Cbd Koi Product Review

Cbd Koi Product Review

Among recently established and widely known CBD companies, CBD KOI is not an exception. The company started in the year 2015. However, despite being a recent company, many people have found their products reliable and valuable in their body systems. For a recently established CBD company amongst other competitors who have been in the market, it had to give reasons for customers to go for their products by providing quality. The company decided to come up with a mission of creating standard quality for all CBD users across the globe. In addition, CBD KOI products are obtained from natural hemp,grown in the USA and extracted there. As a result, the company can provide the most consistent and finest CBD product in the market. We will discuss CBD KOI widely to see what they offer and what makes them sustain the competitive CBD market.

About the company

The company was established in the year 2015 by Brent Brunner and Brad Ridenour. Among newly established CBD companies, CBD KOI has the longest-serving products in the market. As mentioned earlier, the company’s mission is to setthe standard for CBD users everywhere. However, each product they manufacture uses cannabidiol extracted from USA-grown hemp, as well as the company tests for over 100 contaminants. The company has also ensured each batch is traceable from the begging to the end. In 2020, the company featured an article in Forbes entitled: 20 Best CBD Oils To Try This Year.This was considered a tactical move to not only market their products but also the entire CBD brand. The company claims to have complied with FDA’s current manufacturing practices, and all their facilities have been certified. However, as we were trying to dig deeper to verify this claim, the company had no documentation to support the claim. Koi CBD received a warning letter from FDA for the company to stop misinforming people about their certification.

Due to such misinformation, we decided to keep looking at the authentication of information provided by the company. We also noticed that the company made medical claims about its products and branded them as drug supplements and dietary. Since then, the content has been removed the information from its site. Consequently, in 2019, the company also received the end of a class-action charge that alleged fraud. However, the claims were laid off in 2020 due to a lack of adequate evidence.

For transparency purposes, the Koi decided to be posting a complete list of lab reports on their official web page. The following labs recently conducted the tests; Eurofins, Green Scientific Labs and NIVA labs. Although some of the posted third party lab results are a year older, they were certified by COAs ( Certificate of Analysis). Besides that, the company offers a range of products to ensure they capture a broader market by providing their customers’ different products that might suit their demands.

Manufacturing Process

Although the company claims to have its products manufactured in an FDA certified facility, the claim is yet to be ascertained. The company has not come out clearly to confirm the denial made by FDA officials claiming to misinform people; as a result, people are losing trust in the company. However, Koi CBD uses a CO2 extraction method to remove its CBD. The method uses no solvent to ensure no chemicals are left in the end product. However, some terpenes might still appear, resulting in a decrease in CBD’s therapeutic potential and effect.

Although the company is striving for various challenges, it still seeks to offer hemp solutions to its market. The company recently expounded its range of high-quality hemp-derived products such as full-spectrum and Delta 8. Among its broad-spectrum products, we have tinctures and gummies to balms and skincare products that are fully traceable.

As Koi continues to expand its production system, some products are perceived positively and are now taking over the market. Delta 8 line is one of the newest products in the market, which has gained fame rapidly. Although the product is similar to CBD, it is pronounced to have a more pronounced effect and is more effective. The product improves sleeping patterns as well as uplifting appetite. Also, Delta 8 exists in various forms such as vapes, tinctures, gummies and various infused flavours that suit different demands.

The company does not provide more details on where they get their hemp as raw material and their practices to ensure quality is attained. However, it gives third-party tests on its website. The fascinating thing about the labs they use is that Koi provides a COAs certificate from ISO 17025 credited laboratories. The purpose of using COAs is to affirm the consumers of what is in the products; the exact percentage of THC and amount of CBD.

Although the company uses COAs to gain the trust of their customers, some COAs don’t indicate Limit of qualification (LOQ) or Limit of detection (LOD) for THC. This makes it hard to substantiate the levelof THC in various products without seeing LOD and LOQ that the lab is putting to use. In relation to that, COAs might diverge in relation of the data they contain. Some from Niva Labs have LODs and LOQ, on the other hand, COAs from Scientifics Labs don’t indicate LOD or LOQ. Our findings also noted that potency information doesn’t match up among product tags and COAs; there is a discrepancy variance from one product to another. We noticed some products have extra CBD than one indicated on the label.

