CBD Pain Cream

CBD Pain Cream

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a relatively new pain treatment that has attracted a huge following recently. Although there are still a few studies supporting the effectiveness of CBD against chronic pains such as back pain, the biggest concern is what the current research says about CBD creams and back pain.

CBD Pain Cream and Back Pain

According to research, CBD pain creams reduce back pain in three main ways:

  • They contain anti-inflammatory properties that prevent or reduce inflammation on the back.
  • They combat anxiety, especially the one related to long-lasting or chronic back pain.
  • They contain relaxation properties that enhance sleep and prevent restlessness resulting from back pain.

The research, however, focused more on animals than humans. Therefore, more research was done to explain how the creams work to reduce back pain. This takes us to the next crucial point.

How Does CBD Pain Cream Help with Back Pain?

The CBD molecules in the cream bind to the following receptors in the body, resulting in reduced back pain and overall relaxation:

  • The G-protein receptors: CBD molecules in the cream block several g-protein receptors in the brain, including GPR3, GPR6, and GPR12, responsible for neuropathic pain development. This reduces the individual’s ability to perceive back pain.
  • ECS transporters: When applied to the back, CBD in the cream binds to pain transporters in the endocannabinoid system, including fatty acid-binding proteins. This reduces back pain and inflammation.
  • Transient receptor potential vallinoids (TRPV): CBD molecules bind to these TRPV receptors and block their ability to signal pain, resulting in pain relief.
  • Nuclear factors: CBD binds to nuclear factors on the back to give anti-inflammatory effects.

How Much CBD Cream Is Enough for Back Pain?

Unfortunately, even the FDA does not give the recommended daily application of CBD cream for back pain. This means there is no official one-size dosage that will give relief against back pain for all users. It is also challenging to establish the right cream amount to apply since CBD has about 60 molecular pathways it acts against pain. Therefore, starters are advised to apply a small amount of the cream and increase if the pain does not end.

The Bottom Line

Although CBD pain creams are believed to reduce back pain, more research is still needed to explain how they work and their possible side effects. In the meantime, those seeking faster relief from back pain should pick high-potency full-spectrum CBD creams formulated using all-organic ingredients. They should also seek professional recommendations before including CBD in their back pain treatment.


Neck and shoulder pain is among the chronic conditions in adults, especially above the age of 22. Research indicates that the pain results from poor sitting, sleeping, and working positions. These positions overload the vertebrae and muscles, resulting in muscle degeneration and inflammation. Also, as neck pain becomes a major concern among all ages, more people are now asking if CBD pain relief cream can help alleviate it. This article tries to find the right answer to that.

What Research Says About CBD Cream and Neck Pain

Several studies confirm that the cannabidiol and active ingredients present in the pain relief cream can reduce pain related to nervous system damage and inflammation. The cream also has preventive effects against various chronic pains such as chronic headache, chest, back, neck, and nape pain. However, the question is, how does the cream work to deal with neck pain?

When the cream is applied to the neck, CBD penetrates the skin beyond the epidermis to interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The interaction boosts the system’s function against these two main causes of neck pain.

The Overactive Pain Signals

In case of neck injuries, the receptors in the ECS detect the pain and stimulate the system to work in maintaining homeostasis in the body. The stimulation helps in reducing pain and healing the area. However, when the pain becomes severe, the receptors may fail to detect it and delay the healing process. Here is where CBD pain relief cream comes in handy. When the cream is applied to the skin, CBD molecules activate the CB1 and CB2 receptors to regulate pain signals. The cream also helps folks with irregular receptor production and balance their pain signals.

Neck Inflammation

Inflammation is considered as an immune response to certain issues such as skin care routine or diet. However, it becomes an irritating concern when it happens often. When inflammation becomes too much, it can cause neck pain, triggering the endocannabinoid system to respond against it. Therefore, applying CBD pain relief cream to the neck helps to activate the pain receptors on the skin, which reduce immune response and soothe inflamed regions.


People struggling with chronic neck pain can now manage it using CBD pain relief cream instead of opioid medication that can have significant health risks. However, it is wise to check the THC levels and other ingredients used to formulate the cream to avoid possible risks that come with CBD usage.


As a professional athlete, you may want to recover faster from sports injuries and enjoy your career. Of course, sports injuries are among the athletes’ top enemies since they can end their careers if they worsen. Therefore, now that some studies have linked opioid medications to addiction and defectiveness, more sport enthusiasts are shifting to CBD products as safer options. So, how does CBD pain relief cream help with sports injuries?

CBD Pain-Relief Creams and Sports Injuries

Sports injuries vary depending on the muscle tissue affected and the type of sport. Here are some of the common injuries that sportspeople suffer from and how CBD cream can help with:

Sprains and Strains

Strains and sprains are commonly confused as one injury. However, strains affect the muscle while sprains affect ligaments. Also, strains are caused by muscle tissues being overstretched and are common in running, weight-lifting, and jumping sports. Contrary sprains occur when ligaments are torn, twisted, or stretched, and are common in ankle and knee regions.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow injury occurs when the elbow is overused in tennis and golf games. The injury mostly leads to swelling and inflammation on the outside of the elbow, causing chronic pain.

