CBD ReThink is one of our top CBD products’ dealers. The company offers many items produced from organic hemp and extracted using the CO2 extraction method. The company’s price point is $0.15, which is slightly expensive compared to other organic CBD product brands. However, your money matches value because the company boasts high-quality products and a wonderful customer service experience.

CBD ReThink was founded in 2017 and has been in operation since then. At the moment, Michael Volovitz heads the sales department. All the CBD ReThink products are broad-spectrum and contaminant-tested, although some are not examined for purity. The company’s products cost between $5.99 and $174.99, meaning that everyone can find an item of interest. After testing their products for potency and purity, the company provides online results for customer viewing and review. It’s noteworthy that the CBD ReThink items are all enhanced, formulated, or flavored with natural ingredients, which explains the slightly high costs.

About the Company

CBD ReThink is one of the renowned dealers in CBD products and is located in Florida, specifically in Miami. The company’s head of sales is Mr. Michael VoloVitz. According to the company’s website, its philosophy and mission are to offer clients unparalleled experience in their delivery. They intend to offer high-quality products while striving to give clients the best experience they would find nowhere else.

CBD ReThink has done a great job on its official website. Although the page lacks a section that addresses frequently asked questions, they state their ‘about’ or mission or drive is to offer quality products and excellent customer service and experience, ultimately becoming the CBD oil expert in the hemp industry. Admittedly, our experience shows us that the company is doing its best and working in tandem with its ‘mission,’ save for a few things that need to be streamlined.

The company tries to match productivity, value, and professionalism while dealing with its clients. The money-back-guarantee is a provision that shows that it cares about customer satisfaction, a critical aspect of professionalism. In addition, while most CBD dealers offer free shipping for purchases above $100, CBD ReThink rises above odds and offers these services for sales above $50. Still, its products are slightly expensive because its price point is $0.15.


CBD ReThink is most CBD users’ choice because of its special specs, most of which influenced its placement in our reviews. Its specs include;

  • A wide assortment of products, including edibles, softgels, gummies, topicals, pet products, tinctures, and skincare products.
  • The price range is $5.99 to $178.99, meaning that you can always find something that fits your budget.
  • An average price point of $0.15, which is slightly expensive.
  • Money-guarantee that’s valid for 30 days from the day of purchase.
  • No special discounts for the military veteran community.
  • CO2 extraction is the typical method for getting extracts off the plant fibers, which is relatively safe.
  • The average price for an mg of CBD is $0.03 to $0.6.
  • Processing takes place in the USA, but shipping happens globally.
  • The hemp used in the industry is sourced from the USA.
  • The company deals in broad-spectrum CBD products.
  • Taste is guaranteed, making the products ideal for individuals with white teeth.


When dealing with any product, transparency is a vital quality, and it becomes even more critical for items that fin their way into the human system, either topically or through ingestion. Our experience with CBD ReThink helped us realize that the company strives to maintain transparency. For instance, all its products were tested by a third party for THC and CBD concentrations, meaning that most of the items match the potency indicated in their labels. This is especially important for athletes and other sportspeople who use CBD products and would never want to risk testing positive when going for drug tests. However, some products in the company’s catalog were not purity-tested, and we are looking forward to seeing an improvement in this regard. In addition, each product on its individual page contains the respective third-party lab reports that clients can view at their pleasure.

Manufacturing Process

The USA has authorized CBD ReThink to grow hemp plants and deal in CBD products. The company grows organic hemp plants and does so using sustainable and organic methods, which is why it appears in our list of reviews. Once the plants reach the facility, the supercritical CO2 extraction method is used to get off CBD extracts from the plant’s fibers. After extraction, the nanoemulsion process is run on the tinctures and the hydro gummies to make them water-soluble. Besides, most products are enhanced with MCT oil, especially as a carrier to boost their bioavailability once taken.

The formulation process is immediately followed by third-party testing, which examines the products for different contaminants, including residuals and heavy metals. Such tests also ensure that the measures used by the company to determine the products’ potency are accurate and that the various items match the potency included in their labels. The company avails these results, and the potency tests data online, where their clients can easily find them. However, some products have not been tested for purity because we could not find their purity test results online.

All the CBD ReThink products are non-GMO and broad-spectrum. Besides, there is a wide assortment of products to choose from, including skincare, topicals, gummies, tinctures, pet items, softgels, and edible liquids. The products range from 10mg to 1000mg, with a price range of $0.15 per mg, which is slightly higher than other non-GMO CBD brands.

Range of Products

CBD ReThink deals in a range of items, including tinctures, gummies, topicals, edibles, and pet items. Here is a breakdown of each of the items the company offers its clients.

CBD ReThink Tinctures

CBD ReThink Tinctures

CBD ReThink tinctures are among the best in the market, having been organically produced and CO2 extracted. For starters, the company recommends 0.5 to 1 dropper, having approximately 1 ml capacity. Some people find it challenging to accurately measure the dose because the dropper lacks clear calibrations. The tinctures are MCT oil-formulated to enhance bioavailability, are to be taken orally or sublingually only. The oils have 100 mg to 3000 mg CBD oil in them and are in 30 ml or 15 ml packages. The 30 ml tincture oil with 3,000 mg CBD is the most expensive, costing $174.99, while the 15ml oil with 100 mg CBD is the cheapest at $14.99.

