About the Company

Funky Farms is an openly traded CBD companyowned by a Canadian cannabis company calledTerrasend, controlling the Original Blend brand. The Funky Farms Hemp’s ambitionis to create consciousness about the wellness and health benefits of CBD-rich hemp oil.There aren’t enough details about the company on the major website, such as their mission slogan. However, on CBD wholesale site, it records that the Florida-based Funky Farms team is committed to “upgrading industry standards to greater levels by increasing new commodities.” The team also aims at getting organic hemp from distinguished fields in Oregon to make thebest category hemp CBD extract, confirmed by the self-standing third-party lab resultsaccessible online.


Funky Farms was founded in 2017 and is located in Florida. Despite being around for around four years, the company is quickly establishing a loyal following. This isevident in the severalsatisfied customer reviews documented and submitted regularly and voluntarily on the main company website. Funky Farms also uses the Instagram social media platform perfectly to educate CBD shoppers besides marketing to them. Their client service is extraordinary, responding within one business day, and they stand behind their products 100%. If the clients are not satisfied, Funky Farms will refund any purchase or easily exchange with no questions, provided the buyer returns the product within 30 days after purchase. Their company tagline is “No Junk, All Funk.”


Thebrand’s clients will suddenly realize that official laboratory outcomes are posted on all product pages online. The company alsoadvertisesall third-party examination results for every product on the common “Lab Results” web page. Clients can easily change tabs between every product accessible to CBD customers. These third-party lab examination results arealsoavailable for clients to download and view. Self-standing CBD testing is a vital safety and quality measure to guarantee what is labeled aboutTHC and CBD content coincides with what is contained in every end product a consumer receives. Every product in our Funky Farms order isexamined for grading terpenes, THC, and CBD potency. The products also undergopurity examinations for every contaminant like heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and E. coli.


The company operates in a GMP-compliant structure anduses proprietary skills in every step of its CBD processing, from harvesting to boxing. Their CBD oil is generated fromorganic and non-GMO hemp, completewith a full range of cannabinoids, to maximizethe associate’simpact. The examination results published online were simple to coincide with the batch numbers on our commodity labels usingthe good “Lab Results” tab under the main menu online. Clientscanalso scan QR codes available on every product’s label and box. After that, they will be conveyed straight to the laboratory results on its mainwebsite to register the batch number provided on the label.

The laboratory results for our batch of1000mg Alaskan Ice tincture contained a 1.6% variance in CBD with a total of 1016mg and a negligible THC level. The 50mg vegan CBD gummies examined contained 47.1 of CBD, which forms a 5.8% variance. These two productsare okay since they are below the acceptable 10%variance limit, making them very effective. The company prescribes these products for oral or sublingual use only. As for purity, each product was examined for commonimpurities by Funky Farms. Results showed only 1000mg Alaskan Ice tincture recorded a trace quantity of a single pesticide provided on the third-party lab report by the company.

Manufacturing Process

Funky Farms has alegalized grower of the best organic hemp. Eachproduct at Funky farms is obtained from United Statesfields in Northern Oregon. The products’ formulation is alsoplant-based and uses 100% verified organic and non-GMO ingredientswithout fertilizers, pesticides, fillers, additives, or any synthetics as published on their product inserts and labels. In harmony with the company and corresponding laboratory reports, Funky Farmsperforms autonomous third-party examinations for every product to verify its potency and purity. It also utilizes a clean Carbon dioxide production process for every product apart from the gummies extracted from ethanol,as observed in the laboratory results. Every Funky Farms CBD product is formulated with absolute digestible, organic MCT oil as the conveyor, which science has demonstrated to accept maximum uptake of CBD in the body.

Products Range

The brand provides a wide range of best quality products. It has started offering a wide rangeofCBD with itsrecent Reserve Line of ‘Crystal Resistant Distillate’ vape cartridges. Clients can purchase once or register for automatic monthly transportation of any orderfor a 15%saving on each purchase. Therefore, products manufactured by the companyinclude the following:

CBD Tinctures

These CO2 extracted tinctures are provided in three flavors:Lemon Limon, Alaskan Ice, and orange Dream, with third-party tests confirming they are made with full-spectrum hemp extract. They are sold in 30mlbottles andhavea prescribed serving size of 1ml, onefull dropper in a day. The droppers also have marks for easyconsumer use. These tinctures are further provided in the Funky Farms“Daily Dose” delivery strategy for easy use through the company stipulates no proposed uses.

