CBD Extract Labs Review

CBD Extract Labs Review

Extract Labs is a company that was foundedto uphold the general CBD brand worldwide. The co-founder and CEO of Extract Labs are Craig Henderson. As an expert in CBD products, he understood what people were suffering from due to the consumption of chemicals. He decided to help in coming out with a more natural solution that could help the dire situation. According to his understanding, he believed that high-quality CBD could help some of the needs of people who wish to get a natural solution that will have less effect on their bodies. In our review, we are going to investigate how the company operates and what they offer. Among other important information, we will also find out whether the company is to be trusted or not. Our review will get to the bottom line of essential details of the company.

About The Company

Currently, we have a wide range of CBD products available; Extract Labs is among the top companies trying to create a positive view on CBD products by providing quality to its customers despite being a newbie or a CBD connoisseur. The company was established with a person who desired to have exemplary virtues of a first-in-class CBD company. Craig, to achieve his vision, quality and top-shelf material had to be prioritized to produce valuable products. Also, the products manufactured from this company contain natural ingredients that create a great experience among consumers.

The company’s products can be easily blended into a daily routine. However, the company ships all its products not only within the use borders but across the globe. Consumers within USA borders enjoy free shipping for orders they make. Also, Extract Labs shipping services take up to five business days via FedEx for domestic and USPS for international orders. The company also gives time to time discounts as well as to those ordering products in bulk. At times, customers are given up to50% offer. Also, the company takes pride in providing the finest CBD products to its consumers. The company claims to conduct tests for heavy metals, potency and pesticides, and using only organic hemp, all industrial and locally grown hemp; a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant. To substantiate this claim, we went back to the companies website, and indeed, they have posted lab results available on the brands.

For quality control, the brand keeps its production practices in-house, guaranteeing close monetarization. The facility has been certified by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to assure people of the quality of their products. Although the company portrays a positive image, we encountered several former employees who expressed a lot of negativity about the brand. Glassdoor.com have some of these anonymous claims from current and former employees of Extract Labs.

While looking at customer care service, reviews on their website have overwhelmingly positive reviews on various products. We also noted the reviews to be honest and from customers who have fully enjoyed the customer service help provided. Apart from customer service reviews, we also encountered general, praising reviews on high-quality products from the company.

Manufacturing Process

Extract Labs have not stipulated their manufacturing process on their website. However, we still went further to try and find out how they carry the manufacturing process. There are a few realizations we noted which are fundamental in helping them come up with quality products. The company grows its hemp within the United States (From Colorado and Kentucky-based farms) and manufactures it there. The company has worked closely with farmers in ensuring they nature a rich and quality hemp plant for their ultimate production. Extract Lab concern on quality production does not only start at manufacturing but from farming. They mostly use hemp flowers and stem to come up with finest products for their consumers.

During extraction, the brand uses CO2 as a basic tool for obtaining the phytonutrients of everyhemp plant. They ultimately successfully obtain the entire plant extract’s maximum benefits. However, the carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction technique doesn’t need heating or solvents; this helps retain every spectrum of cannabinoids in the blend. Additionally, the process helps in the natural nutrients of the plant as it was sourced right from harvesting. The brand uses the method to its advantage to ensure all its products havea significant amount of CBD.

Every batch of oils produced by Extract Labs has undergone third-party lab testing for transparency purposes. The labs’ carries tests for purity and potency to confirm that the labels are consistent with contents. For absolute transparency purposes, the company avails lab result on their website. For consumer verification of the tests provided, the company offers QR code to customers to link them to the manufacturer’s lab-verified analysis. This has strengthened the bond between the company and its customers.

Consequently, we tried to follow up on the CBD concentration levels in every serving variety, and it was noted that a 30ml container of Extra Strength Original CBD Tincture from Extract Labs contains 2 000mg of CBD. Besides, according to COA September 2020, a 30ml bottle of Extra Strength Original CBD Tincture has 73.14mg/ml of CBD. In some of their products, we also noticed some traces of cannabinol (CBN), cannabacitran (CBT), cannabidivarin (CBDV), and cannabichromene (CBC).

