CBD Green Gorilla Review

CBD Green Gorilla Review

Among various CBD companies, Green Gorilla appears at the top list when it comes to producing the best products. The company takes pride in offering the best products to its customers by using organic hemp CBD with the finest natural ingredients. To provide the best, it also has to undertake its products to multiple tests to ensure that whatever they are rendering to the market is safe for consumption. With that, we also realized the company is among one of the first CBD companies to launch USDA-certified organic CBD products in the market. The company has partnered with Gorilla FarmCo to grow its hemp.

About The Company

CBD Green Gorilla is a family business founded on the strength of offering a more natural solution to human beings. The company’s focus is to give offer natural products that are less harmful to the human body. They have partnered with Gorilla FarmCo to grow and use hemp plants for sustainable hemp farming and cultivation. The company was founded in 2013 by Steven Saxton and her sister Katherine Guevara Saxton. The hemp plant is grown in selected Gorilla FarmCo in the following parts; California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon. The two partners have committed themselves to preserve the soil by minimizing erosion by planting cover crops and increasing organic matter within the soil. As a result, the company has reducedwater usage and the chemicals used to produce a healthy hemp plant. Green Gorilla has successfully been able to maintain natural hemp right from farming to manufacturing.

The company is committed to building an international brand that will set the pace for hemp farmers and CBD companies. They have proven to be engaged in a successful and sustainable farming and manufacturing of the hemp plant from time to time. Also, the company has committed itself to give back to society. They have shifted focus to charitable developments such as developing and preserving drinking water catchments and oceans across the globe.

The company offers a range of products, right from human products to animal products. Depending on the purpose of the product, some use the entire hemp plant to maintain the fullspectrum for medical purposes. The company uses an extraction method that is perfect for producing 99.98% pure CBD isolate.

As we were conducting our research on their products and their market, we came to realize the company selling line is known as “Hemp and Olive.” The company has come up with extra virgin organic olive oil and CBD GG BioEnhanced Complex that is 99% pure. Olive oil has multiple health benefits since it contains a high polyphenol count. Also, the company effectively manages to come up with products that are useful for human and pet consumption by combining olive oil and organic CBD.

For pets, the company has a potent antioxidant which makes it effective. This property is also suitable for humans since it is often used to treat most things, from anxiety to arthritis. As we were trying to find out from customers who have used the product on their pets, we got positive feedback; successfully handled dog stress, joint health issues, separation anxiety and general pet issues. The company has expounded its pet line products to horse products. Clients who buy this product for their horse claim it helpful since it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

As we were trying more information about the company, it realized that it has a good reputation that contributes positively to its ratings. The company scoredan “A” rating in September 2019. This resulted from hemp farming and organic certification, testing, processing, and auditing from the Center for Foods Safety. Among forty CBD companies that were put to test, only four companies managed to get an “A” score, and Green Gorilla was not an exception.

The company offers complimentary domestic shipping for purchases over $75 and is delivered within 5 to 7 business days. If you do not meet the required amount for free shipment, you might incur a $7 fee; your product will be delivered within 5 to 7 working days. Green Gorilla offers a return policy to products that are not opened but only within 30 business days of receiving the product. The company does not accept any product used or opened product. Additionally, the company doesn’t pay for the shipping fee of the returned product. If the item is returned intact, then it approves refund but without the shipment cost in case incurred.

Manufacturing Process

In partnership with Gorilla FarmCo, the company has acquired 1,510 acres of organic farmland to increase its CBD production line. The company’s land is divided into 1,474 acres primarily used for growing organic hemp plants and 36 acres used for research and development. The company employs sustainable agricultural practices which are effective for environmental conservation and healthy for human existence. The company maintains the soil and hemp quality by avoiding chemical fertilizers, reducing soil erosion and reducing soil degradation by using cover crops. Due to the great concern on water catchment safety and usage, the company uses the cover crops to minimize vaporization to reduce the amount of water used on the farm.

Consequently, Green Gorilla uses CO2 and Non-GMO organic Ethanol extraction. The company goes for a method that can produce the highestquality and at the same time quickly. To avoid using any other solvent during its extraction, the company use advanced cold pressure CO2 supercritical and non-GMO organic ethanol extraction method. The fundamental reason for using CO2 is to ensure the preservation of the natural properties of the hemp plant to come up with the most potent and purest CBD extract.

