The hype CBD oil has popularized, especially since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, allowing industrial hemp growth and CBD production. You can find CBD oil products such as tinctures, edibles, topicals, softgels, smokables, and vapes in health and food stores and shops. Some Walmart stores sell CBD products, and you can easily walk into them to pick CBD items. Although the Farm Bill legalized hemp production and CBD consumption, state laws vary. Some states in the US allow CBD, while others consider it illegal. Are you residing in California? This article is your CBD informant about what you need to know about CBD in this state, but first, let’s understand what CBD oil is.

Understanding CBD oil

Although the hype around CBD oil has popularized over the past few years, fully understanding CBD oil is critical. CBD oil is a chemical compound extracted from the hemp plant and is one of the many active compounds, also called cannabinoids, in the cannabis sativa plant. Unlike THC, CBD oil is not linked to the ‘high’ effect and will less likely render psychoactive impacts. Currently, what we don’t know about CBD oil outweighs what we know about it because CBD studies are limited. Therefore, there is a need for scientific evidence to justify the claims that CBD has various wellness benefits.

There are three types of CBD oil: isolate-based oil with more than 90% pure CBD and no other compounds in the hemp plant. They are ideal for new CBD enthusiasts or anyone who does not like the earthy flavor and odor linked to the terpenes and flavonoids in the hemp plant. Full-range or full-spectrum CBD oil has multiple cannabinoids, including CBD, CBT, CBG, CBN, and THC. They are claimed to have many benefits, most of which have not been confirmed by scientific studies. The last type of CBD is broad-spectrum formulated oil with all the compounds as in full-spectrum CBD oil but lacks the psychoactive THC. You can find CBD edibles, topicals, vapes, softgels, and oils that feature either of the three formulations in most CBD stores and health stores. Here is what you need to know about CBD oil in California;

Is CBD Oil Legal in California?

While the 2018 Farm Bill was passed to legalize CBD federally, state laws on CBD oil differ. Therefore, knowing how your state views CBD oil is critical to avoid being at loggerheads with the government. Thankfully, CBD oil is legal in California. Medical marijuana, which remains largely illegal in the US, is legal in California. You can walk into CVS and Walmart stores in California and buy CBD products. Shops and stores in California equally stock CBD oil products, and you can buy them from these points.

What Is the Legal THC concentration in California?

Although CBD oil and its products are legal in California, the state places a law on total THC concentrations. If you have a shop with CBD products in California, ensure that you deal with companies that sell CBD products with less than 0.3% THC, lest you be in problems with the California state laws. Even the 2018 Farm Bill allows CBD products federally, but the total THC concentration must be less than 0.3%, and California upholds the same laws.

Do State Laws Regulate CBD products in Dispensaries?

California state laws regulate CBD sales in dispensaries. One requirement is for all CBD products in CBD dispensaries to have a 0.3% or less THC concentration. What’s more, each dispensary dealing in CBD products must be licensed. A recent report reveals that California has issued more than 10,000 licenses to CBD businesses since the Farm Bill was passed, and a store or shop selling CBD items must have a license. Besides, the law requires that any CBD business be located at least 600 feet away from children’s centers or K-12 schools.

Buying CBD oil products with an ID in California

It is crucial to have an ID while buying CBD oil products in the US, and California is no exception. There are times when people test positive for drug tests, and having an ID helps clear accusations that you could be smoking cannabis. You need to have a legal government ID that you can produce and not have legal struggles.

Is Selling CBD Foods in California Illegal?

Although CBD oil is federally legal in the US, the FDA deems it illegal to sell CBD foods. The same law applies in California, and selling CBD foods is illegal. Besides, CBD products are not sold in eateries in California because of the same law. Therefore, dealing in CBD foods will put you on the wrong side with the California state laws.

CBD is Easily Accessible in California

CBD oil products are easily accessible in California. Many stores, shops, and businesses deal in CBD oil products, and you can check in to pick CBD creams, cosmetics, tinctures, or vapes. California has issued more than 10,000 businesses with licenses to sell CBD products, and the businesses are spread in the core and outskirts.

Is it legal to Grow Cannabis in California?

California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in the US. Therefore, it is legal to grow and process cannabis plants in this state. The US is among the world’s best medical cannabis producers, and California is a major contributor to these statistics.


The hype around CBD oil is increasing every day, especially because the cannabinoid is claimed to help with everything. Although the 2018 Farm Bill allowed legal production of industrial hemp and CBD, it is important to know what state laws say about the product. CBD oil and medical cannabis are legal in California. Still, one needs a license to sell CBD items, and CBD businesses must ensure the total THC concentrations in their CBD products are not more than 0.3%.

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