The concentration of every cannabinoid available in the sample could be easily used to determine the product’s potency. To find potency, you have to measure cannabinoids’ total concentration in percentage by mass. Looking at the initial page of COA, the mass indicates the total cannabinoids available in the general product. However, its concentration is the sum of cannabinoid broken into milligrams per gram. Away from that, the company products come from 100% organic hemp and are free of either additives or preservatives.

Range Of Products

The company offers a range of products to its customers according to their preferences. To try and meet diverse preferences, Extract Labs has a broader line of products. They include;

CBD Tinctures

The company sells a broad line of tinctures. Also, they offer them in different potencies from 500mg to 2000mg. All tincture products from the brand have naturally occurring ingredients with no additives and artificial compounds. According to tests carried out, they are THC-free or below the limit of 0.3%. The lab results to confirm the above information have been posted on their website. The results include; terpene profile, heavy metal test, microbial contaminant tests, pesticide residue, and cannabinoid profile.

CBD Topicals

Extract Labs offers a solution to those experiencing body aches and pain or need skin hydration by availing Topicals in the CBD market. For a wide range of benefits of the whole-plant compounds, the brand has infused CBD in the full-spectrum face cream. The Topicals are available in different units to suit different customers demands. For post-workout recovery, the brand has a CBD Muscle Cream while help in relaxation of the muscles or any other acne and pain; 1500mg of full-spectrum CBD per tin.

CBD Capsules

Just like their attention tothe quality of each product, the same has been applied for capsules. As a result, each bottle of CBD capsules has a similar formulation as their tinctures. If the consumer is not comfortable taking any other product such as oil drops, then capsules are available to cover up. Capsules are preferred due to their convenience, ready to transport, and each bottle contains 1000mg of CBD. Just like the compounds provided in the tinctures, the capsules are also available in full-spectrum.

CBD Isolate Products

The brand Isolate products given to consumers are pure and of high quality, making CBD consumers in search of CBD with no admixtures lucky. Customers can buy their Isolate in differentways, from Bulk CBD Isolate to pure CBD Tincture.

Fetch CBD Pet Line

If you have a problem calming your pet, then it’s time you relax; Extract Labs CBD has come to your rescue. The brand has created pet-friendly tinctures that will help you calm and soothe your pet. The products are available in a 500mg bottle of full-spectrum CBD tincture for their feline companion or canine.

CBD Vape

If you want to recharge your vaping experience, then Extract Labs vaping products are the best. It offers users full-spectrum CBD-infused distillate tanks along with 510 threaded batteries and chargers in their array of tank kits. To make things better, consumers have been given an option to choose from several flavours, such as Forbidden Fruit and Strawnana. However, the brand offers three affordable choices for those who wish to purchase a tank only; Blue Dream, Strawnana, and Granddaddy Purp. The tanks are also available in bundles of three, which come at a discount

CBD Crumble and Shatter

The company offers a range of products which are terpene-infused CBD crumbles. The full spectrum contains CBG, CBD and CBN with other essential phytochemicals and cannabinoids for these products. If you also wish to purchase a shatter, you can also get one from the brand. However, both the products exist in various forms and tests.

CBD Bath Bombs

Have you had a long day and would wish to calm your body? Then worry less, Extract Labs CBD offers you a solution to help your body relax. The experience of using the product is similar to that of a spar. The product contains calming and soothing ingredients such as witch hazel and jojoba, which will help your body feel relaxed.

What We Like About the Company

The fascinating thing about the company is its ability to care about its customers. When we are talking about the care of the customers, we are talking about the end product and services rendered. The brand ensures the products safety and quality is maintained right from the farming practices of the hemp plant. After that, the hemp is extracted appropriately and manufactured as per FDA standards to come up with the finest CBD products in the market.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although Extract Labs have done a lot in maintaining their brand and reputation, they have two weaknesses they are yet to address. Considering the pet products, they have a limited selection of CBD-infused pet items. They should offer more to pet owners. Also, the company should find a way of making people who live outside the USA borders to enjoy free delivery services.


According to our analysis, the company as proved to be a good ambassador of their brand and the CBD brand. From time to time, some of their products have exceeded customers’ expectations through their effect to provide quality. As a team, we would therefore recommend any user who would wish to go for CBD products to use Extract Labs products amongst other good companies. Your safety will be guaranteed as so continue enjoying a natural experience when using your products.

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