Kiara Natural Review

Kiara Natural Review

According to our review, Kiara Naturals is one of the unique companies founded in 2005 in Switzerland. According to their website, the company aims at providing holistic CBD products that would not only meet customers expectations but exceed them. To provide more natural solutions, the company blends hemp with other natural ingredients to offer effective products. However, according to their website, the company uses hemp grown in the Swiss Alps. The brand supports and encourages farmers to use organic, and GMP certified methods to grow their hemp for safety and productive purposes. Despite the brand being among the first established CBD companies, it provides new products that many CBD companies do not offer. However, its long existence in CBD play made people trust it, unlike other recently established companies. Kiara Naturals constantly expands its range of products to keep meeting its clients’ unique demands. In our review, we will look at what Kiara offers and how they manage to offer it.

About The Company

Unlike most CBD companies, Kiara was among the first CBD companies to be established. Kiara Naturals’ mission is not only based on the company’s growth and profit but to meet the demands of their consumers. However, they have stated on their website that their goal is to build a tight-knit community of people by providing transparent information, education, and providing a healthy lifestyle. For better health, the company provides essential tools and unbiased knowledge for customers to make informed decisions.

Kiara Naturals takes pride in using naturally grown hemp in the Swiss Alps. In addition, the hemp used for manufacturing their products is certified to be GMO-free, responsibly sourced, organic, and pesticide-free. Consequently, the company’s facility used to manufacture their hemp has been fully certified by GMP and FDA approved. To ensure they retain the standards and certifications, the company adhere to all the correct manufacturing procedure that is healthy for workers, the environment, and the consumers taking the product. Apart from the company using hemp plant, it has also featured in other natural ingredients to ensure their products are not only more than natural solution but also effective.

For safety measures, the company offers extensive information on the products they manufacture. Some of the information given include dosage, safety measures, and general CBD usage. The company has also provided valuable community groups and blogs to pass any important information. However, the company has also hired an independent third party lab to carry tests on their products. The role of this task is to ensure all products delivered to customers are void of contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals or any dangerous chemical.

Consequently, the company offers exclusive customer support help. Depending on where you are, the company has provided various ways of reaching their support team. It has given its physical address, mobile number, and email address. For those who wish to get fast feedback and live within the US, the brand offers the US and European customer service line that works from 8.00am to 5.00pm during working days. From our own experience, their help desk treats customers professionally and are knowledgeable about their products. We were indeed satisfied with the response we received.

Kiara Natural provides a wide range of products to try and meet various unique demands of their customers. However, the company is open-minded when it comes to expanding its product line and constantly keeps increasing its line of products. To keep expounding their line of products and the effectiveness of their products, the company conducts frequent experiments on other possible natural ingredients that would be blended with cannabidiol to produce the finest products within the CBD market.

Since the company has been on the market for quite some time, it has established a more comprehensive market compared to other companies. It exports its products tothe UK, Ireland, Austria and Germany. People living in Canada and USA are offered free transportation within 5 to 10 days. However, people from other countries are offered free transport if they make purchases of over $160, and for $160 and below, they are charged $14, a delivery period of 7 to 15 days.

Manufacturing Process

As mentioned earlier, Kiara Natural depends on natural hemp grownand cultivated in the Swiss Alps to manufacture its products. The company works closely with farmers and the third-party lab to ensure the hemp they are using is pure to enable them to come out with the finest products amongst the CBD competitive brand. Consequently, the company carefully uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to isolate CBD and other useful terpenes and cannabinoids. This node of extraction is widely used and is the second-best method; it is safe, efficient, and friendly to the environment.

The company has also hired a third-party laboratory to ensure all its products meet the required standard quality. For safety purposes, the company has hired a Swiss third-party cannabis testing laboratory. However, its role is to ensure the products have the required levels of CBD and labelled amount of THC. In addition, another laboratory role is to ensure all products are pesticide-free, have no heavy metals or any other contaminants that might impact the human body. All the results obtained from the labs are posted under each product for consumers to verify.