CBD ReThink Edibles

CBD ReThink edibles are further categorized into;

CBD ReThink Gummies

CBD ReThink Gummies

The CBD ReThink gummies are infused and extracted using CO2 extraction, and MCT oil emulsification is done to enhance their bioavailability. They feature natural ingredients used to flavor them and are available in orange, grape, and fruity lemon flavors. Like other CBD products in the company’s catalog, the CBD ReThink gummies contain full-spectrum CBD and are meant for oral consumption only. The packages contain 100 mg to 1000 mg of CBD, and the potencies vary between 10 mg/unit and 25 mg/unit. Besides, the gummies cost $11.99 to $69.99, with most falling at $69.99.

CBD ReThink Liquids

CBD ReThink Liquids

The CBD ReThink edibles include liquids, which like the gummies, are naturally flavored and formulated with MCT oil for bioavailability and improved digestibility. The liquids are available in various fruit flavors, although you can also enjoy the ‘solution-based’ CBD ReThink liquids. These liquids have been tested for contaminants and are deemed orally edible.

CBD ReThink Topicals

CBD ReThink Topicals

CBD ReThink also deals in topical products meant for topical use only, apart from the tinctures and edibles. Like the rest of the company’s products, they are CO2 extracted and are treated with natural ingredients to enhance the benefits. For instance, the topicals feature shea butter, vitamin E, methanol, essential oils, and other natural oil items. All the items in this category are broad-spectrum and cost between $11.99 and $99.99, which fits well within the market prices range. The bottles contain 50 mg, 100 mg, 250 mg, or 500 mg of CBD, with varying potency between 1.11 mg/ml and 16/67 mg/ml.

CBD ReThink Skin Care

CBD ReThink Skin Care

If you are (know someone) suffering from skin conditions, you could try or recommend CBD ReThink Skin Care products. They are all broad-spectrum and extracted using the CO2 extraction method. Besides being bio-enhanced using MCT oil, the topicals contain vitamin E, tee tree, methanol, and olive oil as their key ingredients for smooth application. The creams are packaged in 50, 100, 250, and 500 mg containers, with a varying CBD potency of 1.11 mg/ml to 16/67mg/ ml. The cheapest topical product costs $22.99, while the most expensive one comes at $99.99.

CBD ReThink Pet Items

CBD ReThink company also deals in broad-spectrum CBD pet items, all of which are enhanced and formulated with MCT oil to make them more bioavailable and digestible. Like other products by CBD, we found out that the pet items are CO2 extracted and can be used orally or applied topically, depending on the item of choice. According to the company, a serving of 2 mg is appropriate for every 25 lbs. the pet sprays are packaged in 100 mg and 250 mg containers, each having 3.33 and 8.33 mg/ml CBD potency. The 100 mg item costs $19.99, while the 250 mg one comes at $29.99.

CBD ReThink Gel Capsules

CBD ReThink Gel Capsules

The company also deals in softgels, which are served in one capsule. They are organically farmed and extracted and are formulated with MCT oil for easy digestion and bioavailability. The company recommends taking only two capsules a day, which should be taken orally. The capsules come in 100, 600, and 750 mg packages, and all have a potency of 25 mg/unit, except the 600 mg capsules, whose potency is 20 mg/ml. The 100 mg CBD ReThink capsules are the cheapest and cost $9.99, while the rest cost $69.99.

What We Like About the Company

We would highly recommend CBD ReThink products to our esteemed clients because of several reasons, including;

  • The money-back guarantee program; CBD ReThinkallows its clients to return bought products 30 days from the day of purchase if they find something amiss or are not satisfied with the products.
  • Free shipping; the company offers clients free shipping for any purchases above $50.
  • All the products are tested for contaminants like solvents, residuals, heavy metals, and pesticides.
  • The company deals in organic CBD products, and no single product has synthetic items added to it.
  • A variety of options to choose from; clients can choose to buy edibles, skincare items, softgels, tinctures, topicals, and pet items.
  • The company’s official webpage is easy to navigate, giving clients and visitors a great experience worth a comeback.
  • Taste is guaranteed for every edible a person chooses; hence the earthy and potent taste of CBD is addressed.
  • Worldwide shipping; although the products’ processing takes place in the USA, shipping happens across the globe.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

  • Not all the products were purity-tested; the company does not test all products for purity, suggesting that some impurities may find their way into the consumers’ bodies.
  • The website lacks a FAQ section; visiting the official CBD ReThink page, you would definitely notice that the site lacks a section that addresses frequently asked questions, suggesting that they don’t pay close attention to clients’ comments.
  • There is no centralized test hub, leaving questions about the company’s testing processes.
  • The company’s products are slightly more expensive than fellow non-GMO brands since its average price point is $0.15.

Conclusion/ Our Verdict

Our experience with CBD ReThink products convinced us that the company is one of the best CBD product dealers. It offers a wide assortment of items, including edibles (gummies and liquids), tinctures, topicals, skincare, and pet items served by weight. Although it tests all its products for contaminants, some are not purity-tested. Moreover, it deals in CO2 extracted organic products, which are also MCT formulated (edibles and tinctures) for enhanced bioavailability.

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