The company takes pride in producing the best CBD products and being the first USDA certified Organic hemp CBD across the USA. To become the leading quality, teste, potency, safety, and sustainable CBD producers, they ensure their products are made with the finest certified organic ingredients. Also, before the product arrives at your doorstep, the company ensures it oversees each step right from farming, manufacturing and transportation to ensure the safety of the products. The company has obtained the following licenses; USDA Organic Certification, Industrial Hemp Nursery License, and Industrial Hemp Grower License.

The company has also initiated third-party lab tests from various reliable and licensed labs in the USA. All the company’s products undergo multiple independent lab tests to ensure each batch is pesticide, herbicide, and solvent-free. The company also ensures it labels the accurate potency of each of their product. To ensure no herbicides are used to produce any organic ingredients the company uses, it undergoes glyphosate tests. Before the company decides to use any lab to carry out third-party tests, it ensures it is ISO certified.

 We also noted that the company ensures it carries best practices during the entire manufacturing process. To ascertain the above statement, the company manufactures USDA Certified Organic/and FDA Registered to ensure adherence and compliance to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards and procedures.

Range Of Products

Green Gorilla offers a range of products for its customers to enjoy convenience. They include;

Vegan CBD Capsules

The use of capsules is an effective way of administering Green Gorilla products for its effectiveness. It works out quickly and enhances quick relief. The company has a CBD collection of capsules that suit different purposes; sleep, defence, inflammation, balance and relaxation. Most of their products are available online and go at $39.99 per bundle.

Certified Organic Pure CBD Oil

The product could be used for either mental or physical relief since it has 0% THC or its pure organic CBD. The company uses hemp that is organically certified from their farm and advanced GG BioEnhanced Complex for potent formula and fast absorption. It goes for $5.99 for a single-serving pack of 30mg.

Full Spectrum  CBD Oils

The product contains a maximum of 0.3% THC and packages contains antioxidants as well as fit polyphenols. Its online shop offers a wide series of full-spectrum products to meet customers demands. However, full-spectrum organic CBD oil preserves all essences of the hemp plant to create an entourage effect. It has a different price range from $19.99 to $44.99, depending on the product specifications.


CBD topical is the best for fast and targeted relief since they are absorbed directly into the affected area. Consequently, the topical isinstilled with rich, all-natural elements like arnica, lavender and eucalyptus. The product helps ease soreness and improve your skin as well as protection.

Vegan CBD Gummies

If you want to include a regular supplement of CBD into your lifestyle, then bite-sized gummies are the best. Green Gorilla gummies are instilled with uncontaminatedcarbon-based CBD oil, blending with supplementary organic ingredients comprising turmeric, extra virgin olive oil, and rosemary to give the best to customers. Their price ranges from $2.99-$26.99.

CBD for Pets

Tame animal body system is not far from humans, this makes CBD be effective and powerful in their system, just like in human beings. The company makes testy flavoursthat are irresistible for the dogs to administering. They help dogs to relieve stress, soreness, aches, stress and various alarming effects on pets. Freeze-dried CBD Dog Nibs Travel Size goes at $5.99

CBD Designed ForHorses

Organic CBD has become popular to most horse owners due to the ability of the product in giving horses peace of mind and comfort whenever they face constant discomfort and stress. It also can help horses maintain the sense of calmness and relievejoint and muscle tension. The product entirely promotes the well-being of the horse.

What We Like About The Company

The fascinating thing about the company is how they can present their products in the market. They ensure quality is attained in every step they take in coming up with the end product. The question of quality does not only end at production but also in both service and product delivery. Green Gorilla tracks their products to ensure the consumer receives them safely and is contented with the product.

What We Don’t Like About The Company

Although the company has maintained a good reputation in the market, it’s high time it should also expound its market and flavour full-spectrum and pure CBD products. Providing various flavours will enhance a broader market due to meeting consumers’ needs in terms of the test. However, the company should expand its market territory beyond the USA to open up for other interested consumers.


As per our analysis, we would highly recommend that more people continue using Green Gorilla products since it ensures that human safety is a priority rather than profits. The company not only cares for humanity by the environment at large. As a result, all their production activities are environmentally friendly. We were also impressed by their contribution in ensuring water is preserved and used effectively not only within USA borders but across the globe. The company has not only proved to be a good ambassador of CBD products but also the environment.

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