CBD Gummies

These vegan, ethanol outdrawn gummies are supplied in three sweet flavors and in 50mgpackets with five pieces that contain 10mg of CBD per serving size of one gummy. They can still reach clients in Funky Farmssingle-packet or multiple-packet options for easy utilization and large buying options. Proposed uses involve convenientCBD dosing while traveling. The company suggeststhat clients carry a pouch in their pocket for secrecy administration.

CBD VapeCartridges and Ready-to-Use Pens

The CO2 extracted from vape products reaches consumers in a Funky Farmssingle or multi-pack option for utilization and large purchasing options. According to its website, the company sells specificvape cartridges or one flavor, which customers can access via the simple “Sales and Discounts” related to the mainmenu. These vape cartridges suites on any standard 510 thread vape pen battery for easyclient use on any delivery device. The company alsopeddles a battery online if consumers want to attempt them. These vape productsare outstandingly recommended only for oral useby the company. Popular vape cartridges sold include:

CBD LegacyLine Vape Cartridges

These complete spectra vape cartridges are CO2 extracted, available in a 15ml size having 350mg of labeled CBD, and provided in 5 flavors. The company avails no specified suggestion onusage.

CBD Ready-to-UseVape Pens

These complete spectra ready-to-utilize vape cartridges have half a milliliter of CBD with effectiveness of 200mg per ready-to-use pen and are provided in 3 flavors. Users are not required to charge it since pens are designed for one-time use. The light seen on the farthest end of this vape pen will begin signaling when the disposable battery is dysfunctioning.These pens are availed in 3 flavors and are formulated using a CO2extraction process. There are no recommended uses for these pens outlined by the company.

CBD Reserve Line ‘CRD’ Vape Cartridges

These new broad spectra vape cartridge inclusions to the Funky Farms product catalog have 600 mg of labeled CBD. They are CO2 extracted and mostly use proprietary ‘Crystal Resistant Distillate’ hemp outdraws to ensure the ideal consistency of the product. They use no cutting agents or fillers in this product, according to the label and website. The company doesn’t highlight any proposed uses for this product.

CBD Juice

This complete range of distillate CBD products is CO2-extracted and goes throughall purity tests, with no residuals, fillers, synthetics, or solvents being detected. They are available in a wide variety of effectiveness, varying from 250 to 1500 milligrams. Every natural flavor is utilized in its formulation.The juice is available in four tasty flavors: peach tangy, blueberry gelato, mango sherbert, and applejack pear. The price for this vape juice isalsoextremely low. If you need the best bang for your vaping CBD, this vape juice is an ideal option. Usually, they have an end to conveniently fill thepreferred vaporizer device or empty CBD pods, which is the company’s proposed use online.

Funky Farms CBD Capsules

Funky Farms also provides full-spectrum CBD softgel capsules. The capsules are available in high (50 mg) and medium (25 mg) strengths with 30 softgels per bottle for a total of 750 mg or 1500 mg. You can also purchase the 25 mg capsules in a convenient daily dose form, with 30 packs having two capsules each. We verified the third-party tests to attest that these are full-spectrum.

Funky Farms Reserve CBD Extracts Vape Cartridges

The reserve extracts cartridges have 600 mg of broad-spectrum CBD in a 1ml liquid, makingthem even more potent than the regular ones. They are available in pineapple express, natural, granddaddy purple, and blue dream flavors dependent on the terpene profile of popular cannabis strains. These carts cost more than the full-spectrum ones but have increased terpenes and higher potency, making them a great choice for vaping.

What We Like About the Company

  • The company has a comprehensive third-party testing
  • It offers multiple products.
  • Its prices are quite affordable to all buyers.
  • The products have multiple flavors and strengths.
  • The company has all three types of CBD (isolate, full and broad-spectrum).
  • It also offers cheap vape products made with whole-plant extract

What We Dislike About the Company

  • Some third-party tests are old-fashioned
  • It is unclear if the hemp is inorganic or organic
  • The website is not polished to the extent of leading CBD brands
  • Void of THC-free options for CBD oil

Our overall verdict

Funky Farms might not be the best brand, but it’s still a solid pick if you need affordable cartridges, CBD vape juice, or disposable pens. We are extremely big fans of their option to provide broad-spectrum and full-spectrum formulations. Most companies formulate vape offerings with ideal CBD isolate, which is less effective because it lacks the cannabis entourage effect.

Funky Farms are congratulated for transparency, offering comprehensive third-party certificates of analysis (COAs) and clearly stating that its hemp is cultivated in Oregonand extracted with CO2. Still, Funky Farms contains some room to improve. For instance, wewould be eagerto know if the company’s hemp source is organic or not, whichFunk Farms doesn’t state vividly. We would alsowant to see up-to-date third-party testing results.

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