Range Of Products

Koi CBD has provided its customers with a range of products to try and meet various customer preferences. They include;

Koi CBD Oils

Most Koi CBD oils come with a dropper for easy application. The blend of terpenes and cannabinoids found in broad-spectrum CBD produce the entourage effect, which heightens the effectiveness of CBD. The oil is only available in an unflavored form providing it with a natural test. Although some people would go for flavoured tests, some still prefer the natural test.

Koi Naturals Healing Balm

The product contains a potent mix of skin-moisturizing oils, including grapeseed, rosemary leaf, coconut, peppermint, and lavender flower. The company advises its users to apply the balm by massaging it into the skin for immediate effectiveness. The product is the ideal choice for quick pain relief. The product

has the ability to seep in through the skin and give you the longing needed pain relief. As per the company’s directives, Koi Natural healing will work within minutes, unlike other products, which might take more time to become effective.

Koi CBD Inhaler

If you are looking for efficiency and effectiveness, then Koi CBD inhaler would be the best product for you. Unlike other products such as tablets or droppers that might require preparation before usage, it is administered directly for inhalers. All you need is to press a button, and you can take a considerable amount of CBD with little or no preparation. A single cartridge of inhales contains a maximum of 5mg of broad-spectrum derived from natural hemp.

Koi CBD E-Juice

If you are looking for effective and delicious broad-spectrum CBD oil, then Koi e juice Strawberry Milkshake will be suitable. The products work effectively with Koi Vape and other oil hemp extracts, which are recommendable. The company ensures all their products have undergone third-party lab tests, are obtained from natural hemp and have undergone appropriate extraction process.  The product ranges from 250 mg to 1000 mg of CBD oil with a decent variety in concentration. The product could be taken a couple of times a day since it’s used for vaping. Its amazing test also makes it suitable for consumption at any time.

Koi CBD Gummies

Koi CBD also offers a variety of flavours made from high-quality ingredients suitable for those looking for effectiveness in different flavours. Unlike other CBD products, gummies are easy to carry and can be taken anytime as if you are taking candy. They have no side effects since low CBD concentration allows consumers to take two to three a day. Each gummy contains about 10 mg, which makes it suitable to chew for treats. Speaking of treats, Koi CBD also come exists in berry lemonade, cherry limeade, and many more.

Koi CBD Vape

As we investigated Koi CBD vape, one fascinating thing about the product is its convenience to most of its customers. The products are easy to use as well as to dispose of. The products are in various flavours such as strawberry, Tropical Popsicle, Milkshake and Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit. The products are also THC free and have undergone third-party tests to cater to their customers’ wellness. Vape juices are also known for their top-of-the-line production methods using a high-end CO2 extraction process. As we were trying to check on the reviews on the product, we noticed that the product is derived from high-quality ingredients as people claimed products such as Koi Stik Vape per is three times better than other CBD products.

Koi CBD For Pets

Koi CBD for pets is mainly preferred to other pet products due to their effectiveness and low price rates. CBD Pet Soft Chews are one of the products offered by the company; they are derived from the broad-spectrum extract and are made enjoyable for your dog to chew. Although the product is not that potent, it has adequate CBD concentration as effective as CBD tinctures. If you are yarning for a healthy pet, then it’s high time you try Koi CBD pet products.

What we like about the company

The fascinating thing about the company is how it has followed strict guidelines about third party tests. The company ensures all the labs testing their products have been approved and can give quality results. After that, the results are posted on products for consumers to view and verify if need be. In addition to that, the company has diversified its range of products to satisfy a broader market.

What we don’t like about the company

The company has a lot of questions yet to be responded to. At one point, they lost trust among customers by misinforming their audience and being suspects of fraud. The two reasons are major weaknesses that the company is yet to come out on. Therefore, we suggest that the company defend its reputation and rebrand its name in the competitive CBD market.


All said than done, the company still produces some good products which have impacted positively to its customers. Despite the pending issues concerning the company, we still recommend their products to CBD customers since their third party tests are up to mark. The accurate and honest lab results indicated on their labels is one way of showing that the company is pulling strings to regain their customers’ trust.

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