The human body can fight pathogens and viruses that cause diseases. One can stay disease-free if the immune system is strong, but if it’s weak, then one falls ill. A weak immune system is associated with pneumonia, skin infections, bronchitis, and meningitis. CBD oils have proved beneficial to health and wellness, like alleviating pain and inflammation soothing anxiety and depression. This article will explore how exactly taking CBD oil will affect one’s immunity and how one will take CBD oil for maximum benefit.

Effect of CBD Oil on the Immune System

Like the bodily-produced endocannabinoids that bind with the ECS receptors, CB1 and CB2, when CBD enters the bloodstream, it also binds with these receptors, especially the CB2 receptors. The CB1 receptor is found in the brain, while the CB2 receptors are found in the body cells. CBD works by preventing the endocannabinoids from breaking down, thus making them potent in the body. If you have a strong immune system, there is no need to boost it; this is only useful for people with underlying conditions like HIV/AIDS or cancer. Here are ways CBD oil affects the immune system;

Supporting a Healthy Inflammatory Response

Taking CBD oil maintains a healthy inflammatory response in the lungs; this may result in decreased total lung resistance and elastance, leukocyte migration into the lungs, myeloperoxidase activity in the lung tissues, protein concentration, and maintaining healthy levels of cytokines and chemokines. Inflammation is important in the immune system because it helps in isolating the damaged or infected cells and tissues from the others. CBD also maintains this healthy inflammation response in the digestive system.

Maintaining a Healthy Gut Microbiota

The human immune system is mainly located in the GI tract; where lymphoid tissues and adaptive effector cells can be found. This microbiota helps the body with a balanced immune response. Healthy gut microbiota is maintained by reducing excessive inflammation, which will impair intestinal immune response.

Calming Effect on Stress and Depression

CBD stress relieving ability leads to reduced anxiety by affecting serotonin levels. Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression can lead to a night of better sleep. Sleep is a natural way of boosting one’s immune system.

Increasing Natural Killer Cells

Killer cells are the innate immune cells with a strong cytolytic function toward stressors, tumor cells, bacteria, and virus-infected cells. CBD helps the activity of these cells in the blood cells. By reducing activities of T cells, T helper and t cytotoxic lymphocyte subsets, and B cells, balances the immune system.

Ways of Taking CBD Oil to Boost Immune System

Taking CBD Oil as a Tincture

This involves dropping CBD oil drops under the tongue and holding them for 30-60 seconds. The sublingual layer of the mouth is filled with tissues that will absorb the oil into the bloodstream. This is the most common method of taking CBD oil. It is a faster way of taking CBD oil; one can feel the effect of CBD oil after 15 minutes. The oil comes with a dropper for measuring the dosage.

Ingestion Method

CBD oil can be infused in gummies, meals, and drinks. Taking CBD this way eliminates the grassy, earthy taste because flavors and sweeteners mask it. Gummies have a controlled dosage because every gummy has the same amount of CBD. When adding CBD oil to meals and drinks, one should avoid using high temperatures because they evaporate the essential components of CBD; instead, add when the meal or drink is at room temperature. The downside of taking CBD oil this way is the effect of the CBD if felt after a long time because the oil will undergo metabolism before absorption.

Inhalation Method

This is the quickest method because the oil goes through the lungs, absorbed with air into the blood. CBD oil is taken using vape pens, smoking, and CBD oil sprays.

CBD Oil as Topicals

This involves applying CBD oil to the affected area’s skin and massaging it. CBD oil beauty creams and lotions are also used topically. The oil is absorbed into the skin by pores, which bind with the CB2 receptors. This method is effective because the oil acts on the affected area directly.

Other Ways One Can Boost the Immune System

Maintaining a healthy diet. This includes eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats. This will provide the immune system with the energy to protect the body against pathogens and viruses. You can also take vitamins and supplements like B6, C, and E. Hydrating is equally important because the immune system cells are largely carried by lymph fluid which is largely made up of water. You can lose water even when you are not working out or sweating. Physical exercises not only help in muscle building but also in helping to de-stress. The immune system is boosted because there is an overall circulation of fluids, making it easier for natural killer cells to circulate the body. Physical exercises can also promote better sleep. This gives room for the immune system to be developed while you sleep. Better sleep also minimizes stress which harms the immune system.


The CBD interacts with the ECS receptors like the body’s endocannabinoids, improving communication between the brain and the immune cells. With improved communication, the immune cells act faster. CBD oil should not be used as a cure or treatment, but one should consult a physician before using CBD oil or other CBD products in that case. The body naturally recreates the immune system, but there are natural ways like physical exercise, staying hydrated, having plenty of sleep, and a balanced diet that can boost your immune system. You can also get immune supplements and vitamins from a medical practitioner.

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