Canna Comforts is your all-legitimate hemp CBD store. It is one of the best online CBD stores you can trust. From the beginning, Canna Comforts has dedicated its efforts to and invested its time and money in using natural ingredients to offer the highest-quality CBD products.

Everything this company does is customer-oriented. They encourage people (current customers and prospects) to follow them on Instagram. From such social media platforms, Canna Comforts offers tips on how to use CBD products and general education on CBD. They also have bloggers who market the company by sharing they experience with CBD products. What is more, Canna Comforts provides extensive education on the importance of their products on health and hemp-based products by encouraging its customers to subscribe to its newsletter. With no doubts, the company is all about promoting the interest of its esteemed customers. In the end, Canna Comforts pioneers for improved health and wellness by encouraging people to use their natural products.

About Canna Comforts

Established in Colorado in 2015, Canna Comforts has risen to popularity and thinks of itself as one of the best CBD brands on the market. If you want to learn more about this company, you can go to their website and click “About Us” section. We managed to gather more information about it and we wanted to share that with you. Canna Comforts takes pride in healing mind, body, and soul by using its finest all-natural products on earth. The company was formed to help people from all walks of life in need of all-natural alternative. The company clearly states in their website that one of their founders battled cancer and found cannabinoids from industrial to be offering best solution. Industrial hemp CBD helped him get through chemotherapy and resumed his normal life without the possibility of psychoactive affects.

Currently, Canna Comforts grows in over four states. They started in Colorado and have expanded greatly. Canna Comforts grows their own hemp and some occasions they can go back to their roots so as to help other farmers move their crops. The company prides itself on having the best hand-harvested hemp CBD flowers. All their products are tested by a trusted third-party lab for purity and potency. They want everybody to be in good health by using their all-natural products. The company started off with a narrow product line, but they have currently widened it to fit individual needs. Canna Comforts strongly believe that their cannabidiol products are the best on earth and can help people live a better and healthier life.

Process of Manufacturing

Canna Comforts has a detailed manufacturing process that starts straight from their farms. They handle their products carefully with high production standards from seeds to the final product. They have a big hemp farm in Colorado. The climate in Colorado is conducive for the growing and drying of hemp. It is also a state of rich fertile soils that promotes fast growth of hemp. The company has qualified and experienced farmers who tend to hemp without cutting shortcuts. They don’t use pesticides or herbicides. Harvested hemp is taken to the factory where they undergo other processes of production. Canna Comforts operates in a GMP and ISO 7 facility. With GMP it means that you can trust them when it comes to quality. They use extraction methods that ensure that the important compounds in hemp such as terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, amino acids, and polyphenols are preserved.

The US Farm Bill of 2018 regulates the amount of THC in all CBD products, and they should contain only 0.3% of this psychoactive compound. Canna Comforts ensure that they reduce THC in their products to undetectable levels. You can thus carry use their products without the fear of getting high. They can also be carried to any state. All finished batches are then sent to a third-party lab for testing. Unlike other companies that test their products for potency and purity, Canna Comforts ensures that all their products are thoroughly tested for mildew, parabens, solvents, heavy metals, and other potential toxins.

Product Line

Canna Comforts have a wide line of products. For the past six years, they have been on the market, the company has mastered the real art of creating the best CBD products for the needs of its customers. Canna Comforts has not only taken interest in widening their product line-up, but also to satisfy their customer’s health needs by using their all-natural products from each line of product. Their products are geared towards promotion of good health and well-being. They have products for specific ailments, for pets, and for everyday use.

CBD Bath Bombs: Canna Comforts created these bath bombs out of pure love. They are infused with honey and cream to give users a comforting bath experience.

Canna Comforts CBD Soft Gels: Many companies make soft gels out there but none of them seems to offer the real comfort, in addition to delivering the recreational and medicinal properties of cannabidiol. Every soft gel is made with full-spectrum mega cannabinoids that will deliver 1000 mg of CBD for 40 days.

Canna Comforts CBD Oil for Pets: The company has considered the life of your dog. They make pet CBD oils that are suitable for use by all species ranging from cats to horses.

CBD Tinctures: Canna Comforts CBD tinctures deliver CBD to exact places needed most by your body. They are fast-acting and have high bioavailability rate.

