CBD Living is all about better living. It is one of the best CBD companies in the market. It has helped many people from all walks of life have the best out of their life and live happily. Its mission is to ensure that everybody using their natural products leads a healthy life.

Before starting the company, its founders scoured the CBD market and realized that people still lacked quality products with consistent purity and effective CBD delivery. This led them into creating their own technology – the Nano Technology. With this technology, the company has been able to create the most effective CBD products to ever exist in the market, at affordable prices. This technology utilizes different delivery systems for the absorption of CBD. CBD Living is not only dedicated to producing the highest quality CBD products, but also providing their customers with other nutrients and botanicals important for their health. That is just the beginning, just sit back and let us talk about CBD.

About CBD Living

CBD Living is one of the companies that has not lasted for long in the CBD market. However, they have owned the market. Feels like they have been into it for over a century! It is a company that is made up of a strong team – thought leaders, global scientists, and business minds. All these have come together to form the CBD Living. The company boasts of being an international, world-class company manufacturing more than 100 CBD products. They claim that their products are far superior to any other CBD product available on the market. CBD Living also has an easy-to-navigate website. It loads fast and reveals everything you just wanted to see. They have a wide collection of products ranging from CBD water to Delta-8 THC products, and anything in between. With all these products, CBD Living believes that they will inspire your daily CBD routine and help maintain a better life.

Process of Manufacturing

All products from CBD Living are unique to the company. How do they achieve this? The company carefully handles their products, from seed to the final product. They own hemp farms in Oregon and Colorado which are tended to by farmers who have extensive experience in hemp cultivation. An what if their hemp plants are young and not ready for harvesting? In such cases, the company buy hemp from farmers who they have vetted. Let’s now see how their seeds become the final products. The land is cleared and soil tested for heavy metals and other contaminants. Once the seeds are grown, during the entire cultivation period, no pesticide, herbicide, or genetically modified organism is used to care for the plants. Farmers then harvest mature hemp and dry them carefully. Dry leaves are taken to the factory, where extraction of CBD from the plant begins. To avoid producing CBD oil that is sub par, CBD Living manufacturers use subcritical carbon dioxide (CO2) to derive CBD from hemp. The oil is then made purest by taking it through winterization process, resulting in finest CBD isolate, Full Spectrum CBD oil, and Broad Spectrum CBD. Before mixing it with any ingredient, the oil is tested for absence of toxins and impurities. What follows next is infusing each product with other botanicals through Nano Technology before sending them to third-party lab for final approval.

The CBD Living’s Nano Technology

There are numerous brands manufacturing CBD products. They all claim to make highest quality CBD products, yet they are poorly absorbed in the body. So, what sets apart products from CBD Living? What makes them think that their products are more superior to other CBD products in the market? It is their Nano Technology. It is meant to maximize the absorption of CBD. This technology utilizes 3 different delivery systems. Let’s dissect each of them.

Proprietary Water Soluble Nano Technology

CBD Living uses a nano-emulsion process which blends oil into the water. To make CBD stay stable for the highest absorption rate, its particles are broken down to droplets of size <100nm. Normally, all Broad Spectrum CBD oilsare delivered into the body through a carrier oil such as MCT oil. The fat-soluble nutrients take longer to be broken into smaller sizes enough for absorption, taken to the lymphatic system before getting to the bloodstream. On the other hand, water-soluble nutrients in CBD Living products are delivered directly into your bloodstream via small intestines.

Proprietary Self-Emulsifying Nano Technology

This unique system delivers oil soluble nutrients in an oil formulation. It mostly applies to Broad Spectrum CBD products from CBD Living. The moment oil lands to aqueous media of the stomach, Micelle, which is a water-soluble structure is formed with size <100nm. The company does not only provide its customers with highest quality products, but strives to use vital nutrients needed by the body. From omega-3 fats found in hemp seed oil to numerous benefits of coconut’s MCT oil, CBD Living deliver them into your body via a gelatin capsule or tincture. Upon hitting your stomach, their bioavailability is drastically increased as the oil molecules are in nano size and surrounded by a water-soluble system. Such a system carries droplets easily from the lymphatic system to the bloodstream.