Range Of Products

The company takes pride in being among the companies offering one of the most extensive products compared to other companies. Also, it has it still opens doors for more innovations that will expand their line of products. Some of the products include;


The company offers three full-spectrum CBD oils in 10ml bottles with either of the three potencies; 100 mg, 200 mg, or 300 mg per ml. Therefore, each bottle will contain 1000 mg, 200 mg, or 300mg of CBD, respectively. To obtain high potencies, the brand is unflavored and does not need to consume many drops to be effective. Lastly, its price ranges from $0.5 to $0.07 per mg CBD.

Full-spectrum CBG-CBD Oil

 Kiara Naturals also offers full-spectrum CBD oils of cannabigerol (CBG), another minor but effective cannabinoid. In addition, they are offered in 1000 mg full-spectrum, with either 300 mg or 500 mg of CBG in every bottle. As a result, the product contains high potency levels of about 130 or 150 mg/ml. Their rates are $0.09 per mg CBD.

Pure CBD Oil

Kiara Naturals offers flavourless pure isolate of full-spectrum oil. The products also come in similar strengths although different sizes; 100, 200 and 300 mg/ml for a total of 1000 mg, 2000 mg, and 3000 mg of pure CBD isolates, respectively. The product price rate is between $0.05-0.07 per mg of pure CBD.

Sleep And Relax Tinctures

The brand offers sleep and relax tinctures containing 400 mg of pure CBD blended with other four certified traditional herbs that promote sleep and relieve anxiety. They are of four types; Ziziphus jujube, hops, and California poppy. The third-party has conducted a significant study on all the other ingredients to ensure they exist naturally before blending in to manufacture the finest products. Lastly, each mg CBD goes at $0.25 across the brands.

Pain Relief Tinctures

With five other medical herbs, the pain relief is made of 800 mg of pure CBD. However, the medical herbs blended in include; angelica arc, zanthoxylum, angelica sinesis, and corydalis yanhusuo. The herbs are notably said to contain a long history of medicinal use and have an anti-inflammatory effect and pain-relieving. For quick effectiveness, it is recommended to use larger doses since the product includes relatively low CBD potency (8 mg/ml). They go at $0.12 per mg CBD.


To address various market demands of capsules, the brand offers two major types of multi-ingredient herbal capsules: body and brain boost. The natural capsule is unique, and the following natural ingredients have been used for their effectiveness; bacopa Monnier (4), ginger, passionflower, licori, Gotu kola, and Korean ginseng. However, the brand offers 60 capsules per bottle. On the other hand, the body capsules have five natural herbs used to enhance their effectiveness; ashwagandha, astragalus, ginger. Reishi mushroom (5), and Siberian ginseng.

Distilled CBD vape kit

For those who enjoy vaping experience and would love to get a powerful, instant and effective CBD, Kiara Natural offers them a solution with a vaping kit that comes in full-spectrum CBD distilled form. Kiara Naturals offers a refillable CBD pen with 0.5 ml pod containing 275 mg of full-spectrum CBD and a charger for easy usage. According to our comparison, it provides one of the highest CBD vape products: the potency of 550 mg/ml. Lastly, its refill price range is $0.31 for purchasing and $0.51 for refilling.

What we like about Kiara Naturals

Unlike most companies, Kiara Naturals have committed itself to ensure its product line keeps expanding, with quality considered. Among various CBD companies, Kiara Naturals has stood out in giving multiple options for their customers, they offer two types of capsules, and three types of topicals, three types of tinctures, among others; even alcohol-based tinctures. Despite having this wide range of products, it has not made them sideline the issue of quality; all these products are of quality and considered effective. The company prioritizes the safety of their customers by ensuring athird party lab has tested all its products. Lastly, the company offers free shipping and has a suitable good return policy.

What we don’t like about Kiara Naturals

Although the company has proved to build various strengths, we noticed two significant areas were still pending. First, the company does not offer information about the founders of the company. Such information could be helpful to not only interested customers but also interested parties such as other companies. Also, the company does not provide adequate information on where it gets its hemp. This would be helpful to verify the quality of the hemp used for manufacturing their products. It’s high time for such an established brand to come out clearly on such issues to gain trust from its customers


All said than done, Kiara Naturals have proved to be outstanding compared to other recently established companies. Its brand has been at the top of different markets by constantly offering quality for quite a long time. Its product line is also impressive and has attracted most of its customers due to its ability to meet various unique needs. However, the company need to address its shortcomings which we considered minor. By doing so, they will gain more trust from customers who rely on their products.

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