Achilles’ Tendon Injuries

The Achilles tendon connects the heel to the calf muscle. It is also the largest tendon in the body and its injuries are common in running and jumping sports.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

The rotator cuff protects the shoulder blade from injuries and is commonly injured during swimming, tennis, and baseball games. The common signs of rotator cuff injury include inflammation, swelling, and pain when lifting the arm.

How CBD Pain Relied Cream Works for Sports Injuries

Research shows that CBD pain relief creams can relieve pain resulting from sports injuries by reducing inflammation and swelling. This is because the cannabidiol compounds in the cream work on a molecular level, supported by the active ingredients used to formulate the cream.

When the cream is applied to the injured area, CBD molecules trigger the body’s endocannabinoid system to produce more CB1 and CB2 receptors. The cannabinoids also bind with the receptors to regulate vital body functions such as cell activities, mood, sleep, and appetite boosting. The activation of these body cannabinoids also speeds up the recovery and healing process.


With the increased CBD-infused products for pain and inflammation, sports enthusiasts can now recover quickly and continue with their careers. Fortunately, these wellness products, including CBD pain relief creams, are now available everywhere, including online and physical stores.


CBD creams for pain are among the top trending remedies for physical discomfort, inflammation, and muscle soreness. Their success is primarily attributed to their vast therapeutic potentials, such as reducing muscle pain, alleviating anxiety, and correcting sleep patterns, especially those resulting from chronic pain. However, one question that has not yet received a satisfying answer is how long these CBD pain creams take to work.

According to research and explanation by regular CBD users, the time taken for pain creams to reduce pain and relax the mind depends on several factors, including the following:

The Extract Type

CBD pain creams are also categorized as isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD creams are the most preferred since they contain CBD and other vital cannabinoids, including THC, which makes them give faster results against pain. Broad-spectrum creams do not have    THC but have other beneficial compounds present in the cannabis plant. They are known to give medium effects than full-spectrum creams. However, they are more powerful than isolate pain creams that contain only CBD.


Determining the right dosage for CBD creams to help with pain is not an easy task. This is because pain creams usually contain different CBD concentrations, ranging from 100 mg to more than 1500 mg per bottle. Therefore, the amount required to give faster results depends on the individual’s needs. Also, applying too much cream to the affected area can relieve pain within minutes but leave long-lasting effects that can take up to six hours to disappear.

The Ingredients Used in Formulated the Cream

The active ingredients present in the CBD pain cream also play a vital role in relieving pain. For instance, transdermal patches have active ingredients that can penetrate the skin deeper and faster than topical creams. Therefore, using transdermal CBD creams can give immediate effects, approximately within 15 minutes than topical CBD pain creams that can take up to one hour.

How Often the Cream Is Applied

It is recommended to apply CBD pain cream immediately pain starts before it becomes severe. Applying the cream when pain is severe can take a long time to give results. You should also reapply it as indicated on the instructions to alleviate pain and feel relaxed. Moreover, the more the cream is applied to the affected area, the faster it acts against pain.


Generally, research suggests that CBD pain cream can take up to an hour to work. However, the time taken to give the best results depends on various factors, including the above. Therefore, although most people focus on immediate effects, it is advisable to focus on cumulative effects for long-lasting benefits.


CBD pain relief creams are applied directly to the skin or a specific affected area to reduce pain and inflammation. They provide a soothing effect on the skin when applied, resulting in overall relaxation, especially when fighting chronic pains. However, while creams seem to be the best substitutes for defective painkillers, the biggest worry is how to apply them correctly to give the desired relief.

Getting the most out of a CBD pain relief cream depends on the dosage and how it is applied. That said, here is a guide on how to apply CBD pain relief cream for better results.

First, Check the Ingredients

If you have sensitive skin, always check the ingredients present in the cream to avoid skin irritation, itching, and hives. The best pain relief cream should have natural ingredients that can moisture, nourish, and protect the skin besides reducing pain.

Identify the Sore Area

The right pain-relieving criterion starts with identifying the root cause of pain. The two types of pain are direct sensation and indirect or nearby pain. An example of indirect pain is lateral knee pain caused by the tensor fasciae latae muscle on the thigh. In this case, applying CBD cream directly to the knee will not relieve the pain. Therefore, applying the pain reliever to the root of the pain will be more effective.

Clean the Sore Area

Cleaning the area with soap and water removes all the dust, bacteria, and sebum that may block the penetration of transdermal CBD. After cleaning, allow the place to dry well before applying the cream.

Apply Enough Amount of CBD Pain Cream on The Affected Area

It is advisable to start with a little amount of cream to get the desired relief. In this case, you can use one finger to apply the cream to the specific area, instead of using more fingers which leads to more cream being washed away. You may also need to reapply the cream throughout the day since not all CBD you apply will be absorbed through the skin.

Dress Correctly

You can cover the area with an elastic bandage or neoprene wrap to avoid wiping the cream away and reapplying it again. You can also wear loose-fitting clothes that will not remove the cream. Covering the treated area also increases skin permeability, maximizing the cream’s effectiveness.


Applying CBD pain relief cream can give faster results than using sublingual or oral cream. However, its effectiveness depends on various factors, including how you apply it, your daily activities, and the skin’s permeability. Therefore, always consider the right application criteria to get the most out of your pain reliever.

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