As the name suggests, the brand was inspired by a penguin to develop the best CBD brands in the market. If you have been using the product, you will realize there is a sense of relaxation, calmness and relief after using the product. Although the company has only been on the market for two years, it still competes favourably with other CBD brands that have been on the market for quite some time. The reason why the brand has stood out in the market is that they are guided by providing better products than others. Some of the products include; CBD capsules, CBD cream, CBD oils, among others. Another reason why the brand has stood out is its ability to make both CBD spectrum and CBD isolate. As a result, customers can enjoy convenience according to their preferences. In our review, you will find more valuable details about the company and the products it offers.

About the company

As mentioned earlier, Penguin CBD is relatively new but offer the best CBD products in the market. Our findings show that the company gets its hemp from growers in Oregon and manufactures it to produce the finest products. The company has made a big impression within a short period. However, the company has not only an adorable name but also a logo. Additionally, the company has taken the responsibility of honouring activities done by both retired and active military servicemen and women by offering U.S military members a discount of 25%.

The company is dedicated to eco-conscious; as a result, it sources sustainably organically grown hemp to manufacture its products. The company has gone a step further to support farmers in Oregon in ensuring organic and sustainable agricultural methods are practised. They follow up closely in the farming practices to ensure zero chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides during the hemp plant growing.

Like any other CBD product in the market, the brand might also impact the body. Therefore it calls for research about the company’s transparency before purchasing products from them. As we were trying to follow up on the company’s transparency issues, we were impressed. The customer care desk was beneficial and guided us on how to verify their brand. The company publishes all lab reports on various products on its website. It is therefore essential to go through these reports before purchasing their products.

The company uses ISO certified company to carry their third party test results; ProVerde Laboratories. For the safety of the consumers, the company sends all its products for third party lab testing. The products include CBD gummies, CBD cream, CBD oils and CBD capsules. The lab tests for any harmful ingredients or heavy material before certifying the products to be safe for consumption. The lab reports are easily accessed for their customers to cross-check.

The fantastic thing about Penguin Company is how they have created confidence in their products. The brand offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back; if the product doesn’t work for you, they give you a full refund even if the product has been used or unopened, as long as you can prove it’s the original product from them. You can also agree that the company shows the confidence of their product to develop such a bold policy.

Consequently, the company offers satisfactory customer service. Its team is always ready to help or answer any queries you might have about its products or CBD at large. We tried to carry out some consultation by sending an email. Our email was replied to within a few hours, responding to our concerns in a detailed manner. Don’t panic if you have any concerns; the customer service desk is effective and available to address your concerns. The company guarantees a response within 24 hours, and their representatives are friendly and knowledgeable.

The company offers a convenient buying experience to their customers. To confirm this, we went ahead and tried to order some of their products. Penguin CBD highly relies on its website as their online shop. Once you choose the product you will buy, consider using “HEALTHCANAL” if you wish to checkout. Also, the coupon code helps customers to save more as they keep enjoying free shipping services from the brand.

Manufacturing Process

According to their website, the company was founded in 209 by specialists from diverse industries, educational fields and other areas of expertise. From their hemp farmers to their lab technicians, they work closely to ensure quality to each household. The entire manufacturing process starts from Oregon, where they grow their hemp plant. The brand ensures zero pesticides are used during hemp cultivation. The company claims to encourage organic farming to remain eco-conscious all through.

The hemp is afterwards taken to their labs, where the CO2 extraction process occurs. To preserve the natural compounds of the plant, such as beneficial terpenes, while removing all THC from the product, the company puts its hemp through state-of-the-art technology. The company also utilizes CBD isolates from certain products, although most are made with a broad-spectrum CBD extract. After extracting extraction process, the resulting ingredients are combined with multiple separate components to make their oils and products. After the end products come out, the products arereturned to the labs for final testing before being released to each household.

As mentioned earlier, the company uses a certified lab called ProVerde Laboratories. The lab has a good reputation, and it’s widely known for its accuracy in the tests it conducts. The main task for the lab is to ensure the products are safe and contain the exact amount of ingredients as stated by the company on their labels and website. We went further to confirm if the amount of THC and CBD as stated, and for sure, it was similar.

Range of products

The company is dedicated to comping up with a wider range of products to meet various customers’ needs. The company manufactures the following products; CBD oil, CBD Gummies, capsules and creams.

CBD Oils

CBD Oils

Whenever it comes to CBD products, most people think of CBD oils. Like every brand offers their version of oil, CBD Penguin also offers a unique product popularly preferred by most CBD consumers. Due to additional cannabinoids found in broad-spectrum producean “entourage effect”, which brings out the best in CBD by increasing its potency. The process involved in creating broad-spectrum involves removal of THC present in the product while keeping beneficial cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN and CBG. The product also has various flavours: citrus, mint, strawberry, and enormously and natural cream and cookies. However, despite the fact they offer quality, they still ensure their price range is affordable.

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

Since most people take pleasure in gummies, CBD Penguin saw an opportunity just like other brands. CBD Gummies is one of the most incredible ways of taking your daily dose of CBD while trying to avoid the unpleasant hemp flavours. The company has made its gummies undistinguishable from real candy to make their consumption enjoyable at all times. This is to prevent the “earthly” test, which is closely associated with the hemp plant. In every jar, there are 30 gummies, each offering a 10mg serving of CBD. Amongst Penguin products, it’s the famous one.

CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules

The convenience of CBD capsules (portable, flavourless, and easy to administer) has made more people prefer using it to other Penguin products. Just like their oils, every Penguin CBD capsule contains the exact amount of broadspectrum. Each capsule gets a perfect measure of 10mg dose inside the gel capsule. The company recommends administering capsules orally without tampering with it; swallow the entire capsule. For those who would wish to consume CBD products at one go, then this is the most appropriate way.

CBD Cream

To every human, skincare is an essential factor that can’t be neglected. Because of that, Penguin CBD decided to develop a more natural way of keeping your skin healthy at all times. The cream features skin-nourishing terpenes in a luxuriously rich shea butter base and cocoa. CBD beauty cream has a pleasant aroma of lavender and peppermint as its cooling sensation soothes the skin. According to their website, each jar contains 250mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

CBD Cream

What we like about the company

The fascinating thing about the company is how it has competedfavourably among other companies established before it. Penguin CBD focuses on providing the best version of CBD to every household that wishes to go for natural solutions. As a recently developed company, we would say it has invested a lot of effort to build quality products that would make it famous within a short period. It has also set up an excellent example forexisting CBD companies by showing the impact of quality products and the entire CBD brand.

The fact that they are willing to bet their 100% effectiveness with even already used products indicates how they are focused on providing quality. As a result, the company will always ensure they offer the finest CBD products in the market. If other companies buy this idea, then the CBD brand will be taken to another level across the world.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has made tremendous efforts in ensuring they offer what is best for consumers, there are some unutilized areas, according to our research. The company had denied other people an opportunity tuse their brand by offering a limited product line. For the company to expound its market territories, it has to reconsider its line of products. It would be even better if they offered pet products for pet owners. Another critical area that might need adjustments is the low potency option used in gummies and capsules. The gummies and capsules could use more potency to make the brand more effective than it is.


According to the analysis we have conducted, we would recommend Penguin products to anyone who has been enjoying the CBD brand or would wish to join. The brand has ensured customers safety is given priority right from growing its hemp in Oregon. However, the company monitors all its products right from growing its raw product to each household and ensures it positively affects the consumers. This is a good initiative, especially for this and any other new brand joining the CBD market. It will create trust among consumers and attract more CBD consumers.

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