HempVida Product Review

HempVida Product Review

HempVida is among the best CBD companies committed to producing quality CBD brands for CBD consumers. The company is termed to be a premium CBD brand based on the quality of hemp, dedication to transparency, a wide range of third party tests and a variety of potency offered. The company not only stop at giving the best CBD products but also at a considerable rate of $3.99 to $139.00, equivalent to as low as $0.07 to $0.09 per mg of CBD for tinctures. Among other time to time offers given by the company, it also provides free shipping to over $99 purchases. Additionally, the company offers 30-day return policies in case the customer’s needs are not attained. In our analysis today, we will focus on the company details such as how it runs its operations and other vital information on the company.

About the Company

The company was officially launched in California by a parent company Phivida in 2018. Among other products they produce, they introduced a proprietary topical CBD skincare product in their catalogue in February 2020. The company’s team aimed to come up with a more natural solution for the pharmaceutical industry. According to the company, the HempVida team participated in holistic science for quite some time. However, to produce quality, the team behind the company combined (over 50 years) experience in tech and consumer product goods. The company was governed by the goal of ensuring the accessibility and affordability of CBD products.

The company engages in various activities such as giving exclusive discounts and sales to their customers once they sign up on their website to achieve its goal. Additionally, they often send offer emails to customers as a way of heavy marketing CBD products. If customers seek more information on offers and the company at large, they have direct customer support email for convenience. We went ahead and sent an email with an inquiry about the company, and we can guarantee you that your email will be responded to quickly.

Consequently, the company ensures the safety of its customers is catered for by hiring multiple independent third-party testing labs. It has taken this precaution to ensure the safety and quality measures are attained. The labs’ responsibility is to ensure the amount of CBD and THC labelled on their products match the content distributed to customers. To ascertain the above information, we took a step further and ordered a few products to conduct tests on; the amount of CBD and THC, terpenes profile, purity and contaminants. All tests turned out to match the labelled ones, and those that didn’t match, the variance was within an acceptable range of 10%.

For transparency, which is also the company’s main goal, they post any test conducted to their website. HempVida also utilizes tier services of Flora Research and Columbia Laboratories for all their CBD product analysis. However, looking at the accuracy of the company, it monitors its products right from CBD cultivation, harvest, extraction, distillation to nutraceutical packaging.

For the safety of the consumers, the following tests are conducted before releasing their products to the market; Phyto-forensic verification, heavy metal, residual pesticide panel, stability assurance, solvent, microbial analysis and synthetic cannabinoid testing on each product. Also, the company has partnered with FDA to implement better standards throughout their production system. To ensure they have quality and safety attained, they decided to run tests in multiple laboratories.

In case any customer wishes to verify the tests posted, the customer can scan QR codes available on the product label. Upon scanning the code, you will be redirected to the lab results on the company’s website lab results; clearly enter the batch number listed on the label to get your results.

The company has maintained a good reputation by producing quality products for consumers. This is achieved through close monetarization of organically grown hemp harvest, monitoring controlling organic farming methods, and operating in a certified facility. Customer satisfaction has been used as a method of not only maintaining a good reputation but also gaining a broader market. Besides, the company offers outstanding customer service; emails and texts are responded to within a day or rather within a few minutes or hours. The experience on the company’s reputation was not only experienced by our team. They also have multiple customer reviews and testimonies posted at the bottom of each corresponding product page on their website.

Manufacturing Process

HempVida is an authorized and legal grower of premium Colorado hemp CBD oil extract. All the natural products of the hemp plant are organically grown on the Colorado hemp farm. Also, to back up the above claims from the customer service desk, they offered a certificate of authorization from the State of Colorado’s Department of Agriculture. Additionally, All operation carried out in their facilities has been authorized by GMP. To safely remove cannabidiol from their organically grown hemp, the company practices the CO2 extraction method. CO2 is preferably the safest way of extracting cannabidiol using physical pressure and temperature, unlike hexane or propene chemicals that might be harmful.