Proprietary Skin Retention Nano Technology

This enhanced skin technology is well studied and allows your skin to absorb all the nutrients and at the same time retaining the benefits on the skin. At CBD Living, science is a key and the company claims that they know well that not all nutrients can be delivered via the mouth and there is a high demand for skin remedy. The skin is made up of five layers or strata. Stratum corneum is the outer layer and is the skin’s primary barrier. This means that not all nutrients pass this layer and reach targetedpain receptors. Proprietary Skin Retention Nano Technology hydrates the skin’s stratum corneum at a molecular level. The technology causes swelling and widening of the fatty layer of the skin. Once this is achieved, all vital nutrients can be transported from the outside of the skin barrier to its inside through diffusion. Water-soluble CBD products from CBD Living are designed for systemic absorption.

Collection List

CBD Living has a wide product line. All their products feature Nano Technology for effective absorption. Their collection list include:

CBD Water & Drinks – They are loaded with electrolytes and can be ued for hydration at any time.

CBD Gummies – Gummies are one of the most preferred ways of ingesting CBD at your convenience. These assorted gummies comes in different flavors and strengths you can easily select.

CBD Pet Products – Your little furry friend will have something it will appreciate you for. They are loaded with CBD and other phytocannabinoids to offer rapid relief via Nano Technology.

CBD Oil Tinctures & Drops – CBD Living has carefully crafted their tinctures and you will definitely love every drop.

CBD Living product line also include a category where you can shop according to your need. In this section you will find CBD for Pain Support, CBD for Calming and Relaxation, CBD for Sleep Support, and Delta-8 THC products. Just listen to your body calling and shop for a specific product that will deliver CBD for the exact need.

Range of Products

For the purpose of this review, we ordered some products and tried them for you. We were pleased to receive out products within 2 days. We tried the following products:

CBD Gel Caps

CBD Gel Caps

CBD Gel capsules from CBD Living are made with terpenes, phospholipids, non-psychoactive cannabinoids omega-3, 6, and 9 derived from hemp seeds, and fatty acids for a maximized entourage effect. We loved every capsule we took. Each serving/capsule contains 5 mg od terpenes, 24 mg of omega-3, 218 mg of omega-6, 53 mg of omega-9 fats, and 14 mg phospholipids. They are in different strengths including 150 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg, and 3000 mg.

CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

These tinctures are easy and convenient and you can take them directly under your tongue or mix them with your favorite food or beverage. It utilizes the company’s Proprietary Self-Emulsifying Technology to deliver its nutrients. Our product was 100 mg spray. You can also find the tinctures in different strengths including 100 mg dropper, 300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg, 4500 mg, and 10000 mg. The choice depends on your body type and prior use of CBD.

CBD Sleep Aid Syrup 200 mg

CBD Sleep Aid Syrup 200 mg

Of late we have been having trouble sleeping and we wanted something to help us sleep better. Honestly, we had never slept this better. Sleep Aids from CBD Living are designed for anyone seeking for a good night’s sleep. It contains 200 mg of nano-CBD infused with 16 mg of melatonin for a restful night. One serving (1 tablespoon) contains 25 mg of CBD, 40 calories, 2 mg of melatonin, and 9 g of sugar. It is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, THC-free, and contains low calories.

CBD Instant Coffee

CBD Instant Coffee

We must admit that every cup of CBD Living Instant Coffee we took, woke up our senses. It is a perfect way to boost your energy levels, stay focused, and enjoy your daily doses of cannabidiol. You can serve it hot or chilled. It comes in three variants, including Matcha 250 mg, Golden Milk 250 mg, and Black Coffee 250 mg.

CBD Sparkling Water 25 mg

CBD Sparkling Water 25 mg

A convenient and easy way to hydrate and refresh yourself is by taking CBD Living Sparkling Water. It contains 100% organic hemp-derived CBD. Minerals and vitamins are added for health and immunity. It features smooth and sweet apple taste. Each can of water contains 5 calories, and is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, THC-free, kosher certified and made in the USA.

What We Like About CBD Living

We are living in a fast-pacing world, and anything that will delay our satisfaction is deemed as a nuisance forthrightly. Especially, when it comes to health problems, we expect rapid gratification. That is why we like CBD Living and all its products. The care and thought that has gone into making them is outstanding. The nano technology gives them rapid absorption rate and is highly effective. Their products are also made with locally produced hemp, meaning that you will be getting the best out of the USA. They are vegan, non-GMO, and third-party tested. The company also offers exclusive discounts to its customers.

What We Don’t Like About CBD Living

CBD Living charges high for international shipping.

Our Overall Verdict

CBD Living produces highest quality products with higher rates of absorption. With nano-CBD in every product, you will get the best out of CBD. They also sell their products at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for gummies or tinctures, CBD Living has everything for you.

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