CBD Topical Creams: If your skin troubles you and lowers your ego, Canna Comforts offers a helping hand by making highest-quality all-natural CBD topical creams. They are easy to use and leaves no gloss on your skin.

Why Canna Comforts Products Over Other Products?

As a new or longtime user of CBD, that a question worth asking. We are not only here to enlighten you on Canna Comforts, but also to ensure that you use products that will promote your health and wellness. All products from Canna Comfort are made to provide care and comfort, and top of that, a healing dimension. Their bath bombs soothe your skin as you take that warm shower in your bathroom. Besides moisturizing your skin, CBD creams from Canna Comforts will help boost your skin health and reduce wrinkles. What’s more, their tinctures (both for human and pet) are made to lower inflammation, reduce pain, and boost appetite. Remember that they have soft gels made with the right CBD dosage and have not found a match yet in the market.

Product Range

Every product or brand review, has that point where a particular product is dissected. We have got to that point. We decided to order some products from Canna Comforts and had them tested for you. Besides being inclined to test them, we also wanted to experience their satisfaction. The ordering went smoothly and Canna Comforts delivered our products on the second day. Here are the products that we tried for you:

  • Canna Comforts Cream & Honey CBD Infused Bath Bomb
  • Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Cinnamon CBD Oil – 250 mg
  • Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Mega Cannabinoids Soft Gels
  • Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil – 500 mg

Canna Comforts Cream & Honey CBD Infused Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are the new way of taking CBD. We wanted to use it the first thing in the morning in our when taking a shower. That is exactly what we did and the feeling and results impressed us. We got a new way of pampering ourselves with odorous bubbles. It also relieved pain in our body. Add them to your bath for sweet sensation and CBD. They are made with all-natural CBD and they will help relieve the aches and stresses, in addition to softening your skin. These CBD Infused Bath Bombs easy to use. Simply unwrap one, and when your tub is about halfway through, drop it under the running water. This will help activate the fizzing agents. Ensure to whorl the bath bomb thoroughly until it is completely dissolved. Immerse yourself and enjoy the soak. Each bomb contains 50 mg of pure CBD isolate.

Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Cinnamon CBD Oil – 250 mg

At only $29, we got ourselves this delicious and powerful cinnamon-flavored CBD oil. We placed it right under our tongue, and guess what? We loved the taste. Tinctures offers the quickest way of taking CBD. By administering them sublingually, they deliver CBD into your bloodstream via the mucus membrane. Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Cinnamon CBD Oil is derived from industrial hemp and infused with cinnamon leaf and vitamin D3. They are designed to be added to almost anything in your daily CBD routine such as smoothies or coffee. Canna Comforts packs their CBD oils in dark colored glass bottles and to ensure that they are stored properly and not damaged by sunlight or moisture. The amount of CBD needed by an average person per day for full effects is 10 to 20 mg. However, this may vary depending on a person’s condition and body size. Remember to avoid touching the dropper directly to your mouth to help maintain quality.

Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Mega Cannabinoids Soft Gels

If you are looking for another way of taking CBD, soft gels might be just what you need. From Canna Comforts, these capsules are ideal for your daily use. Each Mega Cannabinoid Soft Gel contains 25 mg of total CBD. We understand why they are called Mega Cannabinoids –they are packed with CBG and CBC. They come in a jar of 1000 mg that will serve you for the next 4 days. Other ingredients in it include MCT coconut oil, bovine gelatin, and glycerin. It is recommended you take one capsule per day orally.

Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil – 500 mg

Our fur baby loved this “comforting” gift from Canna Comfort. With full spectrum, your dog will acquire more than just CBD. It will get all the benefits of hemp plant with the right concentrations of CBD. You can give it directly into the mouth or mix it with their favorite food. Avoid mixing it with water as this will interfere with its consumption. Give 2 to 4 drops for small pets or 5 to 7 drops for large pets.

What We Like About Canna Comforts

Canna Comforts uses all-natural ingredients to make their products. All their products are tested by a trusted third-party lab.

What We Don’t Like About Canna Comforts

The company does not have discount offerings for their customers.

Our Overall Verdict

Discover the healing, refreshing, recreational, and medicinal values of CBD from Canna Comforts. Their affordable products are easy to use and will help relieve pain and sooth your skin. Even your pets have a share from this company.

Elena Ognivtseva

Elena Ognivtseva

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