatisfaction
  • A 20% off for first-time buyers
  • Non-GMO products
  • The average price point is $0.13 to $0.53 per mg CBD
  • USDA-certified
  • US-sourced hemp, especially from Colorado Farms
  • A 100% natural, certified-organic hemp
  • CBD products cost $9 to $75
  • Free shipping for orders worth $75 and above
  • Corporate discounts for the gift and wellness category
  • Pre-selected and customizable bundles
  • Extract consumption methods include roll-ons, bath bombs, tinctures, and self-care items for hair, body, and face
  • Military veteran discounts
  • Four payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover

Manufacturing Process

CBD For Life obtains its hemp from 100% natural, non-GMO, certified-organic farms in Colorado. The farms conduct every activity sustainably to conserve the environment while still producing high-quality female help needed for premium products. Once the hemp reaches the manufacturing facilities, it undergoes a three-step extraction process comprising ethanol extraction, distillation, and pressure concentration. Following CBD extraction, the oil is packaged and taken to labs for third-party testing, during which THC and CBD potencies are confirmed with respect to what’s in the label, and other contaminants like pesticides, microbials, and heavy metals are tested. Most CBD For Life products are isolates, making them ideal for enthusiasts who want exclusive CBD and no THC, terpenes, flavonoids, CBC, CBN, or CBG.

Customer & Buying Experiences

We loved our experience with CBD For Life’s official website, as well as our interaction with the customer care desk. The website was easily navigable, and it had detailed information. In case we wanted to reach out to them, several email addresses can be used depending on what one is concerned about, a phone number, and a chat feature. We used the chat feature and talked to an active customer care representative who was knowledgeable and answered our questions satisfactorily. Making orders was also hassle-free, and we benefited from the 20% off available for first-time buyers. The average price points for the products range from $0.13 to $0.53 per mg CBD, which is well within the market range as established by other brands of its caliber. Moreover, the company has several discounts one can benefit from, including corporate discounts for bundles and coupons, military veterans, and for subscribing to one of its plans or the newsletter.

Why Makes CBD For Life Unique?          

Regardless of the many CBD brand in the cannabis space, CBD For Life is outstandingly unique and sets a straight record characteristic of it and no other brand. Talk apart the points for life that you earn through every single dollar you spend on its products. Besides, subscribing to their plans and their newsletter also translates to points for life. What’s more interesting is that once the points hit a certain limit, you can redeem them and get discounts. It’s like the brand pays you to get you discounts, so to say. The other thing that sets CBD For Life apart is that it has a line of products that deals with exclusive THC-free products, ideal for CBD enthusiasts who want non-psychoactive effects.

Range of Products

CBD For Life is a CBD-infused skincare and wellness company whose CBD product line includes the following products;

i. CBD For Life Bath Bombs

CBD For Life Bath Bombs

CBD For Life sells for flavors of isolate CBD bath bombs, including lemongrass kiwi, fresh bamboo, citrus & pink salt, and eucalyptus & peppermint. Any of the flavors costs $12, revealing an average price point of $0.24 per mg CBD. Moreover, they contain 35 mg CBD and have a 35 mg/ml potency. The type of CBD therein is isolate, meaning that the percentage of THC is 0%.

ii. CBD For Life Edibles

CBD For Life’s edible products’ line consists of oral spay, strictly meant for oral use. The sprays come on 0.30 oz bottles and are packed with 100 mg CBD. Like other products in the brand’s inventory, the oral sprays are made of isolate CBD, whose THC content is 0%. The ethanol extraction method ensures that the oral spray lacks any contaminants, guaranteeing consumers the safety of what they are taking.

iii. CBD For Life Topicals

CBD For Life Topicals

CBD For Life’s topical product line includes many items whose use is limited to topical application and includes roll-ons, face oil, face cream, lip oil, lip balm, facial toner, and feet cream. Each of the items has clear instructions detailing which part of the body it is best used in. Many clients praise the 1 oz rub, whose total CBD content is 120 mg and works to provide relief. It has several flavors, including vanilla, lemongrass, original, and lavender. You could also experiment with the isolate CBD roll-on cream, whose capacity is 0.64 oz and has 120 mg total CBD. Unlike the rubs, the roll-ons are only available in three flavors, including lemongrass, lavender, and original. Lastly, you could boost your hair health and silkiness using the CBD For Life air conditioner.

iv. CBD For Life Tincture

CBD For Life Tincture

CBD For Life is also popularly known for its tincture line that comes in four categories; the unflavored and peppermint tinctures with 300 mg or 600 mg total CBD. The four are all formulated with CBD oil for bioavailability and have a 30 ml capacity. They cost $40 or $75 for the 300 mg or 600 mg total CBD, respectively.

What WeLike About the Company

While reviewing CBD For Life brand, we especially liked the following about it;

  • It caters to shipping damage provided the problem is reported within 72 hours after receiving your deliveries
  • The brand does thorough third-party using IEC/ISO-certified technological labs
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee gives dissatisfied clients full refunds
  • There is a 20% off all purchases for first-time buyers
  • Third-party results are easily accessible only by keying in the product’s batch number
  • Customer service response is speedy
  • You easily earn redeemable points for life by signing up to the brand’s newsletter, adding a review, sharing the company’s like on Instagram and Facebook, and liking its page on Facebook
  • The products are non-GMO and vegan-friendly, making them ideal for vegans and vegetarians
  • Any orders worth $75 and above guarantee free shipping
  • Fast shipping services, taking 2-5 business days, allowing one to get her orders delivered quickly
  • Shopping is made easy by the wellness and self-care categories of goods from which one chooses what to buy
  • There are corporate discounts, offering 35% off for pre-selected and customized bundles, as part of the wellness and gift slogan

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Despite the many picks we liked about CBD For Life, there are a few kinks we don’t appreciate, and that need ironing, including;

  • The $75 limit for free shipping is slightly expensive and may not be attained by consumers with suboptimal financial conditions
  • The physical address of the facility is not indicated on the website
  • Not every product is tested for contaminant purity
  • The four payment methods might be quite limiting
  • The product line is limited mostly to isolates

Our Overall Verdict

Our review for CBD For Life wellness and skincare brand was great, and we found many desirable picks. The company offers several discounts, including for veterans first-timer buyers, loyal clients, and loyal employees. Although the $75 lower limit for free shipping is high, those who make orders up to that match can grab it. We also loved the points for life which are redeemable and earnable by leaving a review, sharing a link to their page on Instagram and Facebook, liking their page, and bringing referrals onboard. The customer service desk was also active, and the representative who attended to us was knowledgeable in her field, answering our questions fast. Moreover, the average price point for the brand’s products is well within the market range, allowing it to play well along with others.

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MS, Lund University, Sweden

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