Range Of Products

HempVida offers a premium quality product to its customers. They also provide the products in various forms; capsules, tinctures, and a topical face serum. Compared to other products, HempVida products are slightly higher than other brands. Their products range is between 10 mg and 1800 mg going at $14 to $84.99.

CBD Capsules

The brand advises its user to administer one or two capsules orally a day as they keep advancing depending on how the body responds. Although the company has not mentioned CBD capsules, MCT oil is considered the carrier of their CBD hemp extracts. The capsules might be regarded as more effective; unlike other products, they call for proper dosage. Their prices range from $45 to $99.99, depending on the quantity required.

CBD Face Serum with Vitamin C

Among recent product editions of HempVida Company, CBD face serum with vitamin C is one of them. Each bottle contains 200 mg of CBD per 30 ml and has vitamin C active properties. According to our research, the product is extracted using the CO2 method, and per 1ml drop, it provides approximately 6.5 mg of premium quality to its consumers. The company suggests that the product could be used for general miniaturization and smoothening of the skin. Although we haven’t tested the product, the company recommends it for smooth skin appearance and balanced complexion.

Raw materials used such as sodium hyaluronate and ferulic acid are used to maintain standard skin care actively. Additionally, the product contains other concentrated plant extracts such as green tea, organic aloe Vera, mandarin and grapefruit. Apart from that, the labels also indicate the existence of vitamin E. The company’s website has carried out multiple tests to ensure selected ingredients have scientifically proven antioxidant properties andare unique. Although we have not verified the claim, the brand has also provided other safe ingredients for usage on the human body. Its price range is $49.99 to $59.99 for skin cream and faceSerum, respectively.

CBD Tinctures

According to the company’s official website, broad-spectrum tinctures are extracted using CO2 and are gluten and soy-free. In addition to that, the product is said to contain complex phytonutrients, naturally occurring nutrients in hemp, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Although the company guarantees better health and wellness after use results, it has not been the case for every consumer. Apart from that, we also noted a disclaimer from FDA. The company has also failed to mention specific uses for the product, which is administered orally. However, the rates for this product range from $59.99 to $139.99.

What we like about the Company

The fascinating thing about the company is how they are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction is fully attained. HempVida is always committed to in quality production of its CBD product. Their products are monitored closely from a step to the other, right from organic hemp farming to the output of the end product. By giving quality, they have been able to win the trust of their customers.

Our shipping experience was also fascinating. We could easily find all related product details on the corresponding product;  our bundle uses, and free delivery option. The company also offers a return policy. You can be refunded if you find the product ineffective, only if the product has not been used or the packaging is damaged. The return policy only works within 30 days of ordering. After the condition is confirmed, you will get refunded as soon as possible.

The company’s commitment to transparency is also outstanding. HempVida is fully committed to sharing helpful information with its customers. The levels of CBD and THC have been labelled on the product and their website. They work closely with FDA to ensure the safety of consumers is catered for. However, they offer time to time discounts to customers who newly joined their brand and across their customers.

What we don’t like about the Company

HempVida might have a few shortcomings that ought to be addressed. Although the company’s goal is to produce quality at affordable rates, they have a limited line of products. The CBD industry is taken over the market as a natural solution to people. Limiting its product will deny people the chance to get whatever they need. Another weakness the company has is the heavy email marketing after signing up. Most people don’t like promotion emails flooding and popping up their phones from time to time. The company should therefore find another way of marketing or even reduce the emails sent to customers.


HempVida has settled on creating a better picture of CBD products and helping customers gain trust in the products. The brand is also working hard to ensure considerable rates are offered by giving often offers of up to 50% off the initial price. The company’s operations are centred among the following three pillars; quality, pricing and transparency. HempVida uses the three to their advantage, and they have gained fame because they prioritize the three. As a team, if you have not tried products of this brand and wish to, we assure you that you are safe to use.

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